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  1. they need to fix it somehow so we don't have to start new games,
  2. Well i'm not mate i finished 3rd 5 points off top, got to every cup final but lost them all, into second season now, you have to have a bit of risk, its part of the fun. lost fa cup final 3-2 to city, lost efl cup final on pens to liverpool, lost europa final on pens to man utd after a 0-0.
  3. I might try and make a 433 swapping the cam out for a dm as my second tactic for those types of games.
  4. I just got hammered by Liverpool and City so it looks worse on the negatives than it actually is.
  5. This is my own personal tactic, (4231) doing really well but i can't beat Man City or Liverpool, comfortably the 3rd best team in the league, after these adjustments Auba and Laca both started scoring more. I'm playing Auba LW IF attack, he managed 21 goals in my first season in the league from that position. GlenBo AFC 4-2-3-1.fmf
  6. I'm playing as Arsenal, i'm in March the first season, i have tried so many different combinations to get Aubameyang or Lacazette scoring, and despite them playing 30 league games and about another 5-10 in other comps, Aubameyang has 5 goals, Lacazette has 4, has anyone else had problems with them scoring? i have tried them in different striker roles, pressing forward, advanced forward, complete forward, i have tried them in 4231 with Auba on the left, 442, 424, 3412. I'm literally out of ideas. I'm still doing well, but i'm literally scraping wins, i'm using default tiki-taka settings with minor tweaks.
  7. Hi just letting you know i tried a really really old Nvidia driver and it fixed the lag, this one was from 2018 and its now a flat 100fps with no stutter. The problem is i need the new driver and geforce experience for my newer games. Edit: ok the issue really is completely fixed, i used DDU before trying the latest Nvidia driver again and to a clean install and now my FPS is solid 100fps, so all problems fixed
  8. Thanks for the reply, yes i have tried everything at minimum and tried those fixes and its still the same. DxDiag.txt
  9. Hi this is the only game i am having trouble with and it seems similar to other problems i have found on google with this years and last years game, i have literally tried every fix going and cannot get it to stop happening. Basically even just sat idle in the main menu my fps jumps from 100 to 30 non stop up and down, the match engine is a stuttering mess that makes me feel sick when watching it, any screen in the game does the same thing. I have tried fullscreen, windowed, every graphic setting, i have monitored myu cpu and gpu and ram, nothing out of the ordinary. I formatted my pc, installed only all windows updates, the latest Nvidia drivers and FM, same problem, i tried using 7 different older Nvidia drivers, cleaning with DDU each time, same problem, i tried all of the launch command lines people have posted in other threads, i have turned gysnc and vsync off, same problem, is there anything i can do to stop it happening? its basically the most basic graphical game i own, for example i can play Battlefield 5 at a solid 100fps, GTA around 90-100fps. MY spec is Windows 10 Pro x64Acer Predator X34ai7-6700kCorsair h115iNvidia MSI Ventus 2080ti OC16gb of ddr4 3000mhz (Corsair Vengeance LED)3 x samsung evo 870 ssdsCorsair HX750i psuLogitech G560 RGB Speakers
  10. There has to be a element of scripted nature to keep the game realistic, otherwise anyone can beat anyone and there will be no realistic structure to the game.
  11. Something is fishy about this imo, the fact Mbappe would cost about £250m alone let alone the other people you have, If you did achieve this then congrats but something looks like it is up, how many database changes do you have? I'm not screaming cheater but i'm dubious and on the fence, and if you in fact didn't cheat (because 1000's of people do) then its a compliment to your skill to achieve that. My suspicious mind says you set those guys to join you with the editor, or you added funds, or you're seriously in debt with paying crazy deals over 3 years on everyone, and possibly even made the players have higher potential/lowered wages etc, or even messed with the ingame editor that you can buy to wreck opponents, Another favorite is people keep playing whilst they win then when they lose, reload. Whatever it is, 38 wins out of 38 in completely unrealistic, even with the team you have, no team has ever done it, not even the greatest Barca/Madrid teams or even the mid 90s AJax team etc who won all but one of their games one season and drew one.
  12. OK i see what you're saying, its a bit of a pain in a$$ in game because Auba is a poor LW/IF and equally Iwobi is a poor RW/SS/AP, i hope they will get updated after the February database update.
  13. I might be way off with the way i perceive this, or maybe nitpicky? i will take either one.. In real life lots of teams are playing a sorta 4-3-3 This formation just does not seem to look right or work how i would like in game. so for examples Arsenals front 3 for most of this season has been ------------------------------------------------Lacazette---------------------------------- ------------------------------Aubameyang-----------Iwobi----------------------------- -----------------------most attacking midfielder goes here----------------------- But imo neither Auba or Iwobi are Left wing inside forwards/wingers nor are they shadow strikers/type of CAM and not are they strikers, so when playing them in the game you have to kinda pick them as 1 of the options i mentioned. I believe they are playing the role of LF and RF, with Aubas role to switch with Laca and to act like a inside forward but being less wide and Iwobis role is to get wider and cross, but also to be a central playmaker. It's hard to duplicate this in game and i think a new set of roles just infront of the 'CAM' position and just behind the strikers should be put in (dare i say it, like they have done in FIFA) or do you think i'm way off? its also hard to do in game as Auba has no real LW skills and zero SS or RW skills, Iwobi is also is lacking in his CAM and RW abilitys in game. The closest i can get it is playing Auba and Laca as strikers and Iwobi/Mkhy/Ozil as the cam or SS behind them, but then i lack width, which is not a issue in real life becasue of where they are situated (unless i play 3 at the back and wing backs)
  14. as i also said he played there last season 4 times out of 13 and scored 3 and assisted 3, and ok, i'll move along, cheers...pmsl.
  15. he played 6 games as a LW and scored 5 goals and 1 assist. Played 7 games as a striker and score 4 goals (out of 11 games total), thats the best i can do. Oh and last season he played 4 games as a LW and scored 3 goals and 3 assists. (out of 13 games total) https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/pierre-emerick-aubameyang/leistungsdaten/spieler/58864
  16. Sounds like effort to get actual evidence, i mean i just watch the games, the funny thing is you could max him out at LW no problem in FM 2018. He also played on LW last season under Wenger just not as frequent as he has this season under Emery.
  17. Like the title says, he needs a update, in the game he maxes out at half a circle at left wing, and you can't train him anymore there as you get a alert shortly after saying he has maxed out that position, in real life he pretty much only plays on LW as a inside Forward attack now, he has been scoring and assisting there and been one of the best players in the league so far this season, so i think he needs a upgrade. Otherwise you are kinda forced to use him as a striker because hes rating is poor on the left, which causes a headache with Lacazette.
  18. only edits i have done to FM 2018 is put in the Sortitoutsi real names fix and some graphics. Heres my Belarc file Belarc Advisor Computer Profile.html
  19. well i had just played maybe my 12th match of the night, and my pc froze and gpu shut down (1 match after the setting change), now after restarting 3 times and checking temps (which are perfect) it wont go past the SI loading screen without throwing up errors then my mouse freezes and my gpu shuts down (in a scary way) and i get lines everywhere on my monitors DxDiag.txt
  20. Hi for some reason the game shuts down my GTX 1080 every time i start the game, it just started randomly happening after 13 hours of play, i have deleted the preferences folder and its not that, literally my gpu will shut down and my monitors will spaz out and i have to either reboot or wait for the driver to sort itself out. Its strange tho, i have had 13 hours no issues and now it has just started happening, the only thing i changed was i set the game to stay at 60fps and put AA on high, but like i said i deleted the preferences after to default it. I tried it with other games, Street Fighter V and Destiny 2 with no issues. FM 2018 v18.0.1.1030019 (2017.10.27 19.19.52).dmp
  21. you cant raise above Dagenham Dave, hes the best at everything.
  22. no i mean the database but with the graphics of pro evo, pes is dead anyway.
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