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  1. hope for some big improvements ME wise, last one was a big downer for the game. those 1v1 situations were ridiculous and i had the feeling that because of this it was impossible to be successful with some teams and tactics. Had a safe with gladbach and it was not possible to win games as any 1on1 was missed. That was frustration. Besides that i really hope for some great new features. When we get infos? Should be soon?
  2. hope for an new build soon. we should get updates more frequently in the beta. hopefully there is something that makes the amc role work again.
  3. how is it possible to get an AMC performing well? I have Havertz but he is like useless. its really frustrating.
  4. second game now, saw 3 goals which ive never seen before and not one 1v1 situation. Feels worlds better at the moment!
  5. which is not the fair way for us players as we have to wait another 2 months till we get a potential better version of the ME. and at that state how it is we should not wait that long.
  6. my problem is that the transparency is there short time before the release but after that there is nearly nothing. And this is where the frustration begins as it feel like we dumb customers are already in so no reason to be transparent. This is why the big publishers get a lot of hate, but even them are changing there behavior somehow the last year. Also why not give us the chance to test small (or) biggr tweaks with beta builds. If next patch is coming with march we have to live with that again till the next fm, which everything starts again.
  7. right before the release it was possible to say for miles that the ME he is playing is a lot ahead of the me we played in the beta. One thing about that is that i cant see it like this, as this me is still pure garbage and no fun at all. But know you tell us you cant even give us a rough estimate if we have to wait till march or not, this is sad and feels bad for us. Easily it should be possible to give us a info every week, like "we made improvements in that or something like this"
  8. plea missed like 20 in the first ten games, the result was i got sacked and he had only 1 goal at the league. And that was only plea... im really sad how SI is handling this. i want info if i can touch the game for the next 2 months or not. And do not tell me they cant say anything about it. They know if they can release a patch soon or not. This behavior is just not fair to us who bought the game at the release. btw. at my other save bayern finished the league at position 6 and lewandowski only shot 14 goals. Immersion is totally gone with such things.
  9. yup, will wait for patch. very frustrating and i feel a bit of fooled from miles, he told us that the release me is a lot better then the beta one, i cant see that.
  10. hopefully not. ME is not really enjoyable with all those issues.
  11. you nailed it with your post. The main issue is that this ME doesnt look like real football, not even a bit and it just looks not fun to watch. My biggest issue with this that i think it was better directly after the release and it seems like they are not able to fix the biggest issue it has. I tryed like 10 different formations and every setting i could change but my team (gladbach) played the exactly same random style every game, with like 10 1on1 situations were my striker missing the goal and the opponent playing with 10 long balls over my defenders just watching how nicely the ball is flying over them.
  12. had so much fun with this fm at the beginning, but for now its just frustrating. started a new safe with gladbach and i can set what i want my defender just looking how the long balls are flying over them. Also my striker cant score, plea made only 1 goal in 15 games, missed like 30 or even more 1on1s. If i play with deep defense line same **** happen as i play with full offensive press, defenders are just doing nothing.
  13. overarchieving a goal but board is not happy anyway. This makes the game nearly unplayable.
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