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  1. Wow, the button was gone, but when I navigated to another sceen and came back it was there again. Maybe it had something to do with the 20.3 to 20.4 version? No bug guys.. @Alistair Skewes thanks for your prompt reply!
  2. Guys, Can you help me out here? When i watched my tactics screen this morning. Suddenly all of my player partnership lines are gone... Do you have the same in your game? I mean those lines between players in your tactics screen.. In player profiles I still see: "has a good partnership with" Cheers.
  3. Hopefully soon. I stopped playing FMT twice already. First time after the regen manager bug, and lately because of the terrible ME. Come one, i want to play a decent game for once.
  4. Please give me the fagging update before friday 6pm already!!
  5. It works perfectly fine Bro! Real names+ all players faces added too
  6. I agree. It's really weird they keep releasing the game (2018 and 2019) with some bugs that make the game unplayable for me. Even more weird is that FM possesses bugs in parts of the game that used to work perfectly in earlier versions! How is that possible?
  7. I disagree. Regen manager influx from the start of the game, that is the main problem.
  8. Totally agree with you. The coaching/staff system in FMT 2019 was awesome! I saw some cool stuff such as Sneijder becoming manager after his playing career and managing Top Oss and later on Roda JC and Sparta. And Huntelaar starting as manager at Cambuur and later on Excelsior, SC Heerenveen and PAOK. Lovely stuff and i didn't really see any regen managers up until 2023.
  9. I hope so too! Really eager to start my long time journeyman + Ajax save!
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