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  1. I think its a great tactic, good work Mr Hough, so impressed I've made my first post on here in ages. As mentioned before the tactic isn't everything, you need to think about players, teamtalks etc. I don't think there are any tactics that will be successful longterm unless you look at bigger picture. Anyway, it's worked for me with Darlington, using my own tactic I just managed to get promoted from league 2 via play-offs in the 1st season. 2nd season was a struggle and was looking likely to be relegated, managed to stay up using Mr Houghs tactic. 3rd season, promoted from league 1 with 102 points, unfortunately lost the title to Derby on goal difference, grrrrrrr. 4th and current season, 5th in Championship after 17 games. So its been great for me, once again Mr H, great job and thanks for taking the time to design and re-design a tactic to make everyones FM2010 experience a bit more enjoyable.
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