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  1. ypresfr, I didn't get a quadruple. The league cup and FA cup wins were in the 7th season. The EPL and EEC came in the eight season. So I am still chasing my quadruple.
  2. 2014 League cup win 2014 FA cup win 2015 EEC win
  3. Well in 2015 (8th season) I have finally won the EPL and the ECC. In the ECC final we beat Inter Milan 3-0 with a Mazzola hattrick. Mazzola truely becomes amazing if you manage his games properly and develop him at a steady pace.
  4. By 2013 (7th season) Mazzola has overtaken Ganea for the top striker position on my squad. He was actually chosen over Ganea in the 6th season by my Ass Man but I stuck with Ganea. So Mazzola is a definate purchase (20k)
  5. ypresfr I used Dexta's tactic for a season in BSP to see if it worked there. I think its not effective for BSP for some reason. I barely won the league (won by goal differential) despite having better players than all other teams, won the setana shield but lost the FA trophy final 1-0. I am thinking its because I didn't tweak it and its not attacking enough at home, so the opposition will just sit back and gladly take their draw.
  6. PoopyPants, Also, if you are lucky you can get Cordos for 10K plus 50% sellon but I have only been successful at buying him once in the first season. Another class CB is Sashi Chalwe (you can get Chalwe for 4k as you approach December). In December you should sign Kabamba Musasa for free for your next season. Also sign Lucas Vivian for 28k for next season. (He is a class DM and AM). You should also start prepping to sign three highly recomended Romanians for season 2. Ganea, Sburlea and Ionescu. Praise them every month until you are on their favored personal list. That makes signing them that much easier. Ganea is especially tricky to sign.
  7. PoopyPants, Load up all Brazilian, Argentinian, Colombian, French, Polish and Scandanavian players. GK: Forecast (on loan) is all you need. Sell Turley for free (he will eat up 800 a week otherwise) Use one of your youngsters as backup. DR: David Duquesnoy (Free) James Clarke backup DL: Ludovic Mary (Free) James Clarke backup DC: Esmir Sabic, Mathieu Vasseur, Jean-Christophe Maras (all for free) MR: Salomonsson, Jakub Kawa as backup (both free), Kawa can also play as striker and he bangs the goals in at League 2 even though his stats aren't that good. ML: Alexandre Frutos (Free, you can sell him for 200-250K when you get promoted) Robin Nylen (Free) as backup MC: Soley, Charles Devineau, Mikel Larrumbide and Boubacar Balde (All for free). Balde develops well and is still class at League 2. FC: Loan Ebanks-blake and Michael Coulsen. Those two will rip up BSP. Also sign Magnus Svensson (Free) as backup midfielder and backup RB. Sell all your original team except Clarke and Rose.
  8. My fourth save. In each save I used/am using different tactics. My first save I played 4 seasons. Got promoted every season except the 4th season when I lost in the Championship playoff final game to Nottingham Forrest on penalties. I concluded it was because I didn't have Ganea so I set out on my path to aquire him in subsequent saves. My second save I played 3+ seasons. Again, got promoted every season. In my 4th season things fell apart because the tactic I was using conceded 4 goals per game. Again, I failed to get Ganea in this save. My third save I played 1+ season. Managed to finally get Ganea. For some reason I just decided to start my 4th Oxford save right after I got Ganea to test out new, more awesome and dominating tactics.
  9. Yeah I am all for experimenting with new tactics. I just started my fourth Oxford game
  10. What amazing tactics are you guys using now? 29 points clear?
  11. I finally signed Ganea. Offered him 3.3k per week (highest possible), 50k sign on fee, 650 app fee, 650 goal score fee 25% yearly increase and a relegation release clause. He is now being paid 3 times as much as my next high pay player (Musasa). I did offer him a new contract immediately after he signed and got him to accept 5% yearly increase instead
  12. LOL, so how come everyone else can sign Ganea but I can't. What am I doing wrong.
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