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  1. and be left with a not finished product anyway, after they tell us that some broken things will not be fixed. its kind of frustrating somehow. They should change those things. 2 week beta is way to late.
  2. trimmel and kruse has good ratings. at all i did not see a good chance after a corner - i think its just not working.
  3. what the hell is wrong with union berlin? i cant win a game and after 30 matches i did not see a good corner kick for my team. thats so annoying, especially i should have a team with decent heading.
  4. started a new save with hertha bsc berlin and my problem is that every player in my squad has 4 stars potential? and the CA is also not known? is this a bug or what i can do about it?
  5. hell the network game is completely broken. "waiting" after every match and cant watch match of friends. pls SI fix this ASAP
  6. what is this? my friends are still playing the game, but at every fm you can do what you want at that time it is not possible to watch friends matches?
  7. @Daveincid thank you! can you post those screenshots with higher resolution? I have problems to read it, even if i safe it and zoom it up.
  8. But wouldnt that exactly mean that the better team (CA and so on) would win every game with quick sim?
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