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  1. Doesn't anybody else think this would make the overall interface much more enjoyable if there was a go to next match button, sure, i know you can navigate to home, go on holiday, go to next match etc, but an actual dedicated short cut to that in the main window would make a much more streamlined, less 'clicky' experience for a lot of users who want to quickly go from game to game?
  2. why, ive never paid for a copy anyway, just download it for free
  3. what it needs is a good car crash, and some new programmers
  4. si rushing into a bug, do you think they give a toss about you or the game, there just getting free money for releasing the same game every year with slightly different graphics, the reason there are only updates every 4 months is because they only work once every 4 months
  5. worst game since fifa 06 for the sega, especially the unstoppable last kick of the game goals that only the opposition every score
  6. the worst game of all time, the players graphics take up half the screen
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