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  1. Although I don’t experience the ‘not getting youth players through the ranks’ others seem to (I guess that boils down to me totally accepting that getting the odd player who makes the first team is pretty normal nowadays) what I do find issue with is the sometimes ridiculous distribution of stats/physical attributes a number of players seem to have…. 5ft1(not 10 or 11, literally 1) fullbacks/defenders seem to be more and more common occurrences in my games… along with the dreaded 1 strength. Seeing it more and more as games progress, especially on my own youth set ups.
  2. I recently had Unai Nunez (Bilbao) play 37 league games in a season and end with a 98.8% passing completion rate. Make of that what you will.
  3. @guster73- Your save sounds incredibly similar to mine. Finished 2nd, 2nd, 3rd and 2nd. If I get 98 points then Real will just go get 105 or something stupid. They’re an unstoppable juggernaut in my save with Mbappe smashing in 30-40 goals a season without breaking a sweat… and even when he does they just bring on one of six world class forwards to replace him Starting to doubt I can ever realistically catch them!
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