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  1. Just been through end of season/pre-season, didn't ask me to join under 23 league, I've been in the leagues though. . . I even got an email congratulating my team on winning the double (league and premier division cup). It just doesn't seem to recognise that next season and the results are wiped from history. Frustrating because on a previous game (2012 i think) my reserve team got to the under 21/23 European cup. Thanks for your feedback guys.
  2. I've got a game going with Wrexham, 10 years in and I'm in the premier league. My under 23's team though is still in group 12, despite winning this group and the premier division cup last year. There's no record of them winning the league on the game "history", which i think is strange. No record of them playing any league fixtures last year, or any previous years for that matter. Is this common practice? Is there any way i can get my under 23's in to the top league with all the other top teams from the premier league and championship? Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated
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