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  1. Is it a bug that the leagues (Top and second division) have gone to 12 teams from the original after two seasons? The play offs and relegation also seems to change each year. Is this a bug or changes to the league rules to represent upcoming changes in real life?
  2. One game on the new ME and it definitely feels like there are improvements. The buildup play was much smoother and I felt it played more like what I'm trying to accomplish with my tactic. I also scored a goal with a nice through ball in the centre!
  3. Because it's never stopped you signing loans or free transfers in the past. it just keeps the core of all teams the same while the scraps are cleaned up
  4. Yeah I spent 2.5 hours on my first save setting everything up before a realised this and had to restart. Really bizarre change - hope they revert back to normal settings soon.
  5. Two pieces of feedback after a couple hours of play. 1. The Purple and Dark skins are completely hamstrung by the huge amount of white pages littered around (in the inbox and calendar are the most obvious). 2. Seems to be a greater than normal amount of penalties given (and missed?) than you'd expect. Otherwise I've been pretty impressed so far.
  6. Just FYI someone has uploaded "Italy League System" on the workshop which should do the trick. Any link to a plain emblem/logo for San Marino?
  7. Hey, Looking for the Italian 4th division to start the classic San Marino Challenge. Have never used the editor before, happy for advice on how to make it myself.
  8. What date does the game decide which teams were promoted?
  9. Gotta agree with OP. They seem to be getting tonnes of assists across all teams. I know as soon as I switched to attacking wingbacks I was scoring a higher number of goals, and almost all of them from WB crosses. It's also the way I concede most of my goals. Getting pretty frustrating tbh.
  10. Yeah I plan to write up a season summary tonight sometime, just had a busy weekend.
  11. After blowing a 7 point lead with only 7 games to play, we were triumphant on the final day! A great turn around from season one where we came 17th and had to rely on playoffs to survive. Album of my starting 11
  12. Was going to ask the same thing. I interpreted it as meaning Structured is spread out more vertically (more gap between defense, midfield and strikers?) while on fluid the team would sit closer together vertically. Does this mean you'd be better with a rigid structure for counter attacking and fluid for pushing high up the pitch/ possession?
  13. To be fair that picture isn't entirely relevant as you're usually seeing the movement as well, but I have to agree that it's a little harder to see the ball this year... or I'm just losing my sight.
  14. Good advice. I ended up rereading all of pairs and combinations and created a new 5-3-2 tactic. That got us a couple more results at the end of the season and kept us in 17th place. I then went on to win both relegation play-off matches 1-0 The next season looks much more promising, with some decent CBs and Strikers signed (weakest positions last year) and my strong CM players sticking around. Not going to underestimate the quality of the league again.
  15. Really struggling in the league. last 11 games have resulted in 1 win 10 losses and the board have told me I need 6 points in my next 5 games... but that was 3 losses ago. Not sure where to go tactically, just playing a basic defensive 4-4-2. Any suggestions? I seem to mainly be conceding from crosses and not creating many chances. Feels very different from LLM in England.
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