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  1. In the Future Transfer section for staffmembers there are a few option missing regarding the Second Team. You can make somebody a future Manager, Doctor and Data-analyst for a Second team, but there's no Assistent-manager. No Physical coach. No Goalkeeping trainer. No Physio. No Sport Scientist. Also, when you give a player a future transfer to a club, you can set his future contract length and some other clauses. But the clause Club Option for x Year is missing. Which is one of the most used clauses. I already adressed these problems/missing things last year, so the fact that these things are still not fixed suprises me.
  2. Reported in December, now in, almost, April. And nothing has been fixed...
  3. https://gyazo.com/de0533a05cd040b90f9955a77632e185 This guy is a 26 year old player that has been without a team for almost two seasons. I'm a team from the second level (in Kazakhstan) and he refuses to even negotiate a contract. Surely he should be happy there's a team that still wants him. IRL he would've taken that opportunity with both hands. In FM they're just too stubborn and rather **** up their whole carreer. AI players should see a big decrease in (demanded) reputation when they're without a team for so long. Because now it doesn't make any sense. I'm the Kazakhstan manager aswell and he lost his spot in the squad aswell, because he isn't playing. Surely he doesn't want this to happen. But in FM they just don't seem to care about this. Note: I know this is a downloaded league, but this isn't the only save where I've seen it happen.
  4. motdattan


    We've seen the growing interaction with players and even the introduction of promises during a contract negotiation. It really surprises me that when you start as the manager of a nation, there's 0 interaction possible to convince a player with two nationalities to play for your nation. You can only press "Ask to represent nation" and you get the answer in your mailbox. You can't talk to the player, you can't make promises (make him (vice-)captain), play him all the time etc.) and you can't make clear to him he probably will never play for his other nation, because he just isn't good enough. I would love to see a feature that would allow us to talk to those players and have some sort of influence on the decision. Ask a Dutchie, we've seen this a lot lately. First with Ziyech, who eventually chose for Morocco, then Soufyan Amrabat and now PSV talent Ihattaran is the centre of attention. IRL the manager of the nation invites the player over for a talk about his future (possible) international carreer. In my opinion this "new feature" wouldn't be difficult or take much time to add, since it would be a copy of the current interaction system you do have as manager of a club. But it would add a lot to the fun of being the manager of a nation. Plus it adds realism, see abovementioned examples of Ziyech, Amrabat and Ihattaran.
  5. Slowly but surely we're getting there. Keep up the great work, Dan!
  6. Good to hear. Whilst we're talking about amateurs; I saw a few amateur players had been added in the 19.3 update. Will there be more added or was it a one-time-thing?
  7. But it makes more sense to have him in a role that puts him in the database, rather than a role that basically deletes him from the database. I see how the rule works when a manager manages a Eredivisie U19 side ánd an Amater team. But in this case Van der Sman is useless. He's in a role that doesn't extract him. If he's at TEC, he has value and adds something to the game. Really poor decision making here, in my opinion.
  8. Then rises the question; why does he get a role that means he doesn't get extracted whilst he's still a goalkeeper for TEC VV.
  9. Why has Sebastiaan van der Sman been deleted from the DB? @Simon Tipple @Neil Brock @Reddiablo
  10. @Travis Bickle Sometimes there are characters in the title of the file that are not allowed and cause the button to gray out. Think it's a / ,for example, that causes this.
  11. Jong Ajax and Jong PSV were in the play-offs in the Keuken Kampioen Divisie (second level in The Netherlands). They can't enther they play-offs or get promoted. This has been for a few months now and it still hasn't been fixed. Even though it was working in FM18. In my opinion that's pretty amateuristic and shows no respect to the Dutch users of Football Manager. Any idea on when the fix is coming? Because this is taking way too long. @Freddie Sands @Ed Hewison
  12. Another example Player makes run for goal (red line), but Jay doesn't give the easiest pass in the world (pink). Rather shoots on target. Well, I say on target. Rather hits the defender that's right in front of his nose. RIP Match Engine
  13. There it is. The good old "it's your tactic" comment.
  14. As the title says. No passes and no through balls. Just dribbling and shooting. Alarcon (on two of the screens) has 16 for Decisions and 17 Vision. But that appears to be fake or doesn't seem to matter. Even if the player IS RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM he doesn't pass. Just run with the ball into the defender or shoot and miss.
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