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  1. Hey guys, To cut a long story short I'm returning to Football Manager after pretty much exactly a two year sabbatical from the game. Made the ill fated decision to play Fifa (exclusively FUT) with a group of friends one boozy night and despite having racked up thousands upon thousands of hours on FM I pretty much never touched the game after that. Thousands of pounds and two years later I've finally have enough of Fifa... the endless amount of BS in every single game took it's toll. Not to mention the money squandered. Actually kind of annoyed at myself about it all and I'm typically a person who has very little regrets in life! It's funny really. I used to be able to navigate FM in my sleep, knew every player inside out, devised regimented schedules for everyone, took Gateshead to the CL in FM 15.... the works. Loaded it up this morning and I feel like an absolute newbie to the game. Could barely even remember how to sort my subscriptions out (which is the first thing I always used to do starting a new game to avoid my inbox being clogged). Figure I'm going to start a save with one of the better known sides, though not necessarily giants, in the game and try to learn the ropes again. Leicester maybe? Or even A.C Milan, something like that. Just wondering if much has changed in the game in the two years that I've been away, or if there are any fun saves people recommend for a guy in my situation? Honestly never touching Fifa again. Never before have I known a game to be as corrupt as that one - the way it sucks the life (and money; as I said, literally thousands of pounds) out of people is quite astounding really. We live and we learn though
  2. 210cm, with two good feet? Blimey, Crouchy on steroids...
  3. I've had this problem before, especially with PSG (who would continually bid £41.5m for just about every member of my squad, non stop). To try and stop the hassle I just automatically set that all transfer bids were rejected, which pretty much meant that players would come to me asking for improved contracts... Before I knew it had 19 year olds with only a handful of appearances amongst them demanding 100k a week each... Yet if I were to go out and bid 200m (tested this a couple of times, more curious than anything) for one of their players, with ridiculous add ons such as £50m for first international goal, etc, it'd be rejected out of hand by the club... Is a somewhat flawed system I fear. Every faith that SI will out it right next year
  4. Seven's my record also, though do remember a stretch of about ten games in a recent save where I hit the woodwork no less than four times in each. Have moaned about this time and time again but seems very little can be done about it.
  5. I think it's all dependant on which club and their stature you're managing, really...
  6. Has anyone noticed a massive decrease in the number of injuries they're experiencing of late? I only ask because in the last four seasons I have not had a single player injured for any longer than three weeks and those types of injuries are coming along rather sparingly, apart from the odd youth team anomaly. Players are generally content with their schedules, something I put an awful lot of consideration to, and squad rotation is also very good but nevertheless... is seeming a little low... Bet I get a couple of broken legs in pre-season now
  7. Been away for two weeks in Dubai... Warm weather training, if you will... So glad I've come back to the same people arguing the same points... As though I never went away !
  8. Agree with a lot of your points - the implementation of tactics though, so far as I can see it (and maybe pressing aside, which could do with some improvement) are not the real problem. It's more the representation of them and what we're actually seeing when it comes to match day. Could have the most comprehensive, in depth, nuance based tactical options available but if we're not seeing them when it really matters, ie. match day, then really have to ask yourself 'what is the point'? I cannot, and I say this honestly, recall a single match I've watched where I've noticed a difference in tactical style... formation aside. Everyone seems to pass the same, be it Skrill Premier or La Liga, teams break the same, skill definitions are limited (by that I mean you can't tell a world class international from a hungover Sunday league pub player) and goalkeepers aside you really can't tell the difference between a 'good' or 'bad' player (sort of the same point, but I felt it worthy of double mention... on a bit of a rant now, apologies). It has to be such a fine balance, I certainly don't envy SI's job! Completely with you on the 'sliders' argument by the way...
  9. Haha... I have 'Tends to be calm, but frequently passionate' at the moment
  10. Yeah, it's sort of a funny one this issue. Has no affect upon the game itself and is purely cosmetic, but still... ... I'd also like a little more care to go into our own biographies. Perhaps highlighting an important game in which a last minute goal was scored (akin to how Alex Ferguson and the Mark Robins goal vs Forest way back when keeps being referenced as a pivotal moment in his career, despite his book saying otherwise), a transfer maneuver at some point which sparked things into life.. Something, anything rather than just 'Won this then, then and there' etc...'.
  11. Although it may not be important to many, for me this is one of the areas with scope for biggest improvement within the game. I shall elaborate... In my current saved game, and again I stress although not important, I currently have a guy called 'Oddmund Davik Otterlei' listed as someone who I 'get along with' so to speak, in the game expressed as 'best opinion'. I thought it strange at first, having never heard of the guy, so looked into him and he has absolutely nothing to do with either my club (he's in charge of Brattvag, a group of Norweigan part-timers whilst I'm in the Premier League), any former players, current staff members - never played each other nor had any transfer dealings... Absolutely nothing links us, not even a youth player (and I've researched this extensively) yet there he is... Supposedly one of the top five people in football I share a good relationship with. Just thought it was a bit odd... Secondly is the minor 'Interaction Style'. Have found that this can go from 'Rarely communicates directly to his players' to 'His door is always open to his players' in the blink of an eye. Speak to one or two players maybe once ever three months and instantly you're regarded as an extremely open manager. Another minor bugbear of mine is that transfer expenditure from previous managers and dealings you had absolutely nothing to do with shows up in your 'Money Spent/Made from players' statistic. For example, if you take over a club in financial trouble, or not, who had a previous manager that's paying millions upon millions in monthly installments for a player this expenditure shows up on your profile as the game advances rather than their own. It's extremely petty of me picking up on these things, I know, but I take an awful lot of pride in having as positive a managers profile as possible... Simply feel a little fine tuning in these areas would improve the whole experience.
  12. From experience I'd say they do, yes. Despite there appearing to be no scheduled fixtures, I think this is put down simply to the detail level rather than the club playing no games themselves. Players are getting matches, it's just that you can't look into these matches... If that makes sense!
  13. AVB getting sacked barely a year into a job is just in the laws of football... Way it should always be On a serious note though, I do think a little too much attention is given to league position (lets say one season, midway, you're 7th but three points off top and another season you're 2nd but 16 points off, a lot more consideration will be given to the 7th place without taking the whole picture into account)... Can imagine it's the sort of thing that's a nightmare to program but a little more overall intelligence when it comes to these matters would be a good thing.
  14. Couldn't agree more! My first instinct when looking at the screenshots were 'Wow, I wish I had the patience and dedication to go that far into a single save game.' Being a short tempered, forever disappointed and generally pessimistic Reading fan, I tend get to around 2030 and lose interest... at that stage, for me at least, becomes no more than a 'Click and Continue' style adventure - forever wanting new and more interesting challenges. Then I scrolled down the thread a little and see this guy is getting stick for his achievements. It's a sad, sad world we live in... Should celebrate accomplishment and longevity, not be bitter about it. Though I suppose that is the nature of football - no one likes a winner! Kudos to you, 'bhawk'.
  15. I've just been giggling watching Brad Friedel run the full length of the pitch on multiple occasions to collect a ball cleared from his area just after a free-kick has been awarded. Literally darts like an Olympic sprinter up the other end, collects ball whilst other players sit around no doubt tweeting about it, and legs it back. Great stamina for an old fella! On a serious note though, are quite a few goalkeeping issues this year. Have certainly improved since the last patch but still need some work done.
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