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  1. Same thing has happened to me. I think I accidentally switched from the 'default' view to one named 'copy of default' and that's when the columns disappeared. I don't even remember creating a copy but that's maybe why it's blank. Can't find the AppData folder to delete preferences to try and fix it on mine but I think that would work. Tried deleting my editor config file and reloading, eventually uninstalled the editor to try again but no joy. Now just uninstalled FM and FM editor to reinstall but again it's still not showing any columns. You would hope a preferences folder like this would be much easier to find as such a small issue basically means the editor is useless when the columns are gone.
  2. yeah I've seen fixes in the past similar to the Juventus name fix and Germany national team. I remember on a version a few years back you could open it up on notepad and read the names listed, at the time it was blocking surnames like hitler, saville, brady etc being matched up with certain first names I'm sure I don't need to mention. plus a bunch of joke names including fanny and dick were blocked.
  3. Yeah I've found the file, it's just a shame it looks encrypted or whatever cause it would be interesting to read. Then what I'd prefer is a way to add to the list of names I can block so I could include lots of mens names.
  4. Thanks, it would be useful if I could make names unavailable, I'm sure there is (or used to be) a config file that blocked some specific names from being possible so it would be cool if it was possible to edit potential generated names that way. I remember back on old CM editors names were assigned so specific nations and we could delete them from the game or add new names manually which was interesting. Even if that was brought in I'd happily delete every first name on the database and sit for hours adding a load of female names to fix the issues I'm having. Admittedly back in the day I abused it a bit with adding swear words as surnames when it was possible previously but I was about 10 at the time.
  5. It does seem to use the default database because there are still a lot of male names even after I’ve deleted everyone with that name but it also seems to use the names I’ve added because there are a small number of female players generated. This is a pretty unique problem for me though to not want male names generated so for anyone who use the original database or any customisations it probably works perfectly for them. The nations where I want female names are the ones I have already added 150+ players in so I’d hope that’s the names that were used but unfortunately the women’s players I’ve added only seem to work a small amount. I do quite like when FM generates unisex names cause at least them I can feel like it's a female player, even if the game has loaded them as a giant 15 year old male with a beard.
  6. Apologies if this is in the wrong section but I wasn't sure if this counted as general. Can anyone tell me how newgen names are generated? Or even ways to help control the names because I've added a few thousand new people and it's only helped a little. I'm wondering if FM takes into account the players ethnicity, fair colour and skin tone (to match up with existing people) or if it only looks at nationality. Or even City of birth and second nationalities. Not sure if having players still set as 'unknown' in the ethnic/hair/skin section discounts their names when generating new names because it needs that info filled in. Also, if the game looks at 'retired person' names when deciding because creating lots of fake people as retired people would be an easy way to add name options, the only issue there is on the editor it's only a name with no nationality or other info tied to it so I assume they wouldn't count. I'm asking because I have a women's database and the biggest issue is newgen names are mostly male so I'd like to try and reduce that but I'm sure knowing how names are generated can help in other custom databases too. I also wondered if it takes into account people's names who have been deleted from the database but I'm pretty certain it does because I've deleted all players and all male staff from the original database so the only thing left is 1 database change - person deleted, yet most newgens still use the male names.
  7. stuart1874

    Body Model

    Probably a strange suggestion but I'd like a body model section in the player profile area - even if it's only used for newgens. I'll include this link just to show an example. https://www.bodyvisualizer.com/male.html Really it's just to get a visual of a players height/weight to help work out what type of a player they are. Possibly even have stats at the side to compare his height/weight with the average of other players. Also an option to tie in natural fitness and maybe strength to show a body type like if they are muscular or chunky. Had the idea because my top youth prospect one year was a short target man with high strength but low jump reach and wondered if he was muscular or just a wee fatty.
  8. Hi, I have added the 4 leagues on the bottom tier but can't seem to get it working to include promotions to the Premier divisions. Ideally I'd have 1 promotion from each national league with 2 relegations from each premier league but this issue is I can't see how to relegate 2 teams from a division and designate which league they are to be relegated to therefore it's coming up with an error. Tried to assign relegation to the parent division 'womens national league' hoping teams would just drop down into any of the sub divisions but got an error in verification. Even thought about having a playoff between Northern & Midlands so 1 was promoted but couldn't work out how to arrange the Midlands champions vs Northern champions to then have the winner promoted to Northern Prem (with the same setup for SE v SW champions with 1 going into Southern Prem). Can't switch to advanced editor as it starts telling me about various errors (all-ireland super cup, then world club championships etc) so I'm still on basic editor. Apologies if I've posted this in the wrong section. I wasn't 100% sure because the basic rules forum has been closed.
  9. I have created a Women's Database that has over 3200 players added. This is an alternative database rather than an add-on as all the male players and staff have been removed. The top 4 divisions in England are fully playable as well as the Frauen Bundesliga (Germany), NWSL (USA) and the top 2 divisions in Scotland (SWPL1 & SWPL2). The file is 13.6 MB so is too big to post as an attachment on here but it can be found easily on Steam https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1935205935 I don't really use forums so you'll probably get a quicker response if you contact me either on a Twitter account I've set up dedicated to the project https://twitter.com/WomenOnFM Or on a Facebook page I have created https://www.facebook.com/WomenOnFootballManager Please give it a try and let me know what you think.
  10. I have quite a few things I want to add or update on the Steam Workshop but the 'Publish to Steam' button is pretty much always greyed out so can anyone help with why that may be the case? I keep restarting the editor, deleting my download cache on steam and even deleting my cache on my browsers in case logging in to Steam on there has affected it but it stays greyed out. Fixed it once this way and I uploaded 1 thing to Steam then it was greyed out again. Uploaded a custom setup through FM20 so it only seems to be on the editor. 8 GB of RAM (if that matters) and internet connection is fine so that's probably not the problem.
  11. I have never found it on FM before so I don't think it exists but instead of created set pieces being randomly chosen during matches I would like the option to have certain set pieces depending on the scoreline and/or what minute the set piece is awarded. Maybe the most obvious example could be if I'm 1 goal down (and/or maybe 2 or 3 up if I'm adventurous) I can set my goalkeeper to go forward for a corner. Currently they go forward randomly during the match but realistically it would only happen late on in close match. I do like sending my goalkeeper forward but currently only use it in friendlies and youth matches because I can't control when it happens. Another example is having a tweaked set of corner set pieces for the last 30 minutes with either more players in the box if I'm chasing a goal or keeping more defenders back for the last 30 minutes if I'm winning. Also, not a feature so I'll add this separate suggestion at the bottom. Just an idea that on the loading screen where you can see your manager standing in the changing rooms. Personally I'd prefer the shirts hanging the other way round so I can see the players names on the back of the shirt instead of the front of the kit. It's such a small thing but possibly an option in preferences to flip them round would be nice, especially when you're a few years into a save so it's newgen names and their squad number so it'll be a nice personalised image when FM loads.
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