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  1. overarchieving a goal but board is not happy anyway. This makes the game nearly unplayable.
  2. is it planned that we get a bigger update before release? new problems will arise then for sure, so we should get the chance to test that asap.
  3. besides the broken clubvision thing (you over archieve a goal and the club says you are far away from archieving your goals) the biggest issue for me is clearly the 1on1's. Still not saw only one 1on1 which resulted in a goal. If they got this things sorted out i think the game and the ME is really good. But especially the club vision thing kills every save, if they not fix this asap this will result in a lot frustration and demotivation.
  4. hopefully they bring a patch and fix the clubvision thing soon. At the moment it takes every motivation out of me to play the game.
  5. same for me, playing with frankfurt and my goal is to reach the euro league, at the end i got to position 3 and qualified for the champions league but anyway my boss is not happy while im "miles away to qualify for euro league"
  6. so after playing the first half of the season with frankfurt i have only one really big issue and thats are the 1vs1 situations. I think i saw like ~50-100 of them and not only one time a striker won these.
  7. For the "why" i have a simple answer. Every week earlier would help to make the game better on the release date. I know there are reasons why the beta is exactly coming at one date, but its pretty clear that it would be an advantage if the beta is coming earlier, when its already on the state that they aimed for.
  8. morale is so important in fm, if you get a losing series its really hard to come out of that, it hels to make a teamtalk then and when you win the next game you are back on track.
  9. to see the difference of the pitch between fm12 and fm20 is hard stuff. Why is that thing so far off now? It would do a lot for the immersion if it looks more realistic.
  10. i dont think beta next week. They are at alpha now and miles sounded not like its planned that the beta comes next week.
  11. its just 4 versions before the engine they are right now. He said the reason for this is that its a stable one, but we will see some bugs which are already fixed normally.
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