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  1. Reading through the recent comments, I'm both relieved and disappointed to see others having the same issues as me, suggesting that it's pretty big/common. Reluctance to pass through the middle: I just watched far too much of a match where I was getting very frustrated at my players for refusing to play obvious passes through the middle. The defense and 2 CMs would knock passes around about half way, ignoring clear options to pass centrally and progress forward, before the CB inexplicably lumps it forward to absolutely no one, not even close. No central through balls: I've been trying to figure out how to create through balls for my striker. No success despite various attempts. Even when the striker has a yard of space for the pass to be played down the side of the defender, it is ignored and goes wide instead. Some are saying it is poor movement, which is probably contributing, but the AI are plainly ignoring them. Plus, no matter what duty I give the striker they're so un-involved in the match. Needlessly "clearing" the ball when they could easily keep it, not under any real pressure: It's just a lack of awareness of the situation. It's a shame because it is now ruining all enjoyment when I was really getting into the game. The beauty of the series is responsiveness to tactics, but when a style of play, or common passing options, are currently ruled out, that's not fun. For a few years I've had an unwelcome amount of goals resulting from crosses, which I blamed at least partly on my tactics, but this year at least it's to do with the ME. I remember a few years ago when "play through the defense" was a beautiful tactical option that suited my style really well. In over 20 years of playing this beautiful series, the AI are more defensive, in all kinds of situations, than I can remember and being unable to get my team to at least attempt to play as I wish sucks away the purpose of playing until the ME is improved. Hopefully it will be in a while
  2. So that is a known bug? Good. I only started playing FM17 at the start of the year but was wondering why key info (estimated cost etc) was missing when you've scouted a player to "full" knowledge. I look forward to it being fixed!
  3. Hmm well that certainly would be a challenge, my academy has yet to produce anything of note! chestermike: Have a 2 player game with me so the best you will ever be is 2nd. hahahaha
  4. Hello Each year I come up with big ideas on who to manage but the vast majority don't get off the ground, especially as I get older. I did one season as Lazio a month ago but went back to my Arsenal save. If it's not Arsenal I just can't seem to get into trying to bring glory to anywhere other than the Emirates. With Arsenal I have won 5 consecutive leagues, 2 consecutive CL's (maybe 3 in 5 years), maybe 3 FA cups in a row and won the league cup in my first 4 seasons. It's got to the point where the domination of my team has become boring as without challenge there is no real reward, right? So I'm hoping you can help me come up with ways to make my Arsenal save interesting again. Things like: forcing myself to try and win with different formations (I usually play 433 or 4231), resign/retire and come back after 5 seasons of being on holiday (some tan), or selling best players THEN editing to reduce my finances (although I would rather not edit and don't tend to spend massive amounts anyway). Any ideas?
  5. Can you change the nation where a player counts as Home Grown so as to fit into league rules for having a certain number of HG players (e.g. English Premier League)?
  6. I think it's just a local pronunciation thing, where Town became Toon
  7. Just like at the start of FM13 my Arsenal team are performing pretty abysmally. In 13 the players insisted on being terrible up until January of the first season, at which point it seemed like the game conceded, "Alright, he's suffered enough, we'll let his players perform as they should now" and we went from being a ridiculous 15th at the start of January to finishing 4th after the best run of results in the league. Also at the end of year one we won either the League Cup of Champions Cup, can't remember, but from that point onwards we went on to become the most dominant side in the world, all because my quality players decided it was time they performed better than the smaller teams and competed with the top teams. Now at the start of FM14 beta I'm suffering again for no good reason that I can put my finger on. After a ropey pre-season where we consistently shipped goals to the likes of Blackpool and Kansas (!) we have a miserable 4 points from 4 league games after losing 1-0 at home to Hull, 2-2 at home to Norwich and a 2-1 loss against Fulham. We just about qualified for the Champions Cup group stage after making hard work of a generous draw against PAOK, losing 1-0 at home before winning the second leg 3-0. But even then it could have ended in (more) tears had Miroslav Stoch's tap in effort that was headed for the unguarded net not suddenly swerved violently/teleported into my GKs hands (might need to report that separately). I need to know why things are such a struggle, why it seems so loaded against my team, why they've so struggled against inferior opposition. In most matches it's been a case of quiet games, where we miss a few chances then BAM they get a goal or two from their limited attacks. We've conceded so many awful goals where we just plain refused to mark at a corner, or allowed players to run right down the middle of the pitch, and shoot straight down the middle and yet score. Tactically I'm doing nothing wrong. I've mainly used 4-2-3-1 instead of the 433/41221 I came to love at the end of FM13 because my two best players (Cazorla and Ozil) are AMCs. But it all comes down to the players making mistakes, refusing to put tackles in. The only thing I can think of is that I set my previous playing experience to Automatic, which I only learned this year means it sets your reputation as suitable for the lower clubs of that division. But if the game is being sensible surely that isn't a reason for the game to force my team to under-perform...Afterall, they players have been pretty responsive to my team talks etc. Any ideas what the cause could be? Maybe I will have to endure the rubbish for 6 in-game months again, or wait for some patches on the match engine for issues there.
  8. Haha, Ballymoney is my home town and the stadium is just up the road from me. A couple of the players are former neighbours. All the best with this, it's the kind of thing I'd like to try and do but don't have the patience for it!
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