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  1. I was wondering if anyone set it up so you could play as your favorite team in the World Cup. With the correct rosters and maybe even tactics (won't hold my breath here). The issue I find with just playing out the world cup is that team management by AI is pretty awful. And the simulation is erratic. I ended up playing Japan, Ivory Coast and Colombia in the final. Colombia didn't even play James Rodrigues for some strange reason even though he was totally healthy and fit. Anyway the path was way too easy. Japan and Ivory Coast in the quaterfinal and SemiFinal. All the good teams already knocked out.
  2. I play as Man City. And much like City in the early season they are unbeatable at home but awful away. My Home record is 13-2-0 while my away record is 5-5-7. As you can see it's as if I am managing two totally different teams. One is unbeatable, literally. One doesn't show up most of the time. Ok so I use the same exact tactics. I change almost nothing. I play most of the time: CWB - CB - CB - CWB BBM - BBM Wing - Eng - Wing TM This formations scores less goals. But also concedes much less. I rotate between CWB and FB depending on what's going in the game (and Attack or Defend). Sometimes : WB - CB - CB - WB Wing - BBM - BBM - Wing DLF - Poach This formation is a goal machine. But also gives up many more goals. Until I started playing this I gave up the lowest goals in the league. Now I'm #5 in the league. But #1 in goals scored. I started using the 4-4-2 more late in the season because I noticed in the away games I lost and tied I still created more chances. It's just the other teams were more clinical. So I figured adding another striker would help with that. It did.......... for a little bit. But we quickly ran into a drought. I tried doing team meetings. This backfired big time. We had a game where we were down 3-1 at home to Tottenham. I wasn't happy with the performance. But we came back and won the game 4-3. Prior to this game we lost 2 games. So I wanted to communicate that they need to pick things up. When I said this they got upset because "It's not fair we've been playing well and trying hard". I then said "This is the reaction I was hoping for" and the entire room turned red. And ever since then I have a problem with Morale (granted only a few games). Basically the point is team meetings didn't work, only made things worse. Trying to figure out why my team with the same exact tactics. Plays like world beaters 13-2-0 at home and 5-5-7 away. Same exact team, players, tactics.
  3. 1) Man City players so definitely not rubbish. 2) They almost always have better options available. And typically can take several touches if they want to. They just want to shoot AND miss, they just have to miss, I'm yet to see a long shot actually connect. It's as if the programmers said "Hey you know attackers like to take those strange long shots every now and then".... which is absolutely right. And they programmed it in. Then they wrote something on top of it. Then they redid something. Then they redid something else. And what came out was "Hey look I got the ball time to take a long shot". I had a game where I had 18 shots. Out of those 18 shots 2 were on target. 16 were off target. Out of those 16 I believe something like 14-15 were long hoofs that didn't make any sense whatsoever. It's just "I'm tired of attacking I just want to go defend, here's the ball go fetch it from the stands". Seriously.
  4. It never happened in FM13. I never saw them just hoof the ball from god knows where over and over. I mean don't get me wrong it happens in real life. Sometimes they even go in. But it seems extreme in this game.
  5. Has anyone figured out a way to get their players to stop taking pointless shots from god knows where for absolutely no reason?
  6. UHmm Ok Let's see. #1 Ok so whether they do or don't is an opinion. I suppose I could spend hours on making a youtube video and prove my point. But I would much rather just agree to disagree on this fact. I'm sure I could even skim this thread and find countless of records of people complaining of similar items. #2 "Completely unplayable" is also a very perceptual concept. Some people can handle watching their players just shoot the ball from 40 yards for absolutely no reason when you have specifically told them no to do so. They can say "it's just a bug" and just go on. Other people like me will say "This would never happen in real life". If the ME is nothing like real life I just can't play the game. So it's "Completely unplayable" for me. It's different for everyone. Different people can handle different levels of unrealism. Obviously this is just a simulation and there is going to be a lot of disparity between it and real life. But there is a fine line for everyone past which they can no longer enjoy the game.
  7. There is a fundamental flaw in this game that makes it completely unplayable. I read about this, how many people have completely stopped playing it. I never understood why. I stopped playing it myself and started playing FM13, but I always figured that the game was just broken upon release, which unfortunately is fairly usual in today's market. But after playing I now remember exactly what it is. The players....... no matter what you tell them to do They ALWAYS do 2 things 1) Take absolutely ridiculous shots from god knows where for absolutely no reason. Just "what in the hell are you doing" type shots. I'll give you a perfect example. I'm playing this game with Man City. It's the last minute of a 94th minute with 4 extra time added. David Silva has the ball. He is about 45 yards out. There are about 5 defenders in front of him, there are passes he can make and about 20 seconds left in the game. He can make several passes, so many OTHER SMART THINGS HE CAN DO. But he just boots the ball for no reason whatsoever effectively ending the game. Even though I gave him the "Shoot less" option. Even though I gave them the "work the ball into the box" instruction. EDIT: It's important to note that this happens all game long. It's not like an isolated event. This is something that goes on over and over. It's usually not this stupid all the time. It's actually somewhat realistic sometimes because the players do take stupid shots sometimes. But not 12 times a game every single game. and 2) Defenders just watch them do it. They just stand there and let the attackers run on by. NOW GRANTED this version is better then the earlier version I used to play. But boy does it have a long way to go. I think the game overall has so much potential. I think when it's finished it is going to be awesome. But right now let's face it, it's just not finished. --------------------------- The Match Engine has to at least resemble real soccer to me. FM13 does a really good job of that. For me to make FM14 playable I have to pretty much skip through the entire match otherwise I just end up frustrated and lose all interest instantly. That is my opinion. I'm sure others won't agree. But I know people are putting this game down in droves. And I'm sure this is at least partially why.
  8. If you were to compare this game to FM13 Which one has the superior Game Engine. And the overall game? Realism wise........ I think the game engine makes or breaks this game in my opinion. You can have perfect transactions and interactions but if the on field is garbage it's all for nothing. What are your thoughts? I played the early version of FM14 and didn't like it. Have been playing FM13 since then. The problems I had 1) Defenders were awful 2) Way too many shots 3) Easy shots being missed 4) Ratings for LBs were totally messed up 5) the game was just generally way too hard. A polar opposite of FM13 which is way too easy. I believe there were some others but I can't think of any. What are your thoughts. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you.
  9. The opinions are slightly divided. But it appears a lot of people agree that the Match Engine for FM14 is pretty bad. Which is really sad. Ok I guess I have my answer. Thank you everyone for participating.
  10. Thank you for your input. Can you name some specific issues? Is it the bad defending? I instantly saw an improvement when I downgraded to FM13. I initially purchased FM14. And had some serious problems right off the bat.
  11. I have not posted here since about 2 weeks after FM14 came out. Back then FM14 was very buggy. The AI did some very annoying things. It was so bad that playing FM13 was far more rewarding. Because it was just more polished. Honestly I could spend the next 2 hours reading the feedback threads and get the answer to this question.... But at this point is FM14 a better game then FM13? The main issue I have with FM13 is that it just seems too easy. I'm on my second season with Man City and I've only lost like one game. I'm #1 in the league and every game is win win win win win win yaaaaaaawn. I had some major issues with FM14. 1) Wingers would just stop instead of crossing FOR NO REASOn 2) Way too many shots 3) Game was wayyy too hard for no reason 4) Defenders AI was horrendous 5) Strikers would consistently miss sitters 6) Goals were random and had nothing to do with what was the best opportunity. Just when the AI decided it was time for a goal. I mean I could go on. But I was just not impressed with FM14. HAVING SAID THAT THIS WAS A LONG TIME AGO. MANY VERSIONS AGO. Thank you ahead of time.
  12. If I do instant result does the game use the same engine to determine who wins as it would if I played the game normally? Reason I ask is because I want to experiment with different formations and personell. In a controlled environment. But it would be pointless if the differences dont apply to other game modes.
  13. Right I get that. But with FM13 the most shots I've ever seen a team take is like 35. And it's because we completely dominated a second tier team in the FA cup I think. I see teams have 30+ shots (each team) on a regular basis in FM14. Also the defending IS SO MUCH BETTER in FM13. It's almost "why did you change it!". I understand the ME has a lot more things going on and after it is throughly patched will be a lot better then FM13. I think what most of us (at least me) are trying to do is steer it in the right direction.
  14. Here's what I suggest. Get a monitor recorder. Snagit it comes to mind. And run some experiments. For instance say you want to see how many shots you will get with "close down opponents" vs "no close down opponents" with 4 at the back. Then do the same thing with 5 at the back. The same thing with 3 at the back and 2 CDM's. Then 4 at the back with 1 CDM and 0 CDM's. You have to run each at least 10 times to make the numbers statistically competent. Then report on your findings. If you do that you will have undisputable evidence that what you're saying is true and not just "its your tactics man". Just an idea
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