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  1. It is the first day of the job for Stephen Smedley at Histon FC and the first day, hopefully, of his journey to becoming a World Cup winner with England. The facilities at the club are not the best in the league however the stadium, Bridge Road, does meet Football League rules about stadia, so there should be no problems when the club gets to that level. Bridge Road Stadium Staff The first things brought to the attention of Stephen Smedley in his new office at Histon, is the staff roster, both playing and non playing. Senior Squad Under 21 Squad Staff Key Players There are a few very good players to keep an eye on, that Stephen marks out as important players. That the team will be built up around. Denzel Gerrar - Goalkeeper, brought to Stephens attention by the Assistant Manager immediately as the potentially Key Player for the season. Connor Hall - The strong young centre back that will hold the line in front of Gerrar. Brendan Owusu-Ansah - The versatile player that can play anywhere on the right or in the middle of the park. Chris Speed - The quick forward that will hopefully be bagging a few goals for Histon this season. Danny Clifton - Chris Speeds partner up front, playing the taller striker role, linking up with the midfield more than Speed. The Plan As the media prediction is 22nd, last, there is evidently a fight on Stephen Smedley's hands to begin with. Therefore a strong determined tactic is required. He favours a strong tackling, high pressure game which he will try to help the players put on the pitch focusing on longer passes, getting the ball to the danger zone quicker. As the team is stronger in the middle of the park and not as strong initially on the wings, the initial tactic is a 4-3-1-2 Narrow, on the counter. Brendan Owusu-Ansah is going to be the most advanced midfielder due to his passing prowess to help build the attacks, being closer to the forwards. Transfers? In Getting transfers in may be a problem with the aforementioned financial struggle, but using the free marker, as well as the potential in the loan market there could be a few signings. The main part of the pitch that needs strengthening is another CM or two to provide competition for the players already occupying those positions, aswell as backup for the strikers as the only other striker is useless at best. Out As only 20% of the transfer revenue is made available for incoming transfers it may be difficult to generate enough income to make a significant impact on the budget, so Stephen will probably be trying to get rid of the deadweight in the squad rather than using the funds to strengthen. Preseason With plenty of friendlies lined up, albeit no bigger opponents to truly test the mettle of the team there is enough time to get the tactics fine tuned and team playing in the way Stephen Smedley requires.
  2. The Backstory This is the story of Stephen Smedley, or 'The Chief' as he is known for the local Sunday League club. A tough tackling, commander in the centre of the park, he is the player manager(albeit a self given role) of his band of rag-tag footballers but wants more from life. By day he works in a menial office job, 9 til 5, Monday to Friday, playing 'Football Manager' whenever his boss isn't paying too much attention to him. One day he gets bored of the monotony of life and decides he wants something new, something exciting. He wants to manage the English National Team. He tells his team mates around the bar after the hard fought win against the Nag's Head's band of All Stars (crediting himself with the victory), and he all gets is laughter and mockery from his team mates. No-one believes in him, no-body believes he has what it takes. Stephen has now vowed to prove everyone wrong, standing atop the table, number 12 by the window to be precise, telling everyone who wants to hear that he will be taking England to World Cup glory. But at this time of the night everyone in the bar is already too drunk to pay attention to the fool's empty promises. The Next Weeks (and Months) Starting from the Tuesday after the incident at the bar, the Monday was a write-off he was suffering from such a headache which may or may not be a result of falling off the table the previous night, he began polishing up his CV, and detailing what he believes to be a wonderful covering letter, that he will be sending off to all Football Clubs up and down the Country hoping to get his foot in the door. It wasn't until 4 or 5 months down the line when he got his first response, he had sent 100's of letters to football clubs, every time the manager got sacked or left his job, lately even when the manager wasn't performing well, informing the clubs hierarchy this wouldn't happen if he was in charge. The response as somebody would probably imagine was only a paragraph long, no more no less, and it read, Devastation hit, especially after Stephen saw that Harrogate had hired someone called 'Simon Weaver' no doubt Irving's Son he thought. Is The Dream Over? He couldn't be bothered anymore with this silly pipe dream, he saw himself now as the foolish person everyone else had been saying these past few months. His performance at work had slipped recently too and on Friday morning he got called into the Boss's office. Stephen thought nothing of it, it would be a slap on the wrist, or at worst a written warning. He had one of those before, back when he used to turn up as when he felt, he got the work done he would tell the boss. However, as he left the room at 9.51am that morning, that time now permanently etched in his mind, with the knowledge that he had been 'let go' in the words of the boss. Devastation no longer described his feelings he was desolate, and alone, all he had at home was his pet Betta, not really something that would comfort him in his time of need. So he went to the pub, and ended up spending most of the weekend there, he was getting 3 months of severance pay so he was in no immediate rush to get a job. The following Wednesday, after spending Monday and Tuesday on 'Football Manager' winning back to back Champions League titles with his Derby County squad now in 2025/26 season, he went to get his post from the hallway. Bills and more bills, he begins to think he should begin looking for a new job when the last letter stick out to him, it doesn't look like a bill. Nonetheless he takes it all back to his flat and sits back on his dilapidated sofa and tears open the letters seeing how much he owes on his collection of credit cards. Its not looking good, more money going out than he has coming in. The last letter, however, is an invitation to an interview the following week at the newly promoted Histon FC. They admired his desire and drive, neither of which he personally felt he had had recently. The interview was the following week, the day after his 26th birthday, Wednesday 7th June. He went out immediately to buy a new suit, made himself look smart, even bought a new red and black tie as these were the colours of Histons home shirt. He researched the club night and day and felt as prepared for the interview as well as he could. The Interview At the interview he saw another man leave just before him, twice his age, looked grumpy as could be possible. He wasn't feeling confident. In the interview he was asked about coaching techniques, man management, tactical knowledge and he answered all the questions as thoroughly as he could, even bringing paperwork he had already done detailing tactics Histon had used the previous season in getting promoted. The last question asked was if he wanted the job long term as the previous manager who got them promoted got his head turned by another team in the Vanarama North league, where Histon were now positioned. Stephen didn't tell him of his desire to manage England, or hopefully one day manage Derby County, he told the Chairman what he wanted to hear, that he was here for the long term, wanted prolonged success, wanted to see Histon enter the professional ranks of the Football League. After he left the secretary told him he would hear back in the next few weeks and thanked him for turning up as some people didn't because they believed themselves 'too big' for Histon. Stephen was now more excited than he had been since he received that PS2 for his 13th birthday. He rang his friends immediately and told them what had happened. Nobody believed him, thought he was winding them up as he had been spending his time playing video games and not actively seeking work. On the way home from Cambridgeshire his outdated Vauxhall Corsa broke down, sending up a smoke plume. Stephen wasn't especially superstitious but this felt like a bad omen if ever there was one. He managed to get the number for a local mechanic and arranged for the car to get picked up and repaired, it wasn't cheap, Stephen wasn't a car man but it didn't sound like it was something that should be fixed cheaply. Now with only £500 in savings after this expensive transaction, Stephen didn't plan any more potentially expensive trips such as this one. The Wait After he managed to get home the following day, the repair took longer than thought and Stephen spent more money on a B&B for the night which didn't impress him, or his bank balance much, he thought he would find Histon on his trusty 'Football Manager' game. On his save with Derby County, Histon were currently fighting relegation from the Vanarama North in 2027/28, he decided to up sticks and apply for them. The press on the game couldn't believe it, why would a multi-title winning manager of Derby County, who have been unbeaten in 2 seasons, want to join such a small club as Histon. It didn't matter to him, it was just a game, something to pass the time. He had gone from a staff of 20+ at Derby county to having 6 part time members of staff at Histon. He decided to be more hands on, took most of the training himself, instilling his determination and work rate on the team. After spending hours each day for the next week he took the relegation threatened Histon from the depths of Vanarama North to the top of the Premier League, feeling the high times of promotion as well as a few relegations and nearly going bankrupt in his third season whilst in the Vanarama National League. He and Histon survived however, and were thriving in the season 2039/40, it had taken him 13 seasons to accomplish this and was quite pleased with the outcome, however slightly disappointed in himself for spending so long on the game in just 7 days. That's when he got the phone call. It was Histons secretary, she said the Chairman would like to speak to him about his interview. Stephen was suddenly aware of how nervous he was, he felt the butterflies fluttering around in his stomach. The wait felt eternal whilst the receptionist put him on hold, was it good news, why would the Chairman want to speak to him otherwise? Or did he find out that Stephen had lied in his interview, that he embellished some of the 'facts' that Stephen had told him. He was now sweating and felt the air closing in around him. That's when he realised the Chairman was on the phone, 'Stephen? Stephen are you there? It's Russell Hands. Are you alright there Stephen?' He snapped back to the real world and responded. They had a bit of a conversation before Russell offered him the job. Stephen couldn't believe his ears, only £550 per week, we're a bit tight financially at the moment it's all we can afford, he managed to mutter thats fine and they decided his first day would be June 24th. This is it, thought Stephen, the real journey begins now.
  3. Brora Rangers FC January Year 1 Report Having played through just over half the league games this season by 1st January 2017, it's time to check up on the progress of Brora Rangers in the Scottish League 2. Currently sitting in 8th in the league having been as high as 3rd during the run of wins earlier on in the season, as well as matching expectations in the League and Challenge Cups, and exceeding them in the Scottish Cup. Having a small squad makes a long season more tough than most would like to see, with a few injuries thrown in every few weeks to derail the squad. Still plenty of time for plenty of goals, assists and performances from the team however. Main Players Rafa Malaga - The winger topping the assists with 5, 2nd in goals with 6 and our 4th best performer with an average rating of 7.06 has been on of the shining lights of the team this season, whilst not always tracking back causing problems for his full back. Jack Kirwan - The striker leading the lines with 10 goals so far this season, doesn't always perform at his best, but when he does bags a few goals to make sure he's noticed. James Brough - The reliable centreback who's fallen on hard times in the recent downturn of form Richard Brittain - The stand out performer from the middle of the park, sustaining his average form to the lofty heights of 7.26 and being our most consistent player. James Macleod - The Goalkeeper who is much improved since the start of the season, sometimes culpable for the goals going in, but when the rest of the team is shoddy at best, putting up a valiant effort for a young man. Aims League - We need to regain some of the early season form and mount a charge for top 6, playoffs could be attainable depending on the quality of the youth intake this year. Scottish Cup - Hopefully another win in the 4th round against strong opposition in Stranraer, a dream time away at a Celtic or Rangers would be the dream tie later on in the Cup to bring in some much needed money to improve our facilities
  4. Brora Rangers F.C. 2016-2017 Season Scottish League 2 Manager Profile | Team Background | The Squad After much loading and re-running finally we have a candidate for the Youth Academy Challenge Step Forward Brora Rangers from the far North of Scotland Only 13 members of the first team, no youth team to speak of the challenge begins now Four players immediately stick out as key players for a potential push to stay in the league Rafa Malaga Jack Kirwen James Brough Richard Brittain Hoping for a solid mid-table finish maybe push for higher if hit form Will need to keep the main four fit and hopefully performing to their ability
  5. UPDATE: I didn't refresh the images in preferences, always read everything! Second question Does anyone have sizes for each of the logos etc?
  6. I've run a quick search but thousands of hits and it's a lot to go through hoping for a quick answer. On FM16 I'm trying to create club logos for a made up club. So far from what I have found have to put it in graphics folder in my docs in the following form docs/SI/fm16/graphics/pictures/club/clubid/logo What I don't understand is where it says 'club' does it stay as club or do I change it to team name? I've got the club ID from the editor Also, there's icon, logo/large, logo/background Do they have size restrictions? And am I doing the .xml file correct? <record> <!-- resource manager options --> <!-- dont preload anything in this folder --> <boolean id="preload" value="false"/> <!-- turn off auto mapping --> <boolean id="amap" value="false"/> <!-- logo mappings --> <!-- the following XML maps pictures inside this folder into other positions in the resource system, which allows this folder to be dropped into any place in the graphics folder and still have the game pick up the graphics files from the correct places --> <list id="maps"> <record from="612" to="graphics/pictures/club/612/logo"/> </list> </record>
  7. I was hoping that would not be the case, but feared it could of been. So there is no way of altering it at all?
  8. I was wondering if theres any way of changing the minimum pitch size to anything less than 90m when editing the database, or other inherent values. I was having a little look and was wondering how easy it would be to set up a 5-a-side database for a bit of fun So I would need smaller pitches as well as changing amount of players required in a team If anyone has any idea, or even had the crazy idea to try it before can you let me know what you did/ what you couldn't do?
  9. Is there a list of PPM's anywhere that are easily accessible? I've done a quick search but it seems I'm a bit awful in the searching department. I want to start building my side up but not sure what all my options are
  10. That was more informative and what I was looking for so thank you 4-4-2 is a perfectly adequate formation depending on your set up I won promotion with Derby County and finished top 6 in my first season in the Prem with a 4-4-2 so it is more than possible. As for the defensive line I have done that more for the pace of the CB's I didn't consider it the way you put it. As for crosses, there is always something set as default, so my thinking was why not set it as something that would be beneficial rather than 'Mixed' where I could get a lofted cross to my naff strikers. I have however since I posted this moved onto a 4-4-1-1 and been rather successful, with the AMC set as an AP(Support) he tends to drop in more and on the 'Average position' isn't a great deal further forward than the CM's off the ball.
  11. Well done you just backed up my point? I don't know what you were trying to achieve with that statement? Would you like a gold star?
  12. OH!! I did not know this, thank you I was a bit disappointed because I've been better away from home than at home, I did win however
  13. I don't know where it's normally played, but I'm playing it at home? Surely it should be at a neutral venue? Is this a bug or is this how it should be
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