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  1. FM18: Athletic Club (Bilbao) - Los Leones

    I always set it up so the DOF hires/fires the staff and signs players, but I handle the out going transfers. I manually set my player training, too.
  2. FM18: Athletic Club (Bilbao) - Los Leones

    After weeks of tinkering about, I think I finally found a formation I really like that I can work with at Athletic. Finally starting up my save and I think I'm going with what I'm calling an "alt 4-4-2". The carrilero is amazing at covering the wide area where the wing back bombs forward and is often isolated with the other team's fullback, easily getting a cross in. The wide play maker cuts inside and creates problems while the overlapping fullback gives some width on that side. The CM-A acts as a late runner to play off the playmaker and the DLF. I went ahead and picked up Dani Garcia for his release clause (10.75M) because I know I'll need the depth and Rico keeps getting hurt. I'm also working on picking up Isma Lopez at left back who's been great for me in past saves.
  3. FM18: Athletic Club (Bilbao) - Los Leones

    Bowie thank you for starting this up. I'll be starting my save soon, plan on running a little Simeone style with a defensive 442. @CaptainSa you're a man after my own heart with that formation. I've been dying to try a Libero with brings ball out of defense PPM. How's it working?
  4. I don't mind helping out with the guide. Just let me know some parts to cover. During FM18 beta I'll probably screw around with Newcastle, but I'll be for sure running a Bilbao save on full release. I've been experimenting with a deep 4411 with Newcastle right now that looks like: SKD FBS CB CB FBS BWMS DLPS WMA WMA APA DLFS Has done pretty great, but high end teams can pin me down.
  5. Add all players of nationality -> basque helps ensure there will be more basque regens
  6. Inverted Wing Backs

    I don't think it's an exploit, but the AI definitely has issues tracking the IWB in attack.
  7. Inverted Wing Backs

    Yes, asymmetric. His roll is to come as a late runner behind the CM and help recycle. I'm looking for dribbing, anticipation, stamina, positioning, pace/accel I try to look for high work rate/team work for all players too, since I'm a lower league team and need to play over my talent.
  8. I played a lot with Atletico Bilbao, where you basically have to use youth since they have the Basque restriction. I would say your initial plan is solid. The key is game time. At Bilbao their B team can promote, so it helped having them in Tier 2 to bleed players before being ready to work into La Liga, but loaning players helps a lot if you pay attention to it. I'd usually keep them on my youth squad until they were 1) too good for it or 2) too old. I didn't look for loan fees really, but I always made sure to have 50% wages covered at least and make sure their facilities are good. It's possible you could loan them out to German Tier 2 or whatever for fees, though. Like I said I never needed to turn the extra money. Then always make sure they're a valuable first team member at the least and if they don't get game time, recall them. Game time is the key. It's the only way they'll really grow. I'd say I kept about 1/3 of the products and sold the rest. My squad wasn't too fluid though, since I couldn't really shop the transfer market much so I didn't have a lot of outgoings unless it was just too good to not sell.
  9. Inverted Wing Backs

    I'm in Serie B with Catania and running now STR - AF AMCL - T WMA CMS DW-S DLPD FBS CB CB IWB-S my IWB consistently has 7+ ratings with a few goals assists, and a lot of passes that lead to assists
  10. Inverted Wing Backs

    I'm using a CWB on the left and an IWB with a defensive winger on the right, and he operates more like a deep B2B for me. He recycles to the DLP and DW, but will also make late runs into the box. Theyre consistently highly rated and don't get exposed too much on defense. I'm currently retraining a B2B with good dribbling to play the role.
  11. So, while I'm waiting for FM18 etc. to roll around I decided to start a lower league save in Italy, playing with Catania. I actually enjoy playing negative football and usually try to get a catenaccio style save going and since I'm in Italy, I figured why not. I'm starting at the bottom so I can build my club DNA around it. I wanted to kind of resurrect the idea from here a few years ago, and surprisingly with some tweaks it still kinda works out just fine. So far, here is where I'm at: The highlighted circle is the IWB, who acts sort of like a late runner/recycle possession on the right side, which I'm looking to exploit. Overall it's working well. I qualified for the Serie C playoff, which was tough since Catania is kind of a junk squad and starts with a 9 point deduction. I play on defense/highly structured as to always keep my shape, with exploit right flank, direct passing, disciplined, and hold position. The biggest issue is figuring out some consistency up top. The Treq usually is great. He's my leading scorer with 23 goals, but I'm having trouble figuring out how I should approach the striker. I've gone between DF/DLF/TM/AF and nothing really seems to be consistent. I'm not really looking for scoring out of them, though contribution will be nice. Against 3-at-the-back I especially struggle. I've considered using a Treq as the striker with an SS or AM-A behind them as well, or maybe even full strikerless. I think I'll end up best bet long term with a TM-S, to hold up and dish to the runners, and with a T behind him it prevents the needless bombing forward. Any suggestions welcome.
  12. Looks like NUFC are buying him. Yay, IRL, but booo in FM.
  13. Osasuna shouldn't be an issue. It's mostly Real Sociedad. As for Merino, you kind of have to 1) Hope BVB doesn't ever play him and he's stuck on their U20 squad/2nd team 2) Unsettle him by constantly saying publicly you're interested. Usually I can end up getting him on loan in January, then I try to buy him or loan him with a purchase option for the next season.