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  1. @Nlittle1892 I think the aysymmetric is a good idea. I think SS or Treq is right for Perez and I'd probably swap Rondon to a TM-S. Maybe have Almiron and Perez set to swap positions to get some of their movement? CF-S might work too if you end up seeing it hoofed way too much. I'm thinking about going with 3 at the back, Ritchie as a CWB-S, Yedlin as a WB-S, DLP-D/BWM-S midfield, Almiron as IF-A and Perez as an AP-A at AMCR with stay wider PI and Rondon as a TM-s
  2. I don't think Perez plays a true forward role. He's almost like a raumdeuter but he seems to always end up centrally, which is why I was thinking Trequartista Could make make it like a 343 with Perez and Rondon uptop with Almiron behind
  3. I've been messing with this too, but I had Perez as a Treq and Almiron as an SS in the middle. I'm just not sure how exactly to get Perez and Almiron playing like they do IRL.
  4. I took that last formation you posted and gave it a run based on the images you had. It actually worked out pretty solid. May need to tweak some of the roles, but the off-set CB grouping with a Libero-S didn't post any major issues I saw with the FD-D on that side.
  5. Can't wait to kick back on with FM19. I got burned out of 18 real fast, but the new tactics/training seem awesome for developing Athletic. Thinking about a 3-5-2 or 5-2-3. Hell, looking at the still lack of striking options might even dabble in some strikerless.
  6. I used it a bit trying out an idea Cleon had with a Libero and WTM and the WTM-A could be a real force, doing a little bit of everything especially if you support him with supply and runners. I'll try to tinker with it some this weekend and update.
  7. A lot of good information here. I've been thinking about toying with a 433 with a W-S CF-S WTM-A and a flat midfield of BBM, CM-A, DLP-S
  8. I always set it up so the DOF hires/fires the staff and signs players, but I handle the out going transfers. I manually set my player training, too.
  9. After weeks of tinkering about, I think I finally found a formation I really like that I can work with at Athletic. Finally starting up my save and I think I'm going with what I'm calling an "alt 4-4-2". The carrilero is amazing at covering the wide area where the wing back bombs forward and is often isolated with the other team's fullback, easily getting a cross in. The wide play maker cuts inside and creates problems while the overlapping fullback gives some width on that side. The CM-A acts as a late runner to play off the playmaker and the DLF. I went ahead and picked up Da
  10. Bowie thank you for starting this up. I'll be starting my save soon, plan on running a little Simeone style with a defensive 442. @CaptainSa you're a man after my own heart with that formation. I've been dying to try a Libero with brings ball out of defense PPM. How's it working?
  11. There weren't any ME changes so nothing should be different.
  12. Just as @Rashidi said. Man, now that makes me want to try to make a defensive possession tactic again.
  13. I'm aware, but having play out of the back and passing shorter doesn't mean you can't play successfully with the counter mentality. I did it with a 4411 in FM16 where I wanted to play on the counter, but when I wasn't I wanted a careful attack with less risk.
  14. The aim of counter is to play direct and fast while on the counter. You can play possession style and still be counter attacking. You don't have to play fast and direct all the time to play counter football.
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