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  1. So, I bought this game in the Beta.. And I didn't get to play from october until today, since the Dutch Leagues are bugged, and still we are waiting for a fix. While in the FM2018 version the play-offs were implemented correctly?! Can we please take some learnings to next FM edition?
  2. Good question to be honest.. Also, why does it cost already like 3 months (including Beta) to be fixed..
  3. Is this going to be fixed in the next update? Doesn't sound really hard to implement..
  4. Is it possible to make estimate club value visible in this skin??
  5. Thanks for the answer! I will count the days
  6. Any idea when is the due date? Or in other words, is this going to be the winterupdate in March or earlier? I want to know, because then i'm starting a new FM 2018 career
  7. Are there any FMT skins for the 2019 game yet?
  8. Agreed.. Lack of information about this and other bugs is anoying. I want to start my career (game has been launched weeks ago and this bug has been pointed out during BETA)....
  9. Im playing FM Touch, so i can't. SI can we please fix this? Coming summer all transferrecords in the Netherlands will be broken (Lozano, De Ligt, De jong)..
  10. Yes, but my point is, in FMT Ajax sells de Jong for 15 million in the first transferwindow.. Thats not very realistic..
  11. I just hope I dont get a save like this in my longterm career. Wil kill all the fun for me. United winning the CL this year.. Tottenham vs Arsenal final in 2020 :'( .. MEH!
  12. Today there are even rumours of a Man City bid of 80 million on De Jong...
  13. So.. Outgoing transfers in FM in the Eredivisie are still bonkers... Is this going to be fixed? Rumours about De Jong 80-84 million.. https://www.voetbalzone.nl/doc.asp?uid=341629 https://www.voetbalzone.nl/doc.asp?uid=341592 Rumours about De Ligt 60-65 million.. https://mancitysquare.com/2018/10/13/transfer-news-matthias-de-ligt-city/ https://www.calciomercato.com/en/news/confirmed-ajax-s-huge-price-tag-on-juve-barca-and-spurs-target-82708
  14. No team talks please.. Just bring estimated club value back and make an option to disable first transfer window funds so clubs start with real squads!
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