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  1. searching for a 4-2-3-1 with extreme pressing and fast football for bayern. I want o play with 2 cm's and one SS (Müller) IF and Winger. my own tactic doesnt work.
  2. curious that i have no problem with my striker, i bought Fiete Arp 2 years ago with sevilla and he scores like a machine and he is still only 20 years old. Playing with 2 friends in Spain one with levante other one with atletico is really fun. Also the generall goals scored is very high at our save. The only thing is that every year 1 team is unbeatable. First year valencia was crazy, then barcelona won the first 20 matches and now its Real Betis killing everything. Its kind of frustrating as its nearly impossible to win the title. Will Post some screenshots when we play again.
  3. still trying to find a tactic with the main goal to have a great defense and then set fast counter attacks. I have a really good offensive tactic with hard pressing, but if i change to my counter tactic i always get in trouble.
  4. This looks really worse, hopefully they know what is going wrong.
  5. maybe its better to split those big update into some smaller ones? i dont know.
  6. Hey guys, im searching for a tactic with a defensiv approach, mainly to dont concern goals. Is there any good tactic out there without much pressing?
  7. game is broken in multiplayer now how long will it take to fix it? Any easy way to downgrade to the old version?
  8. So tomorow the feature will be active but its not possible to anounce it yet? hmm
  9. Its right. The game is still great, but i dont think that if we get better graphics the game lose everything else. There is no reason for it, those "deepnes" is in the game on a very good state, just the graphic engine is outdated as ****. Still loving the game tho. But dont get it why they dont focus on that point for one year.
  10. exactly this. graphic is that much outdated that it needs a big improvement. I mean its on the level of ~fifa 2001, which is 17 years old.. dont have to tell which big steps we saw in this years in terms of graphic. And i know, we will not get fifa graphic anytime on FM, but there is so much room to improvements as it just looks not good and not realistic. Its not the right way to say it have to work on all PCs, come on which buyers still play on a Pentium machine and surf with 56k modem nowadays? Thats just a cheap excuse.
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