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  1. Guys this looks amazing. Can't wait for the full database and with your permission i'd like to use the new players and clubs etc. for a fictional Hellenic super league i'm thinking of creating?
  2. Even for a winger? As if you set a winger at MR or AM R will they not both end up in roughly the same position when attacking? So by playing an AM R in MR he's going to be less decisive as to whether to take a man on or cross the ball in the final third than he would if he was playing as an AM R?
  3. Is the decision ability hit caused by playing a player out of position just impacting his decision making defensively or offensively as well?
  4. Panathinaikos mainly but Club America, Anderlecht and Salernitana also having had some great games with them over the years. Still dream of being able to go to Athens and see Panathinaikos play. One day maybe...
  5. Youth players would be good. I play a lot with panathinaikos and fancied an Omonoia save but when looking at the FM database versus the squads on transfermarkt the amount of players missing is shocking. I guess you could either use the negative potential if they are current youth internationals otherwise just leave it as random.
  6. Any plans or do you know of any data updates that add more of the real life youth players in Cyprus? Always feel the Cypriot clubs are lacking a bit in the number of players in their youth teams.
  7. Hungary and Romania are good challenges, my particular favourites are Dinamo Bucharest and either Ferencvaros or Debrecen. Have you thought about Israel? Greece? My main game this version has been with Panathinaikos but had a good game with Maccabi Haifa on FM2013. I like a team that has some history but has fallen on hard times financially in recent years (Panathinaikos and Ferencvaros are classic examples of this.) More satisfying building them back up.
  8. I have shared the same pain as the OP where is has felt like my own team could not finish a chance to save their life yet as soon as the opposition got one chance they'd score it. Now stats can only tell one side of the story but still i decided to do some analysis to almost prove to myself that things balanced out over time and i shouldn't be worried so long as things were still going to plan. If you compare goals and chances then it is pretty similar overall with both my team and the opposition scoring 15% of every shot they had. I guess though from a player point of view if you are having a lot more shots it can come across that the opposition scores far more of it's shots than you do. In fact i had 694 shots in total in that season which was 433 more shots than the opposition had against me yet only scored from 68 goals more than them. Now bearing in mind the way i play most of the 700 odd shots i have are from within the box so as you can imagine watching that many shots result in misses can lead to serious frustration. The reality is though that i still only score 15% of my chances which is in line with a similar conversion rate in real life. The current season i'm in it feels like the shooting has got worse but i've still scored 85 from 568 which is the same conversion rate as last season and have conceded less goals. I think the thing to consider is that no matter how frustrating it may seem your conversion rate at best is not going to get above the 20% mark. I'd be interested to see those that manage to get a conversion rate higher than that.
  9. Ah my bad i hadn't thought to look a Messi's age and that it's leadership now and not influence. Apologies and ignore me wasn't clear from the original post.
  10. Yeah completely agree and hopefully the work you guys are doing with Clear Cut Chance and the ideas you provoke aids SI with that evolution of FM and brings FM closer to real life. I think what i've seen within the FM scene since FM2014 has come along is this drive for people to dig deeper and deeper into the world of football and try and apply what they've learnt to FM. Some people go as far to apply concepts not often used in football and trying to apply them to how they play the game. I guess FM is still a game and as indepth as it is it's not quite keeping up with the desire of the player to dissect and implement every little piece of detail. This i guess has probably led to more frustration of players with this version than previous ones i can see FM2015 being no different. Be interesting to see what changes, if any, are made to training in FM2015 Anyway look forward to the piece in CCC and keep up the good work.
  11. Ok I understand that's how it works in FM but that just seems wrong to me that general training has no impact on what happens on the pitch. Are there any plans for Clear Cut Chance to try and get an insight into how professional clubs approach training in general at all levels? I know you've interviewed a few coaches but i think it'd be an interesting area to get more insight into how clubs go about it and how that compares to FM. I maybe completely wrong and FM very closely mimics how professional clubs manage their trainings but for me how FM works is not how i'd approach managing training. Part of my job (in the real world ) involves create trainings and training people all the time (not football and probably why my logic and approach is different). My approach is always to analyse areas that can be improved and train appropriately. Now often this can be for long and short term gains but it has to be flexible because your issues are constantly changing. There are some things you can be proactive with (in an FM sense for me Ball control, tactics and fitness) but others that you have to reactive with (Attacking, Defending). That's the logic i try to apply in FM but maybe I've just been over thinking it. But hey at least i know now to pay less attention to it on a weekly basis.
  12. Wasn't this though disproved by the post earlier where they took high CA players and put low stats in the key attributes? Showed that the CA seem to matter more how a player performed than the key attributes.
  13. Well that's rubbish isn't it. Back to the drawing board I mean the approach hasn't done me too badly over previous version and maybe it wasn't directly affecting things after all but it did feel like it was making a difference sometimes and a bit of focused team training could overcome my teams short comings at certain points of the season. Just didn't appreciate that it was having a negative effect on my players development during their mid to late 20s and beyond... Could this be why my teams seem to gradually gets worse and worse at shooting or passing (on the pitch rather than necessarily attributes wise) the longer my games goes on? Because their training routine is so disjointed?
  14. Appreciate the feedback Cleon as i know you've done a lot of research on the training and development side of things. Let me explain the logic I'm applying in a bit more detail (it may not be right in FM technical sense but it's how i would manage a team in real life), when i say rotate i mean decision based on what i've seen in previous matches. So default if everything is going as planned to concentrate on Ball Control and match prep as teamwork (once tactical familiarity is full)as i feel this is the bread and butter of my style of play. Control the game, press as a team, keep the ball and operate faster than anyone else. The style won't work effectively if our ball control is poor so hence that being the default. However if in the previous couple of matches we've kept the ball well but either our shooting has been all over the place or movement in the final third has been poor and as such haven't been creating enough chances, i'd change the team training to attacking and match preparation to attacking movement. The individual training role stays the same. That would be the focus until the team got it right on the pitch. If after a couple of weeks they still weren't getting it right then i'd look at switching to tactics to get the team focusing on their decision making, off the ball etc.(Can't remember exactly whether that is covered under attacking or tactics but you get my drift). The same goes for if the defensive side of my game has been poor I'd focus on Defending team training until i started to see improvement on the pitch. Fitness would be used during the first part of pre-season or if we'd looked a bit lethargic (walking rather than running to press). Team Cohesion during the final part of pre-season or if there are few disputes or morale is dropping. I understand for youth teams you would set team training for a set period as the focus is on player development rather than results but in the first team for me the results and performance of the team are the most important. As such my primary focus of my first team training should be on strengthening the weak points i see on the pitch week in week out. The only way i can see to do that in the current FM training structure is to focus my weekly training on what i deem to be the key areas needing to be focused on by the team as a whole. Development will still happen as a result of the individual training that happens outside of team training I guess i just wasn't expecting such a drop in attributes from some of my more experienced players and i guess it's whether given their age i'll get any of them back.
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