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  1. That's my Second thoughts about trying to get Villa's shape into FM21; my First was a 4-3-2-1 Asymetric (Move Grealish into the AM Strata in that team) But I'm going to work under the assumption that this team is FAR too heavy on the Attack Duties PI's in that team are Grealish, Trez, Watkins and Barkley have 1 Extra Notch on their Pressing Intensity and McGinn has "Hold Position" I'd love to figure out how to get Watkins and Barkley cut the passing lanes between the CB's and DM like they did against Liverpool, I'm assuming that's got to do with the Line of Engagement but that's for
  2. Yeah it's something I need to properly look at and it certainly doesn't help the board now want a mid-table finish AND want attractive and entertaining football in this update Still, Samatta seems like a pretty good forward (Great Physicals,Some decent Mentals and Okay technical Ability) , Grealish and McGinn have been improved, Wesley's not the slowest player in the world anymore (That's Borja Baston insetad) and still seems like a really solid supporting striker. Trezeguet and AEG seem like they've had a bit of a downgrade ut seem like they'll be good enough for the team. The defensiv
  3. Yeah I did, and sadly my luck wasn't enough. An Awful run at the end of the season saw us slip into the relegation spots and I couldn't stop all the stupid mistakes happening and I got the sack after having lost 26 games across the season (Didn't come bottom though which was something I guess) Now it's time to step back, consider what we have in the new update (Maybe go 5-3-2 with a 4-4-2/4-1-4-1/4-4-1-1 as a backup?) and try again Thanks for all your help everyone
  4. My concern was how inconsistent the squad is; I'm 20 games in to this season now and have 11 Loses and of the 5 wins I do have, 3 have been 1-0's that I've been outplayed and nnot a single player has an average rating over 7 (Hell, I only 2 have an average rating over 6.9) and Don't have a single player with over 3 goals and I really struggle to create chances, we've created 31 chances and 1.1(ish) chances created per game isn't sustainable. I know Villa are pretty bad, and I'm in for a huge fight down at the bottom of the table but that makes it more important for me that I make sure I don't
  5. Thanks for the reply, After reading what you said I'm considering the following: 1. Swap the INF(S) to INF(A) 2. Swap the DLF(A) to DLF(S) [Edit: Maybe a TM(S) for Wesley?] 3. Swap the CAR(S) to either a B2B(S) or a RPM(S) and put it on the right side of the midfield 3 4. Swap the AP(A) to either a MEZ(A) or CM(A) on the left of the midfield 3 Anything else I'm missing?
  6. So i'm a Villa fan IRL and every season I try and get a grand Villa game on the go. This year is the most difficult I've ever seen. I think it might be the fact that the Team Cohesion is awful, but the team is so inconsistent and I'm struggling with the team making simple mistakes constantly (and don't get me started on them trying to defend set peices) I'm trying to do a fluid counter attacking style, with a positive mentality to try and encourage players to take more risks when getting the ball forward. The biggest issues I've found is that Grealish has been a bit rubbish (if I'm b
  7. Any advice or help for raising Team Cohesion? I've tried to start an Aston Villa game a few times; and Team Cohesion constantly seems to improve to "Poor" and stay there for months on end, which of course hits your on pitch performances which affects your morale, which affects your on pitch performances rinse and repeat. i know theres the training catagories for it but it feels like the gains are miniscule with only 1 or two a week and any more feels like you'll lose out on tactical and technical improvement Edit: Just to save everyone from a second post; A
  8. During the Beta in my first season I sold Hourihane and Adomah and used them to bullk up my defensive line (I played a back 3/5 so I was desperate for young, quality players) Boubacar Kamara from OM I got for ~£7.5m and Diogo Verdasca for £2.3m. Both were great over my first season in the Champ and developed really well. When I got to the Prem I bought John Souttar from Hearts for £15m and I was thinking of Slowly retraining Mitch Clark into a Ball Playing Centerback as well.
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