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  1. Just finished my second season with Marseille and won the league, Champions League and French Cup. I almost went unbeaten in the league but lost to Reims in the 31st game. First season I won the Coupe de la Ligue BKT and finished second in the league with PSG running away with it on 106 points. Also got knocked out in the semi-finals of the Europa League by Chelsea. Had a lot of ingoings and outgoings, with the main ones being selling Thauvin in January 2020 for £91m and then signing Cengiz Under for £90m to replace him. First season ins: Mario Balotelli - £19.5m Oliv
  2. I might cry. In all of my years playing FM I've never had my form drop off a cliff like this, especially not so suddenly. I've definitely been conceding more since the update, but after tinkering with my tactics I still managed to maintain my excellent form until this unexpected 10-game pile of *****. I went from leading the league to dropping down to 5th, and I'm not sure how to get out of this funk. I played the team last in the league and still only drew 2-2. I've conceded five own goals during this winless streak, and the old back post cross has become my kryptonite like it's FM 2016
  3. My team's defence seems to have gone tits up as well. The yellow line signifies my results before and after the patch. So I went from conceding 5 before the patch to conceding 10 after it in only 4 games, including my first league loss to the team in 18th who scored 3 in 5 minutes at the end of the game.
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