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  1. I would like an official pre game editor like in FM (allowing the community to add playable and fantasy leagues).
  2. Did you check "use fake players" when you setup your game, leagues, ect?
  3. How do you get editor files to work on BETA? Do you have a download link to that file?
  4. @ XXXTreme, I am willing to help with limited player creation for Japan JL1, JL2 and JFL. I will be able to do this in a separate editor file that can be manually selected at game start. I generally create all international players playing in Japan, all recent Japan national team players, top prospects and top performers in the leagues over the last few seasons, this gives the teams a start and when used with "add players to useable teams" option works well. I also suggest increasing the youth setups in Japan as they create much better young talent than the game gives them credit for. PM me if you would like some help.
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