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  1. I've been loving FM16. I had played the ones before a tonne more to be honest though, but that's just a personal time thing. I noticed that the full backs were very good at the start of the game so I used that to my advantage. Other than that, I can't really think of any major problems that I've experienced. Can't bloody wait for FM17. Always love a new FM. I'm aiming to have a better computer by the time the next one comes out so it runs super smooth. I'll literally upgrade purely for FM haha.
  2. So haven't been on here for a while and I've noticed everything's changed. Nice. What's up with my username? How can I change it cos I can't seem to find where to change it anywhere in my settings. Cheers.
  3. Yeah I didn't even think but I found the return date under player status, which is one panel I didn't have showing on my skin at the time. DF11 Light 16, is the name.
  4. Can't seem to find why Timo Werner and Jan Kliment are 'unavailable for next match', I can't find any suspensions or anything on their profile. I just started this save with Stuttgart hoping I'd be able to use Werner too. Not sure what's gone on here. I'm probably missing something dead obvious but yeah if anyone could help that'd be sick. EDIT: MISSED THAT HE'S STILL ON HOLIDAY ON 'PLAYER STATUS'. Should have Holiday over his name instead then, but oh well. Figured.
  5. Love this skin. Just a tad annoying that long names end up outside of the shirt in the tactics screen. I know it's not your fault that they have long names but I wouldn't mind the names being underneath tbh.
  6. Oh I see. Yeah I'm running on the same resolution. I'm not sure either then. His looks good as it's not as cluttered, would be nice to know.
  7. Could depend on screen size, it removes and adds panels as the size increases or decreases.
  8. Can't download it pal, says it's been removed.
  9. Beautiful skin, really. But I've spotted one thing that didn't happen to me before installing this skin, the PA and CA stars aren't showing up for scout reports that pop up in my News. Only thing I've noticed so far
  10. I'm using your skin atm, is it simple to do myself? Or could somehow do it for me if you have 5 minutes to spare please mate? I'm playing on a monitor too and the profile pictures are pointless because they're hard to see.
  11. Don't worry for now, I've reinstalled it through steam and it's working fine so far.
  12. I haven't played a whole lot of FM lately but I've been trying to play it and it keeps crashing on me when I go to click on the 'Quick Pick' drop down so I can choose my team selection. I've uploaded it to the FTP Server (in Crashes) as Curt_CrashQuickPick.fm for you lads to take a look at. Cheers in advance.
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