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  1. i'm using the original database from the latest fm 20 update, i think i have sorted it now, will try and start a new career and see if it works.
  2. ok i managed to edit the number off subs to '5 of 9' and saved but when i start a new career, it only lets me pick the premier league and no other english club
  3. Hi mate, have been looking up and down them for a hour and can't find where to alter the amount of subs, could you point me in the right direction? i have googled looking for answers but cant find any
  4. hi how do i make it so my save has the same amount of subs they are using in real life? i have looked every where and can't find anything
  5. Well i'm not mate i finished 3rd 5 points off top, got to every cup final but lost them all, into second season now, you have to have a bit of risk, its part of the fun. lost fa cup final 3-2 to city, lost efl cup final on pens to liverpool, lost europa final on pens to man utd after a 0-0.
  6. I might try and make a 433 swapping the cam out for a dm as my second tactic for those types of games.
  7. I just got hammered by Liverpool and City so it looks worse on the negatives than it actually is.
  8. This is my own personal tactic, (4231) doing really well but i can't beat Man City or Liverpool, comfortably the 3rd best team in the league, after these adjustments Auba and Laca both started scoring more. I'm playing Auba LW IF attack, he managed 21 goals in my first season in the league from that position. GlenBo AFC 4-2-3-1.fmf
  9. I'm playing as Arsenal, i'm in March the first season, i have tried so many different combinations to get Aubameyang or Lacazette scoring, and despite them playing 30 league games and about another 5-10 in other comps, Aubameyang has 5 goals, Lacazette has 4, has anyone else had problems with them scoring? i have tried them in different striker roles, pressing forward, advanced forward, complete forward, i have tried them in 4231 with Auba on the left, 442, 424, 3412. I'm literally out of ideas. I'm still doing well, but i'm literally scraping wins, i'm using default ti
  10. There has to be a element of scripted nature to keep the game realistic, otherwise anyone can beat anyone and there will be no realistic structure to the game.
  11. Something is fishy about this imo, the fact Mbappe would cost about £250m alone let alone the other people you have, If you did achieve this then congrats but something looks like it is up, how many database changes do you have? I'm not screaming cheater but i'm dubious and on the fence, and if you in fact didn't cheat (because 1000's of people do) then its a compliment to your skill to achieve that. My suspicious mind says you set those guys to join you with the editor, or you added funds, or you're seriously in debt with paying crazy deals over 3 years on everyone, an
  12. OK i see what you're saying, its a bit of a pain in a$$ in game because Auba is a poor LW/IF and equally Iwobi is a poor RW/SS/AP, i hope they will get updated after the February database update.
  13. I might be way off with the way i perceive this, or maybe nitpicky? i will take either one.. In real life lots of teams are playing a sorta 4-3-3 This formation just does not seem to look right or work how i would like in game. so for examples Arsenals front 3 for most of this season has been ------------------------------------------------Lacazette---------------------------------- ------------------------------Aubameyang-----------Iwobi----------------------------- -----------------------most attacking midfielder goes here-------------------
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