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  1. Looks beautiful! Wish I could help with the bug but I know nothing about skinning
  2. That's a bit disappointing but totally understandable. Great work with the skin
  3. Going to give this a test with Everton, partly because I don't want to use the new one with no strikers. I'll report back my results.
  4. Is anyone else seeing a high number of sendings off with this patch? I've had 3 in 3 matches (not all for me) and this was my latest round of games
  5. Using the bottom left one on my game. A top addition to the game. Well done FMReporter and Daz
  6. Looks like you have the same problem with Youtube quality as I do
  7. Hey there, I wasn't sure what section to put this in so feel free to move this if it's in the wrong place. Basically I have the Youtube feature in the game working, however the videos will only upload in 360p which is of course pretty much unwatchable. I was wondering if there was a way to get the game to upload in HD or whether I am stuck with this issue. Thanks, John W
  8. I managed to get my Youtube working by going into Youtube Settings - Advanced - Assign new email address and password under the 'Signing in to older apps' section. I then used that new user and pass to log in. I do however have the problem with quality of recordings
  9. I can't seem to get the Youtube feature to upload videos in HD. Could someone help please? Been trying to sort this for hours with no luck
  10. I'm looking at starting a save with Liverpool and would be willing to give it a test for you but like the above quote says, I'd rather not hand out my email address if I can help it
  11. http://forum.fm-view.net/topic/16340-dark-skin-for-fm14/ FMView has a really good one.
  12. By the lack of tweets and posts, I'm guessing it's dead
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