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  1. Ok, I just need to clear something here. If a team plays thru the middle but has width on very wide, how will the team play? Do they still play as through the middle often as when the team plays narrow? Does playing with extra width conflict with playing thru the middle? Can someone explain thanks.
  2. I would like to see more of a clarification on how goals are scored in a player. By just looking at goals scored, it just doesnt tell you enough. More info like, goals from volley, chip, header, long range, one on one, and bicicyle kick. With a player that has heading 20, you want to know is he scoring with his head. Even the commentary does not mention whether the goal was headed or not. So more info would be appreciated for goals.
  3. How about a couple more stats from the game. In the A League, they use a stat called Balls in Penalty Box which I think is a very good stat to get more of an idea of how your team is attacking. And also, how about an individual stat to see how many kilometers each player runs in a game. That would really see how much work rate a player does.
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