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  1. Agreed. Would love a few shots from all angles of Sutton Utd's 200,000 all seater stadium
  2. Well my valuation is usually pretty high so I alter the asking price This then gives me significant funds to get another player in. You need not cling to players. Best to sell at a large profit and then get another fish out of the sea so to speak.
  3. Football did exist before the season you started in. They finished 2nd in the 2013/14 season. You played the following season (2014/15) and finished 6th? (Your 1st season of the game).
  4. Isn't that football? Some clubs are very ambitious and expect to win things no matter what. 6th? I'm surprised they didn't sack you already given they finished 2nd the season before.
  5. I thought the ISL was an over 35's tournament? It has no meaning in the football World because teams just bid on a their players for 1 season. Or have I got it wrong? Oh and to answer your question. No it's not in the game. Nor really should it.
  6. In your "news" section at the top right it will say "subscribe" "Social Network". Obviosly click "Social Network". It is only available on certain news items like your results,
  7. I always thought this was down to club reputation. The lower the rep the more they want because he is in essence lowering himself to play for your club.
  8. I'm a Bolton fan and naturally play as Bolton 90% of the time. It's tough at Bolton because we have players on very large wages. The older players I'd get rid of but the younger ones negotiate in September just after the transfer window closes. You only get 10% of any fee received too. Meaning the best way to improve the budget is by letting the likes of Beckford and Lee go, just to free up lots of room to switch wage budget into decent transfer budget so you can then invest it in upcoming youth. Keep us informed on how you do buddy
  9. May need toning down a tad. Rotating has the 1st team regulars whining because they missed a few unimportant games,
  10. In my opinion and I'm sure the "yes SI" men will disagree I find all staff to be generic (basically the same). Try it for yourself with the editor. Start a game for about 3 months. Then edit a staff member and compare the differences. The Assistant manger is by far the worst and still absolutely useless. He is supposed to HELP you on everything but does virtually nothing especially when deciding which tactics to employ. But hey. Make your own mind up. I have no problem with people disagreeing with me.
  11. It should also have the full name on the full size league tables too. There is plenty of room. In fact on my laptop the gap between club name and games played is ludicrously large. So large it can be difficult to work out who has what record in mid-table. In fact the full name on results too.
  12. It always depends on the players you have but to me that 442 is a little too defensive. When I manage my real life team on a 442 I would tend to go something like this: - Goalkeeper (Def) Full Back (Support)*# Full Back (Support)*# Central Defender (Cover) Central Defender (Stopper) Ball Winning Midfielder (defend) Box to Box Midfielder (Support)# Winger (Attack)# Winger (Attack)# Poacher (Attack) Target Man (Support) *If I come up against a weaker side or a defensive side I go Full Backs (Attack) # If I come up against toughr opposition I'll go Full Backs (Defend), 2 BWM (Def) and Wide Midfielders (Support) I also find that 442 is a good tactic for English clubs because we all know it and generally understand it when we play in. The complicated you make that tactic away from 442 in this country, I believe the less players can play in the tactic. In Spain it's different. It's the 4231. Again variations on this are OK but get a Spanish side to play a radically different tactic than this and they will struggle. In fact I would say that the English struggle with 4231 about the same as the Spanish do with 442. I'm surprised that SI have not introduced tactics ratings that players are more comfortable with just like they do with Roles.
  13. I suppose it depends how happy he is where he is in your game. If got dropped from the 1st team or fell out over a manager team talk then might be the time to go for him. Out of interest does he show up as sign-able on your player search screen with unrealistic transfers removed?
  14. Usually I'm one of those annoying people who races through the Divisions however, last season I was about average and hence like so many other players didn't like the game. Yes I know but that's human nature. This season's game however, I am back to my old self. Not sure what has changed. I use a simple 4231 deep which is very possession orientated. Instead of just buying the best players around I am this year going to try to develop the occasional youth. I may well write about my exploits in the careers section. I'm quite lucky in that my laptop is top of the range and I can easily run every league. I find it so much more enjoyable when you can play anywhere in the world. The question is which club do I try to take to greatness?
  15. I've never liked counter attack as a main tactic because in the real World, once you become a good side other teams are quite happy to sit back, pass it amongst themselves and get a 0-0. I presume FM15 does the same?
  16. I think the OP is right in one way. There are some players that just wouldn't be able or want to play a certain role. Perhaps if a player clearly isn't suited to a role he could complain about it. For instance I'm quite sure if asked to be a target man with high balls coming at his head then Jermaine Defoe would complain about it.
  17. Other games I have slaved over include: - Football Director Soccer Boss Tracksuit Manager On the bench And more...
  18. I'm not sure the game is going to work so well like that. If a sussex side is promoted what happens if a side from outside sussex is relegated? Yep they'll go into the sussex leagues no matter where they are from won't they?
  19. Scouting players you already know about is managerial experience in my book.
  20. I know I've posted this in the editors forum but thank you very much for the work put into the in-game editor with it's new features. I can now enjoy my fun games as well as my serious games. Cheers SI
  21. I'd like to say a massive thank you for this. Now I can have my fun games as well as my serious ones. Excellent SI and thanks.
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