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  1. Yeah it's something I need to properly look at and it certainly doesn't help the board now want a mid-table finish AND want attractive and entertaining football in this update Still, Samatta seems like a pretty good forward (Great Physicals,Some decent Mentals and Okay technical Ability) , Grealish and McGinn have been improved, Wesley's not the slowest player in the world anymore (That's Borja Baston insetad) and still seems like a really solid supporting striker. Trezeguet and AEG seem like they've had a bit of a downgrade ut seem like they'll be good enough for the team. The defensive midfielders side of the team needs some work (Worst Marking in the league, 3rd worst tackling, 4th worst Positioning ontop of 2nd worst work rate in the squad comparison) That attempt was my 6th (7th maybe) attempt to do well with Villa this season and it was the futherest I've got. We're one hell of a challenge this year (or were, let's see what the update brings)
  2. Yeah I did, and sadly my luck wasn't enough. An Awful run at the end of the season saw us slip into the relegation spots and I couldn't stop all the stupid mistakes happening and I got the sack after having lost 26 games across the season (Didn't come bottom though which was something I guess) Now it's time to step back, consider what we have in the new update (Maybe go 5-3-2 with a 4-4-2/4-1-4-1/4-4-1-1 as a backup?) and try again Thanks for all your help everyone
  3. My concern was how inconsistent the squad is; I'm 20 games in to this season now and have 11 Loses and of the 5 wins I do have, 3 have been 1-0's that I've been outplayed and nnot a single player has an average rating over 7 (Hell, I only 2 have an average rating over 6.9) and Don't have a single player with over 3 goals and I really struggle to create chances, we've created 31 chances and 1.1(ish) chances created per game isn't sustainable. I know Villa are pretty bad, and I'm in for a huge fight down at the bottom of the table but that makes it more important for me that I make sure I don't miss anything obvious , doubly as this is the first season I've not just thrown my hands up and gone "Forget it, gonna download a tactic". If i can get a solid base I can tweak the players (or at least thats the way I'm looking at it) because I'm confident that witha bit of luck and a solid base to build off of I can beat the drop (assuming I don't get sacked first) That's what I'd usaully want to do with my Fullbacks but I don't think I've got the rest of the team to cover it (although I have considered a back 3, maybe a 5-4-1?) Targett and Guilbert have been playing for me, but like everyone else they've been increbily inconsistent so I gave Sosa and Fila a try, and to their credit's they've been pretty solid Fila making less mistakes due to his slightly better positioning (Maybe?) and Sosa having created more chances (although outside of that he's grabed my attention just because Targett is one of the slowest players on my team which worries me massively) So the new updated formations look like: In my 4-3-3 I've altered the Midfield 3, making the DM a BWM(D) or a DM(D) (I'm still not 100% certain which is better for me considering I use 2 Center Mids that tend to roam from the centeral position a lot) a long with a RPM(S) and a Mez(A). The in both formations the Left INF/IW is now on an Attack duty and the lone DLF is now on a support duty. Outside of the role changes I've removed the Pass Into Space TI as despite it being very good at getting me forward, I was losing the ball a lot because of it, for the same reason I've dropped the Mentality to Balanced and put the 4-4-1-1 onto Higher tempo to compensate. A lot of these may change again later in the season, but for now this seems like a good start while players are developing a rapport. And while long term that's still my goal; I've still got a long way to go for it (and a really annoying Brexit too) Finally, as it's Jan I'm looking into bringing a pacy right winger on loan and maybe looking at another Forward if I can find one Thanks again for all your advice
  4. Thanks for the reply, After reading what you said I'm considering the following: 1. Swap the INF(S) to INF(A) 2. Swap the DLF(A) to DLF(S) [Edit: Maybe a TM(S) for Wesley?] 3. Swap the CAR(S) to either a B2B(S) or a RPM(S) and put it on the right side of the midfield 3 4. Swap the AP(A) to either a MEZ(A) or CM(A) on the left of the midfield 3 Anything else I'm missing?
  5. So i'm a Villa fan IRL and every season I try and get a grand Villa game on the go. This year is the most difficult I've ever seen. I think it might be the fact that the Team Cohesion is awful, but the team is so inconsistent and I'm struggling with the team making simple mistakes constantly (and don't get me started on them trying to defend set peices) I'm trying to do a fluid counter attacking style, with a positive mentality to try and encourage players to take more risks when getting the ball forward. The biggest issues I've found is that Grealish has been a bit rubbish (if I'm being polite) and I'm generally struggling to score and create (which I expected to an extent but not "top scorer has 3 Goals and our top creator has created 3 chances bad) Again I'm not sure if this is just something that will improve with time as Villa start with awful Team Cohesion and the game even says that it effects our already poor decision making. But I do want to check to see if my formation actually makes some sort of sense. My Main Squad, for those who are interested: GOALKEEPERS: Tom Heaton Orland Nyland FULLBACKS: Frederic Guilbert Matt Targett Karol Fila Borna Sosa CENTERBACKS: Tyrone Mings Bjorn Engles Rodrigo Tarin Ezri Konsa MIDFIELDERS: John McGinn Douglas Luiz Marvelous Nakamba Connor Hourihane Andre Anderson WINGERS: Trezeguet Anwar El Ghzai Jack Grealish FORWARDS: Wesley Jonas Wind I feel this might contribute as well, as my teams not the most amazingly fantastic in the league (although theres a lot of potential in there) so I'm not expecting to do anywhere other than a relegation scrap. Finally, I do have a few young players out on loan who I'll be looking to intergrate long term (Johan Hove, Emanuel Vignato and Nico Serrano being the biggest prospects I've picked up, the former 2 getting the first half of the season out on loan to see how they fare) and in jan I'm looking to bring in another winger to replace/challenge El Ghazi (another player who's not been pulling his weight) Thanks for Any Advice
  6. Any advice or help for raising Team Cohesion? I've tried to start an Aston Villa game a few times; and Team Cohesion constantly seems to improve to "Poor" and stay there for months on end, which of course hits your on pitch performances which affects your morale, which affects your on pitch performances rinse and repeat. i know theres the training catagories for it but it feels like the gains are miniscule with only 1 or two a week and any more feels like you'll lose out on tactical and technical improvement Edit: Just to save everyone from a second post; A defender who defends wide but then forms up in a back 3 when the team is in possesion. A FB-D with the PI: Sit Narrow or a CD-D (or Equivalent) with PI: Sit Wider?
  7. During the Beta in my first season I sold Hourihane and Adomah and used them to bullk up my defensive line (I played a back 3/5 so I was desperate for young, quality players) Boubacar Kamara from OM I got for ~£7.5m and Diogo Verdasca for £2.3m. Both were great over my first season in the Champ and developed really well. When I got to the Prem I bought John Souttar from Hearts for £15m and I was thinking of Slowly retraining Mitch Clark into a Ball Playing Centerback as well.
  8. Thanks for that guys, I've just started my "Serious" Villa game, and just got through Pre-Season: Preseason Results: One loss from 6 wasn't bad, especially as it was before many of my transfers actually came in. Injuries troubled my Preseason, with Gestede, Clark, Illori, Traore and Crespo picking up knocks or injuries along with many backup players (Gardner, Cole) during it. Transfers In: Jonathan Calleri - Boca - £5.5m Marcelo Meli - Boca - £4m Andres Cubas - Boca - £3.5m Afonso Figeiredo - Boavista - £1.6m Emanuel Mammana - River - £4m Timo Horn - Koln - £6.5m Transfers Out: Still Listed: Brad Guzan, Libor Kozak, Joe Cole I over spent slightly, although with Guzan and Kozak listed and questions being asked of Clark once Okore's back I could end up making money by the end of the season. Add to that my Wage budgets down and I've bought a lot of good potential there and I'm happy wth my business over all. Main Formation I also have a counter attacking variation. Things I'll look at during the season include: * Play a 4-2-3-1 with a line of Grealish - Gil - Traore * Try Calleri as a Ramdeuter Staff Comparison & Scouting Knowledge I do have an Argentinian scout coming in, to bulk up my knowledge of South America as well as hopefully raise my JPA and JPP
  9. What Formation are you playing? I'm thinking of a 4-2-1-3 Horn Richards - Illori/Lescott/Clark/Okore - Amavi Gueye - Westwood Vertout Ayew/Traore - Calleri - Grealish/Sinclair Vertout as a roaming play-maker to run the center of the pitch, while Ayew/Traore go wide to make a bit of extra space for him to run into?
  10. Wow I got ripped off. I got £20m for Benteke and £11m for Okore at the start of my second season o.O
  11. Just in preseason of my 3rd season. The budgets have been a bit lame, £10m + 50% (up to 65% if I beg the board) of whatever I make from sales. This was after back to back top 10 finishes (6th First season and 8th Second season, could of been higher if not for dips in form however). The budget and Sales has been more than enough to get a decent squad together though: [* = At the club already or came through the Academy] Goalkeepers: Alex McCarthy (Bought from Reading in 2014) Mattia Perrin (Bought from Genoa in 2014) Defenders: Antonio Luna* Nicola Murru (Bought from Caligari in 2014) Nicolas Nkoulou (Bought from Marseille in 2015) Ron Vlaar* Nathan Baker* Matt Lowton* Sebastian Corchia (Bought from FC Sochaux in 2014) Young Prospects Tommaso Barichello (Bought from Cesena in 2015) Midfielders Marco Davide Faraoni (Bought from Watford in 2014) Juan Sanchez Mino (Bought from Boca in 2013) Mohamed Diame (On Loan from Man Utd in 2015) Ashley Westwood* Yacouba Sylla* Will Hughes (Bought from Derby in 2015) Augustin Allione (Bought from Velez in 2013) Jack Grealish* Tomas Martinez (Bought from Barcelona in 2015) Young Prospects Tiziano Di Santo (Bought from Reggina in 2015) Martin Smith (Bought from Crewe in 2014) Daniel Roznik (Bought from Zillina in 2014) Forwards: Manolo Gabbiadini (Bought from Juventus & Sampdoria in 2014) Nicklas Helenius* Ezequiel Rescaldani (Bought from Velez in 2014) Young Prospects Jake Laskowski* Rico Wilson* Current Squad cost in Transfer Fees & other Money stuff: Loans are brilliantly useful, I had Stefano Denswil and Tom Cleverly on loan last season and they were both class for me (although I didn't want to pay the £17m the clubs wanted for the pair of them). Finally, try and get as much as you can for players who want to leave *Cough*BentekeandOkore*cough* I managed to get £30m for the pair of them (Thank you Monaco!) and cheaper players (Rescaldi and Baker especially) have really stepped up to help fill in the gaps. Outside of that get yourself a good DoF to help shift the deadweight, buy cheap in the first season (Check out Selnaes and Thelander in my post above for example) and get some good scouts and let them do their job.
  12. Is that Pogba price first or second season? On my game he got a new contract worth around £25/30m in Jan 2014 which could contribute to the huge price.
  13. I dunno, I've just got a regen in that my Head of Youth development tells me "could be the greatest player of his generation" I'm not sure I'd accept any kind of money for him.
  14. Sploots, football finances are crazy. Was Gareth "I almost moved to Birmingham City for £3m" Bale worth £85m? Was Andy "Half a Good Season" Carroll worth £35m? Was Christian Benteke worth £25m after one season in the Premier League? It's not what they're worth it you, it's what they're worth to the club. While going straight to £80m was a bit ridiculous, they had no desire to sell, no need to sell financially so can play hard ball. PAOK aren't exactly a footballing powerhouse, assuming this was in the same game, so he may not want to force a move through, preferring to wait for a bigger club to come in for him, or he may even want to stay at the club for a while, I know loyalty's in short supply in football but you never know.
  15. I just checked my save that's in Aug 2015 and Benteke's stats have changed by this: Corners -1 Penalty Taking +1 Concentration +1 Decisions +1 Leadership +1 Acceleration +1 Pace +1 He went to Man Utd and only played 18 games in his first season though. Has anyone got any top class Newgens? I got 2 in my first batch, with my Head of Youth (19JPA) saying that one of them "had a chance to be the best player of his generation" the other is considered "The next Micheal Owen". Who needs Benteke eh?
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