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  1. Group D - Ukraine V Sweden - KO - 19:45

    Sweden has been horrid so far. Can't hold on to the ball at all.
  2. Group C: Spain vs Italy, KO: 5pm Sunday

    Iniesta is awesome
  3. Why are there no good defenders?

    How dare you ignore the greatness of Olof Mellberg?
  4. Since i haven't had the chance to pick the game up yet i'll ask here. Can anyone tell me the PA of Moses and McCarthy from Wigan? I must say it's disappointing to not see them on this list when the likes of Fabian Delph are.
  5. Barnetta is really clever taking these free kicks. The English defending, not so clever.
  6. The pale one strikes again!!
  7. Wtf, just kicked him in the chest...
  8. Great header by Ramos, even better save though.
  9. Mon Spain! I don't see how some of you find the football Spain plays to be boring. Best football in the world imo.
  10. Players of the world cup so far

    Richard Kingston, 4th keeper in Wigan, but one of the better ones in the WC... (England clearly should have Kirkland as their no1 )