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  1. How does that work? Can I contact you another place about being a researcher? Tromsø IL and Liverpool FC is my passion!
  2. Have found alot that is missing in Tromsø IL. Players: Gustav Severinsen - is not in the game, but he is in the first team in real life. Filip Loncaric - Has retired because of injury. Jostein Gundersen - His contract is not going out in 2018. Fredrik Michalsen - Was released by Tromsø IL before season 2018 started. Robert Taylor - He has a contract out 2021, and 2018. Mour Samb - Has been released by Tromsø IL and is not in the club. Tom Høgli - Is retire after the 2018 season, and not in 2020. Staff: Sergej Krashchenko - is a goalkeeper coach in Tromsø IL. Ivan Baptista - is working with player development in Tromsø IL. Sorry for pictures in Norwegian, but this was the easiest way to show data from Tromsø IL's own page.
  3. Liam Coyle on Liverpool FC U23 must have a wrong passing rating. He only has 1 in passing, and that's not possible.
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