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  1. Overall for me its an improvement. Although my 11 scouts have been scouting for a full month now and cannot recommend ANY player that's better than we already have and can take his 1st team place. Therefore I expect to win the Championship, FA Cup and League Cup with Bolton. :o
  2. I was hoping for some great stadium views. Click on the name of the stadium and you get a look at your home from any angle. I thought that was why we saw some quality stadium screenshots.
  3. My apologies. Got a little carried way. Forgot it was a beta. It looks like the scouting system is well improved. I shall certainly be testing it.
  4. AUTO SIZE COLUMNS! It does nothing of the sort. Trying to sort out how you want your squad screen or tactics screen is a serialistic nightmare! I've been at it for an hour now. The question has to be asked. Did SI actually test it?
  5. Not liking the side bar for one reason. It means I now have less information I can fit on my squad selection screen. Is there anyway to get rid of it? I don't suppose it's optional and there's a nice button to click to get rid of it?
  6. When was the last time a league or division was added? I think I may well put some effort into making every league in every country available even at a basic level with the editor.
  7. Not really studied the video but his time around is there actually a MANAGER in the dugout?
  8. I bet at least 1 person is sat there at his pc, in his management gear ready to play.
  9. Some people really need to get a life! [says a person who has bought every version on the day of release, sometimes earlier ]
  10. For me it's all about TIME. I've not much time for the game now so I can't go into it with any depth. FMC does not interest me as it's watered down. I'd like an easy level with the game on full detail. However, seeing as SI are refusing to implement anything like this my cash will stay in my pocket this time around. Shame really as this will be the 1st SI product I will not have bought. Perhaps I'm just getting old? Oh and YES I would enjoy an easy level.
  11. English players have been over rated and over valued for years. Look at how we all expected Rooney to turn out... and look what we all got. He never got to the heights expected. Exam mark would have been "Very Good but could have done so much better".
  12. It's another stupid commentator quote that people who are clueless in football believe. Like "it only takes a second to score a goal" or "2-0 is a dangerous lead". Or "It's difficult to play against ten men". The latter is the worst! If that was the case I'd always field ten men in real life games! I can imagine how "vulnerable" Arbroath's manager felt when the 36th goal of the game went in.
  13. I was top of the championship and lost 1-6 at home to the bottom side. Needless to say I needed to come away from the game after that!
  14. The more you put IN a game the slower it gets (obviously).
  15. Given a lot of people found the game difficult in FM14. What was done to help these people for (no doubt) an even more complicated game? I don't see anything. :confused:
  16. I saw the the new FM 15 box in Asda. It said "Best before October 2012" on the back of the box. :o
  17. Guess which club I took over as manager in THIS LEAGUE?
  18. Is this what they are putting their effort into? If only they had some competition.
  19. The biggest problem for me is clubs not being interested in my players when being successful. With Bolton I won the Championship in season 1 and then the premier in season 2. By the start of season three I had not one player attracting interest for being bought by a bigger club in the last 18 months! To be honest I've had this problem for quite a FMs.
  20. His attributes are irrelevant. He is just generic like every member of staff. (Sadly)
  21. Of course it failed because players didn't like to lose. It's always been the same ever since the days of the Apex Soccer League (a play by mail game). It was always the teams near the bottom that became available to play. The only players who continue when losing are the hardcore. (Very few). Even then, after a few seasons of finishing near the bottom every season, even the hardcore would stop playing. Put simply people will not pay money each month (no matter how cheap) for a game they are not doing well in.
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