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  1. Right, have maybe found something to go on. I went into Event Viewer, and the game was calling the Identity Provider almost once every 10 seconds or so. I re-installed that, and finally it tried to get permission to get access to my account (which failed) and let me with this screen: I then restarted and it has now gone away. So it seems as though there's something going on with Identity Provider (and the game is seemingly forcing a LOT of calls to it).
  2. @Rob Heckman Just checked and initially thought you'd cracked it. I had to restart the Teredo services. But upon a restart and confirming the connection to the Live Servers was properly running I still get that UI popping up. It will pop up when I do the following: * Advance a Day * Open Inbox * Open the FM Button Menu * Click on Squad, Tactics, Staff or Training * Offer Players to Clubs. However it isn't Locking up the game now (though I also no longer press or click anything so long as that box appears). Also, it now will flash on and off at times too (as if it's being called multiple times at once).
  3. Not sure if this belongs here or to the UI forum, but: When playing the GamePass edition of the Game, the black box that usually opens when a Gamepass app is usually trying to make you select an account, or if it's syncing save data, is constantly opening for me, and eventually it will sit off screen and lock up all controls (pressing a mouse click will chime the system error sound in Windows). I've attached a screenshot of the UI box in question
  4. Hi just wanted to let you know that the Patch fixed this issue. Many thanks.
  5. Just wondering if anything had been heard about this at all, or any of the other many save issues people seem to be having? Any time frame for a patch?
  6. Hi, I've experienced a 100% reproduction rate crash. It occurs on June 29th 2017 in my save data. I've tried the common fixes (delete Cache/Preferences) but it has sadly not helped. I've also changed the GPU render setting that s suggested too. My save data is on the FTP under the name 'Spoof Ex - Date Specific Crash - June 29th 2017' My Crash Dump file is also uploaded, File name: FM 2014 v14.2.1.454037 (2014.01.04 20.38.44) Let me know if you need anything else, or if you can advise any workarounds/fixes. Thanks.
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