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  1. This will guide you to finding just the right set up https://community.sigames.com/forums/topic/535530-guide-how-to-set-up-an-optimal-database-for-a-balanced-savegame-and-ways-to-increase-realism-updated-03-may-21-links-updated/
  2. I’ll try and keep this as brief as possible considering the info I want to discuss.. Not long started a new wave with Monaco after fancying managing in a league I’ve not previously tried. Just coming in to January and on the face of it all is rosy in the garden.. two clear of PSG (drew 1-1 with them recently) at top of league after 16, couple key signings have settled in well, training and youth facilities are to be upgraded and of course at Monaco money isn’t going to be an issue. However, delve a little deeper and things just seem bizarre to me and not really something I’ve ex
  3. Came here to discuss my beloved Reading FC (Up The Royals!). Leaving disappointed
  4. Dabbled with Chippenham a week or so ago... that squad is bloody awful
  5. @Peljam- Barring the wide target man and your attention to detail opposition wise (which from tonight I think I’m going to adopt because man, the idea of kicking threats out of the game is right up my street ) out tactics are pretty much identical. As a matter of fact on closer inspection our TI’s and player roles (WTM aside) are exactly the same. Needless to say I’m a fan! Your wide target man idea is beautiful, though I can’t bring myself to use it. Would feel like cheating.
  6. @Wiggins Top Boys- Ollie Palmer is such a monster, couldn’t imagine my Wimbledon side without him
  7. Also been using a 4411, with a target man up top, winger on the left, attacking mid on the right and my CAM fulfilling all sorts of duties... works really well. Variety in attacks and goals scored is really pleasing to watch, Common mistake with single striker formations, and I’ve been guilty of it in the past, is not setting up the support around them properly. That and focusing most on pace and getting in behind rather than the physicality required to hold the ball up and give players in support the time needed to contribute effectively in the final third.
  8. Hi guys... great to see some challenges still going strong (and some not so much ). Been lurking in the shadows last few days following everything. After a long week of work and one failed attempt I’m ready to go at it again, though may stick to more familiar surroundings with England. With the advanced database and loading players from unplayable leagues what is everyone’s general set up for English saves? Unsure which divisions to load.
  9. Annnnnddddd sacked, first season in my fist attempt Trying to pinpoint what exactly went wrong with Bitonto.. after a promising start everything just fell apart, picked up a few injuries (I already had only two very poor fullbacks and absolutely no natural wingers) confidence was low and just remained that way - no matter what I said to the players it was received badly, no manner of team talk could motivate them... set expectations high they’d get demotivated, take the pressure off they simply wouldn’t bother. Every team meeting was an utter calamity and did more harm than good!
  10. After my solid start now lost 7 of last 8, drawing one, dropped in to relegation zone, alienated my entire team by giving them the water bottle treatment (did slam a can of Diet Pepsi at home so seemed fitting), board won’t give me a kitkat let alone start me on training courses, star CB is still out injured, strikers couldn’t hit a cows arse with a banjo, everyone’s either a teenager with 5 determination and concentration or nearing retirement with 5 pace and acceleration. I have no natural fullbacks, no natural wingers, no pace... You love to see it.
  11. Should live stream and play the match in its entirety
  12. Had such a solid start with Bitonto - knocked out at 3rd round of cup qualification by Serie A Cagliari (admirable 0-2 loss) having beaten a Serie B side along the way and have 7 points from opening 3 games after a last minute Sirri (CB) tap following some fortunate free-kick bounce found him unmarked far post against Monopoli (predicted to finish 7th). Also beaten Ternarna who sit top 6. Riccardo Lattanzio has 4 in 3... early doors I know but signs are good. All a bit surprising considering i don’t think I’ve played more than 8 mins with the same tactic in place Honestly, I’m changing
  13. Pretty much how I wing it on a game to game to game basis
  14. Finally settle on my 352 set up which after a few games of tweaking shows very promising signs, totally ditch 41212, and within 30 minutes of next game star CB goes off with a hip injury and is ruled out for 5-6 months. Left with only two natural first team CB’sa after another one was ruled out for six weeks after a training injury. Didn’t see that coming.
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