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  1. The Cup doesn't seem to work properly; - Premier League team Astana entered the first round, which is incorrect. - I think there should be 4 groups, two with 4 teams and the other two with 3 teams. Though, there's 7 groups of 2 teams. - Only 4 teams should advance from the first round (I think). It shows 4 teams (Astana, Akzhayik, Atyrau and Aktobe) qualified for the second round, though other teams are advanced aswell. Even though it doesn't say they qualified. - Not all Premier League teams enter the second round. Only Astana, Ordabasy and Kairat entered. So 9 out of 12 Premier Leauge teams don't participate in the cup.
  2. Everything that's wrong about SI fit into one sentence. ^^
  3. Please quote the part where I said all of them should've gone it.
  4. 3 one-on-one misses in the first game. I thought finishing was fixed?
  5. Ferhan Hasani has signed for HJK (Finland) https://www.hjk.fi/artikkelit/miehet/ferhan-hasani-klubiin/
  6. Chris Gloster had one set, but the wrong one. Still a data issue, though.
  7. In the pre-game editor, you can't type æ ð ø å etc. in the search bar.
  8. Yeah, it's mainly the copying and pasting that is slow as heck.
  9. Yeah, same problem here. Think it's because names used to be shown as "Surname, First name" and now they're shown as "First Name Surname"
  10. Not selecting fields, but searching for a player is very slow. Even if I enter someones exact name and it only shows 1 result. This counts for all the places you search for players. But if I'm searching for clubs, that doesn't happen. I'm using Windows 7.
  11. I haven't played the game yet, but it's definitely something with the editor, since everything else on my pc runs fine. But in the editor doing things like CTRL A, CTRL C and CTRL V take multiple tries before they actually work.
  12. Summary: The editor is running incredibly slow. Even with 0 changes to a file. Description of Issue: Just any usage of the editor. All of it is so slow. Trying to paste something in with CTRL + V and I literally have to press it 5 times before it decides to paste it in. It's not a problem anywhere else (browser, notepad, Word etc.) so it's the editor. Steps to Reproduce: Open the editor. Try anything. Heckin slow.
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