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  1. as some have said, the inability to field an inalegible player, but face disiplinary action if caught. but if this was implemented, there should be a warning before you go to match, that your about to field an inilegible player.
  2. the ability to give an emotional speech in an amazingly important match. say you was playing your rivals. last game. winner stays up or wins the league. something of that sort of scenario. and i think it would be good to say something like. 'you lot. take a look at yourself's. your professional footballers. your raking it in. and look at them. the fans. the thousands of kids, that support this club, would give everthing the have, just to play 10 minitues for this club. and theirs you lot again. what a waste. now get out their. prove to me, that your not a waste of space. for the fans. 'Now Lets F-u-c-k-i-n-g Play Football'
  3. i think thes tactics are wicked. i do so well. score many goals. but after a while the effect pof the tactics ware off. and the tactics become less effective
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