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  1. Anyone try running with a Surface Pro 4 i5 8GB RAM? Debating whether I should use that or go 16GB or RAM but the price skyrockets too on those tablets. As I don't really use my laptop these days I was looking at a tablet specifically for FM/EHM
  2. Buying/Selling: Buying Player Name: Tomas Kalas Your Team: Middlesbrough Buyer/Seller: Chelsea Player's Value: 5.25 million Offer: 8.25 million Transfer/Wage Budget: 2,500,000 Patch: 16.2 I don't have the funds available now, but looking in the January window where I'll likely sell Nsue and someone else. In my save, my scouts rate Kalas as a good CB and he's been one of my best players. Is he worth it? Season:
  3. Into October and beginning to really dominate. Won 10 in a row and after a sluggish start, my squad have responded to my possession based 4231 and have started scoring. I turned off transfers and it's been quite fun. Kike has 8 goals, while Fabbrini has 6 assists and along with Nsue have been my best players in terms of rating. Forshaw, Leadbitter, and Clayton have rotated in the midfield with Cooke playing there as needed. Downing has been solid while I have rotated Stuani and Adomah. Adomah has been very good while I'm still trying to get the best out of Stuani as an inside forward/Ramdeuter. Adam Reach and de Pena were injured early on. Reach has some potential while de Pena might be one I consider letting go in the window. In terms of my defense, everyone has been very good. Nsue is great going forward and thankfully hasn't been a liability. Having said that, I'm not sure I'm going to extend his contract. Kalas has been excellent, and I'm considering a January bid to try and get him permanently. He's been excellent as a RB and I really think he could be a key fixture for years to come. Nugent has been injured, but has been scoring when he's fit. Callum Cooke has done well as an AMC while Chapman broke out with a brace at Reading. I will continue to play them as long as they are doing well. In January, I'll be shopping for another striker and some cover for the midfield. I'll also try getting Kalas permanently and hoping for promotion
  4. Just started as Boro with the transfer window disabled so I can see what I can do. I did cancel Amorebieta's loan to save some cash. I'll be trying a more possession based 4-2-3-1. I'm going to try and give Chapman, Cooke, and Jakupovic as much game time as possible to develop them. The goal is building slowly and solidly through youth that I can turn into homegrown players. Hopefully, I can replicate Karanka's form IRL. It'll be a nice change from my Arsenal save where I was loaded with talent and money
  5. Because I grew up following them watching Serie A? They're also an aging team and will need some help sooner or later
  6. I'm debating which one to get as I got a new iPad Air for an early Christmas Gift. FMT sounds good, but with no way to add faces, kits, and logos, it's kind of a let down for me. Thus, I'm wondering if FMM is the one I should get. I want a similar feel to the old FM 06 days of 2d classic mode with similar depth. Is FMM 16 similar to those old school FM 05-07 games in terms of depth? Thanks again
  7. Nice update Llew Into October and Arsenal are dominating. Playing a possession based 4-2-3-1 and I haven't dropped any points. Alexis leads the league with 8 goals in 8 games and I haven't just won, I've destroyed teams. The most fun aspect is that I've been able to play a team style where they attack as a group. Ozil has been great while playing Ramsey on the right has really worked out as he's been very very good. Walcott has been a better striker than Giroud although he's starting to improve while Campbell and the Ox have done well as rotation players. Cech, Kosc, and BFG have been rock solid while Gibbs and Bellerin have been blitzing teams at will. Monreal suffered a major injury at the end of preseason so just starting to get fit. I've also been trying to give as many games to Gabriel and Chambers as well as Debuchy, but he's been inconsistent. Crowley, Reine-Adelaide, Bielik developing alright along with Bennacer
  8. Well 6 games in and I have brushed aside everyone I've faced and not even close. After beating Chelsea 1-0, I took out United 4-2, and demolished Liverpool 4-0. In the CL, I used a b team and crushed Wolfsburg 5-0. Just playing a 4-2-3-1 attack with 2 inside forwards. Ozil has been awesome, but is has been Walcott and Rambo that have shone brightest. Alexis struggled until I made him my striker and he's tied with Aguero and Kane for the most goals. Walcott has 5 goals while Ramsey has 4. Gibbs has been great with Monreal injured and I'm peaty impressed with the team. Only negative is that Giroud hasn't quite played well but Walcott has kept him on the bench.
  9. So I started an Arsenal save and played 4-2-3-1 with transfer window disabled. Of course, in true Arsenal fashion, I lose Monreal and Ospina for 6-9 weeks each. Also, I played Chelsea 3 times in less than 2 weeks (Terry Testimonial, Shield, and season opener). I actually won all 3 matches. Ozil struggling a little so I'm curious if he's best as a trequartista or advanced playmaker. One bright spot is Ramsey who I shunted to the right but scoring so it's not too bad. I will put him back in the middle though but it was fun
  10. Going to try out a NF save since it sounds like a lot of fun So far, have signed Coric and Peruzzi and going to ride this team to promotion while hoping I can snag some more wonderkids in the January window.
  11. There's a new update at sortitoutsi.net that's constantly updated. I believe LFCMarshall has one due next weekend if you fancy an alternative
  12. I'm in a save right now - PSG are badgering me for Lucas. Is 25 million good enough for him? Don't have a lot of cover right now if I let him go other than Rossiter, but I feel like that's a good amount for a rotation based player
  13. Have any of you guys noticed that Ozil's not being called up into the German squad? Per and Podolski are being called but not Ozil. Odd considering his stature within the German team
  14. Fantastic coach. I would suspect the coaches Moyes let go are available as well and would be quality
  15. Name: Paul Winsper Staff Role: Fitness Rating: 5* Nationality: English Club: None Compensation: Free Good for? All leagues Name: Andrea Bergamo Staff Role: Tactics Coach Rating: 4* Nationality: Italian Club: None Compensation: Free Good for? Mid to top tier sides looking for a cheap tactics coach who can get you by
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