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  1. It's a masters league (Over 35s I believe) so outside the FIFA football structure. No point in it being in future FMs and won't last 2 minutes in the real world.
  2. In the past I've always bought FM as soon as it was available. This time however, I won't be buying it all. Sad but FM is going in completely the wrong direction for my liking.
  3. As a newbie I would suggest you learn the ropes with a big clu like Barca, Real Madrid, Man C, Man U, Chelsea etc. Or perhaps even better is a big club with little competition around it like Ajax, Porto or Celtic.
  4. I was told the game was perfect. Although I have the Premier League's top scorer who has 45 goals this season at the age of 23 with a value of... £1.4m :o
  5. It tells you at the start of the season how much a loss you can make on the season. It also updates at the end of every month in the news.
  6. Sliders were always a daft way of doing things. IRL you can't say to a player I want your passes to be 12/20. As for getting players to do what YOU want? I'm a real life manager and trust me YOU CAN'T! You have to employ tactics based on their traits or bring in players with traits that are more to your liking.
  7. They give your budget and kitty based on the balance. NOT what is allowed by FFP.
  8. It's not like most of the tactics on offer in the tactics forum have ever used re-loads to make them look good.
  9. Hehe. This time around I won't be persuaded by the dark side. Money stays in my pocket until I get more than a data update.
  10. Very disappointed with FM14. SI are only interested in listening to FM hardliners (in my opinion) so this time my cash is staying in my pocket. Thou shall not have an easy or hard level? Thou shall not have my cash
  11. I've always found that games like this are because you're stupid AssMan has said something ludicrous to the press like... "Our rivals will easily win the title". etc. If you have saved AFTER he's done this then your chances of winning are naturally remote.
  12. My advice is ignore the stars and read the description. i.e. "Leading player for the Premier Division" etc. Then you have a rough idea. But always re-scout a player just before you want to bid for him.
  13. I'm a casual player and the game isn't easy enough. Way over complicated and no easy option so my cash stays in my pocket for FM15.
  14. As FML proved was the case for most customers. People who lose generally won't like FM.
  15. How does everyone scout for QUALITY players that would go straight into your starting XI? I find just leaving the scouts to it and using the search pretty useless. I also find backroom advice on players to buy useless.
  16. Doesn't this happen in every game? Should be very easy to reproduce. Just start a game I believe that ALL staff are utterly useless and have been so in every version of FM. None more so than the assistant manager!
  17. The amount of people on these forums who slate others for wanting an OPTION to play the game THEIR way is astounding. Until SI change their current philosophy and give us a lot more options on how WE want to play the game I shall not be buying FM. I don't think I can cope with just another slight upgrade. So for now I'll give it a miss.
  18. Generally players enjoy games they win at. Yeah you'll get the odd one that doesn't but FML proved that players do not enjoy losing!
  19. Sins of solar empire for now. Then Starters orders 6 is out 30th May. Then when I get bored FM14. (Maybe)
  20. Nope. I pay more than enough. Besides which shouldn't the game actually begin at the end of the 2014 season? Players have been released and I can rebuild my squad how I want rather than start the season with an idiots squad!
  21. Defo not feeling FM at the moment. Haven't done for a few weeks now. Looking forward to starters orders 6 coming out soon.
  22. Fed up of changing who is available for the Ressies. Can't there just be an option under Staff responsibilities for the U21s to include ALL unfit 1st team players?
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