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  1. I play in Argentina and although the results have toned down slightly, Banfield has a serious issue with goals for and against and has done through every patch. It's probably just a little anomaly that slips through coding or is too hard to find its root cause. I have the odd massive score 9-0 being my record and I see lots of 4-4 draws in the APD.
  2. You, my friend, have just illuminated me in regard to my biggest gripe with the ME and it's representation, the massive amount of sliding tackles has always annoyed me, and now I know why they happen. Thank you.
  3. I was Boca away to Lanus. Decided that I am just going to put FM down for a while, it's probably my tactical set up but as I say it was working fine before so this result came out of the blue so to speak. Obvioulsy people will cite real world examples of one off results and thats fine just knocks my enjoyment a little.
  4. I tell you what FM15 doesn't half make you think you know absolutley nothing about football. I just got turned over 8-0. EIGHT. 2 freekicks the rest crosses. nothing I could do would stem the flow, and to top it off my highest palyer rating was 6.2 and they had 6 players get above 9 the highest being 9.9, that is like Brazil 70 level godliness. I can honestly say in all my time playing FM i have never been so baffled by a game it was like watching the greatest team ever play against a visually impaired 7 a-side team. It wouldn't bother me but i did well pre-season, one defeat which was 2 heade
  5. I think the things I would really like to see in future updates/ iterations, is a toning down on the frequency which players use a sliding tackle, especially in the box it borders the mad sometimes. I imagine it is down to the fact that jockying players in posession (especially wingers) hasn't quite been perfected yet so the players get in a position to cross to easily and sliding in is the logical answer. I think it has been said already but players taking set pieces then meandering after the ball as the very image of lathergy, it's not a massive issue but it does have an adverse effect on th
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