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  1. I don't have the game in front. Have you fixed the scout assignment screen? @bossland
  2. Hi @bossland! There is a problem on the scout assignment page. In the default skin you can choose a player suitable for our tactics, while with your skin it does not appear. Why?
  3. Thank you. My doubt about the loan was linked to the fact that by offering a player individually one could still choose the price.
  4. I have a double problem: In the Italian version, in this section the written in English and apparently you can no longer set the price to request for the loan. It's normal?
  5. @bosslanda question: is it normal that every time I restart the game, I have to reset the dynamic background and the logo?
  6. Hello! I love your skin, and I just updated to v.1 There is a problem though ... now you do not see the background anymore edit: my mistake ... all solved!
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