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  1. @Woolly It's worst than frustrating. I can't even play this game right now. Ugh
  2. So, no hints of an update to fix this so far I'm guessing?
  3. I concur with @benjinev. Surely it wasn't a bug. I mean, why did it take till the end of February to figure that out even if it was? Sigh
  4. Exactly, if it's a bug, how are we able to see/set the senior squad's coaching assignment even though both the general and individual training is already assigned to the Assistant Manager? Doesn't make sense if you ask me
  5. @Jack Deal, the problem right now is that we can see/set the coaching assignments for the senior squads. Just not for the U23 and U18 squads. If it's a bug earlier like that you've claimed, we should not be seeing it at all, no?
  6. Hi, I can't assign my coaches for U23 and U18 squads after the 20.3 update. Can someone please take a look and fix it?
  7. Same issue here. I can't set my coaches' assignment
  8. Thanks for the update! But I think that's more of a temp fix to be honest
  9. I hope there’s a proper fix and is save game compatible?
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