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  1. Its strange because it says different to when i posted it, it really did say 70k etc as do the other links, but i cant really prove it now. As far as Auba goes he is rated 16 as a left winger in the editor, imo he should be 18/19 at the very least since he plays there as much as he does as a striker for us, and as mentioned has tons of goals from that position as a IF, For example Calum Chambers is rated 19 RB and 20 CB but he has not played as a right back other than as cover since his Southampton days, and defitley no more than Auba has played LW in the last few years, in fact a lot less, Chambers is mainly a DM now also.
  2. I wouldnt say many Utd players should be increased at all as they have had a pretty bad season equally bad to my team Arsenal but scoring less than us and conceding just as many, and downgrading would be more likley as they are pretty OP on game, after 7 seasons they are slways the team in 2nd, one particular player that should be upgraded is Luke Shaw though.
  3. Yeah definitely agree on Niles, he stated him self that he sees his position in the future to be RW, and hes only really ever played LB/LWB/LM and RB/RWB/RM/RW for us and i don't really recall him playing centrally, although i remember Wenger once touting him as a future box to box midfielder, he is definitely a wide player naturally, not a lot different to Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, a wide player who has the potential to play through the middle. Just a bit more on the Welbeck wage thing, the only time i have ever seen his wages reported as 100k plus was actually in FM and it shocked me so i have googled multiple times but never found any reports of his wage being that, i have seen reports of 60-65 and 70k which would be much more suited to a player of his level, also i read that Paul Merson was saying 'Emery should take up the option of a 1 year extension on him because of his injury', or something similar to that, so that lead me to believe he could be extended. If you do look at the 2 links i provided, again i'm not 100% on how accurate they are, there is actually a lot of players with wages much different to those in game and quite of few of them are less. Obviously its a deal breaker with Welbeck in game as even in previous years he was always a player i sold quickly because of his crazy high wages for a 2.5* player. Heres another indicator which says 67k a week https://wageindicator.co.uk/pay/vip-celebrity-salary/danny-welbeck Doing my editing again, sorry.. Also Lacazette is stated to be on 100k a week and Mkhytaryan on 180k, both are around 200k in game, this also causes headaches when trying to offload the players in game, knowing our club and our reluctance to pay out for anything.
  4. Ok great mate, it is based mainly on my personal opinion and i'm a gooner, so obviously could be a tad lop sided haha, yeah i kinda got carried away and edited about 5 times adding more and more lol! I think the stand out differences are definitely Lichtsteiner, Cech and Mustafi CA downgrades and Holding CA & PA upgrade,and also the PA's of Nelson and the youth players mentioned, another youth player i forgot to mention was Jordi Osei-Tutu who seems to have good potential in the u23s and is being considered for the first team right now. As a player of the game i find Mustafi hits 4* in game no problem which is not realistic for him, he should be 3* at best and Holding should be the player who has the potential to get to the 4* between the 2 because he has been far beyond Mustafis level this year and was a huge part (along with Torreira and Bellerin and obviously Aubameyang) in that 22 game run, even if our defense was always leaky. Can you put more points into Aubameyang's LW abilitys? like make it 18 or 19? because he pretty much played in that position his whole career until moving central when Dortmund lost Lewandowski, he has also played at LW roughly equal to the amount of times as he has as a striker for us, and even when he is playing central, when Lacazette comes off the bench he moves wide. This link says 70,000 p/w for Welbeck https://www.spotrac.com/epl/arsenal-f.c/payroll/ as does this one http://www.sportbible.com/football/transfers-arsenal-players-wages-for-this-season-have-been-revealed-20190113 I'm not sure how reliable they are but i wouldn't assume Danny was anywhere near 100k a week since he has always been just a squad player.
  5. If it was down to me a person who watvhes him every week i would set him as 13 LM, 18 LW, 15 SS, 16 RW, 10 RM and 20 Striker.
  6. Well i have backed it up with links in which show where he has played, so i'm not sure what you mean by over estimated hes played 13 games on lw this season in the league scored 7 goals from that position and 4 assists, i'd say that is somebody who is very good at playing in that position, maybe not a '20' but defintley higher than the 16 he is stuck on.
  7. Christopher Nkunku of PSG should be adaped slightly as hes more of a b2b player but a more attacking and creative one rather than a vieira type one, he has similaritys to Matuidi, he can also play in RB/RM/RW. Rabiot is also a B2B type can has played further up the pitch this season, i see his naturals to be like that of Leon Goretzka or Milinkovic-Savic. Obvious 1 now Nic Pepe this guy should have s huge CA boost and huge PA boost as hes one of the best wingers in world right now, i'd say a PA of 165 maybe slightly more. Marcus Thuram, he seems more a striker now snd scoring for fun, i think he needs a higher PA with lots of big clubs eyeing him up.
  8. A couple of Arsenal tweaks are need imo. 1st is Aubameyang should have 19 or 20 as a LW over the 16 he has that you cannot improve him on, as this is his primary position for in the role of IF, yes hes better centrally, but he is very much a pacey inside forward nowadays and he also played as a shadow striker to the right last week and score 1 and assisted one. Next is Rob Holding, he was making great strides this season as a very good BPD with good passing skills i think he needs a geral upgrade and a slightly higher PA maybe 158-160 i think he is our best cb now before his horror injury and we have been playing terribly without him. Emi Martinez needs a slight tweak on PA as he has the potential to match a lot of your lower table premier league goalkeepers and looks like he will be our number 2 next season. Calum Chambers, it seems now he is soley a CDM for Fulham and is looking good so a tweak to his PA would be nice, maybe to 156? Lichsteiner needs a downgrade, in game he matches bellerin in CA but the are miles apart reslistically with Bellerin being brilliant this season before his injury. Denis Suarez needs to have skills more natural on LM/LW and also as CM and RM/RW Maitland-Niles is a cm playmaker in game which nothing like plays in real life, in cm he plays a b2b role, he needs to be better at his full back and wing back roles whilst also in rm/rw (more so here) and lm/lw Reiss Nelson has been playing as a CF and occasionally as a CM & RWB whilst out on loan, as a striker he has been scoring lots of goals...considering how good he has been in germany i think he needs a PA of in the 160s when comparing to say Jadon Sancho is 175. Xhaka with slight left back and cb skills, for rotation reasons like he does in real life, also as a natural DM as well as CM because in real life hes better deeper, he needs a slght tweak to raise leadership skills Lucas Torreira needs a slightly higher work rate and also to be a natural BWM in CM where has played all season and as a DLP defend/BWM in DM he also has some box to box skills. Aaron Ramsey is now clearly used as a CAM AM role only and i think i have only seen him play cm about 2-3 times all season. Joe Willock is usually playing LW/RW or CAM as a attacking midfielder which is notable because he keeps scoring plus hes pretty quick. After doing 7 seasons with Guendozi in game i think that he could do with a slight CA increase and his PA should around 160. Alex Iwobi although a natural left wing inside support, he plays almost all games for us as RW (winger role) or as a CAM (AP or SS) he has also played RM and LM a lot. Mhky is very 2 footed and can play LW very well and comes on in the position regulary as IF Sup, in game his LW stats are very poor. Kolasinac should be a natural LB (wb support) hes only natural at lwb in game ands played lb almost all season in games he has played snd seems to be out first choice lb now, he also played LM the other week Mustafi needs a downgrade, hes been awful again all season i do t see how he has a 161 potential but Holding only 155? Id say they need to be reversed. Petr Cech is retireing at the end of the season and needs downgrade he is also certainly not a sweeper keeper but a normsl GK Defend. A couple of youth players PA needs to improved, Saka, Gilmour, Cotterel. Oh and one last thing, Danny Welbeck, in game his wages are 135k a week??? A quick google search tells me he is on 65k with a option to extend for one year, also monreal has been extended 1 year. I think thats everything, open to opinions etc.
  9. Ok so what i'm saying is i get a training cancellation notice for him usually a week or 2 after trying to improve his ability as a LW/IF, everytime i have tried, the same for my friend. He starts the game with '16' out of 20 for use on the LW, and you cannot develop him any further, if if you do not agree personally, should we not have option to omprove him there? He literally sticks on '16' suitability forever, if i could get it 19 by training like i could last year then myself and other Arsensl fans will be happy this his primary position under Emery unless Lacaxette is injured, and it was his primary position his entire career until Dortmund sold Lewandowski and converted him to a ST much like Wenger did with Thierry Henry.
  10. To be fair, everywhere i post on this forum somebody redirects me to a different thread, i'll leave it there, i get the hint.
  11. There has to be a element of scripted nature to keep the game realistic, otherwise anyone can beat anyone and there will be no realistic structure to the game.
  12. Something is fishy about this imo, the fact Mbappe would cost about £250m alone let alone the other people you have, If you did achieve this then congrats but something looks like it is up, how many database changes do you have? I'm not screaming cheater but i'm dubious and on the fence, and if you in fact didn't cheat (because 1000's of people do) then its a compliment to your skill to achieve that. My suspicious mind says you set those guys to join you with the editor, or you added funds, or you're seriously in debt with paying crazy deals over 3 years on everyone, and possibly even made the players have higher potential/lowered wages etc, or even messed with the ingame editor that you can buy to wreck opponents, Another favorite is people keep playing whilst they win then when they lose, reload. Whatever it is, 38 wins out of 38 in completely unrealistic, even with the team you have, no team has ever done it, not even the greatest Barca/Madrid teams or even the mid 90s AJax team etc who won all but one of their games one season and drew one.
  13. OK i see what you're saying, its a bit of a pain in a$$ in game because Auba is a poor LW/IF and equally Iwobi is a poor RW/SS/AP, i hope they will get updated after the February database update.
  14. I might be way off with the way i perceive this, or maybe nitpicky? i will take either one.. In real life lots of teams are playing a sorta 4-3-3 This formation just does not seem to look right or work how i would like in game. so for examples Arsenals front 3 for most of this season has been ------------------------------------------------Lacazette---------------------------------- ------------------------------Aubameyang-----------Iwobi----------------------------- -----------------------most attacking midfielder goes here----------------------- But imo neither Auba or Iwobi are Left wing inside forwards/wingers nor are they shadow strikers/type of CAM and not are they strikers, so when playing them in the game you have to kinda pick them as 1 of the options i mentioned. I believe they are playing the role of LF and RF, with Aubas role to switch with Laca and to act like a inside forward but being less wide and Iwobis role is to get wider and cross, but also to be a central playmaker. It's hard to duplicate this in game and i think a new set of roles just infront of the 'CAM' position and just behind the strikers should be put in (dare i say it, like they have done in FIFA) or do you think i'm way off? its also hard to do in game as Auba has no real LW skills and zero SS or RW skills, Iwobi is also is lacking in his CAM and RW abilitys in game. The closest i can get it is playing Auba and Laca as strikers and Iwobi/Mkhy/Ozil as the cam or SS behind them, but then i lack width, which is not a issue in real life becasue of where they are situated (unless i play 3 at the back and wing backs)
  15. Also another thing i want to point out/suggest is that nowadays these number 9 strikers don't really exist and are evolving out of the sport, most of these quick, good with the ball strikers are playing as a LF, or RF like Salah etc, rather than the deeper/wider LW/RW, but those positions don't really exist in FM, you're kinda forced to play them as a striker to one side of the CF, which is to high on the pitch, SS or as a winger, a reshape there would be really nice in future games. As much as FM does everything really well, the way they set up the roles on FIFA does it (maybe not better) in a slight more modern way. ---------------------Lacazette----------------- -----Aubamyang--------------------Iwobi ----------------------Ramsey------------------- - ----------------Xhaka----Torreira------------- Kolasinac---Sokratis---Holding--Bellerin -------------------------Leno------------------------ This is the way we have been playing this season, Auba not being winger, striker or shadow striker really, but could only be called a LF or wing forward, which is different to inside forward as its further forward and less wide than how its shown in game, Iwobi would be similar on the other side (who has poor skills as a right sided player in game) but instructions would be for him to drift wide and cross and move centrally to playmake as it kinda molds into a 4-3-1-2. Do my points make sense? or do you disagree?
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