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  1. I wonder what the average wage a 21 year old English player earns is compared to their German, Spanish and Italian counterparts.
  2. A very interseting article has popped upo on F365: http://www.football365.com/news/are-england-too-thick-to-win-anything Tl;Dr - English footballers are to thick to win anything, and the lack of basic inelligence hinders English footballers. The source of the article is anecdotal, maybe some merit in the overall point however and is something that plays a significant factor in the failings of English footballers.
  3. Coaching seems to be a big issue, am I right in thinking that to get your badges in this country is significantly more expensive than the other countries on the continent? Surley this FA, by far the most wealthy, can set aside a pot of money to subsidise costs for people wnating to take their badges. It appears only ex-pros or the wealthy can realistically get to the top of the coaching qualification ladder. I think overall the FA doesn't really want to change anything, the Premier League certainly doesn't financially it is going from strength to strength so why do anything to change that? The FA will make empty promises and tell us they have an idea or a plan and that it will get better but it won't. It's run by business men only concerend witht eh balance sheet at the end of the year. It seems logical to me that a real change and investment in coaching would yield a more self reliant league system that was able to produce it's own players as well as being able to bring in the best talents from abroad.
  4. With the inevitable demise of England in yet another tournament I have been, in a n almost sadomasochistic ritual, been sifting through the various opinions on why, yet again, England have failed in the face of pressure. Some of the common arguments are: Players aren't good enough - Well I think some are certainly overrated, but they are good players and some have potential to be better, and the players are surely, in terms of technical prowess, on the level of Wales and Iceland. I think we in England are guilty of over estimating them but they are in no way bad players. Too much too soon - The young players have become so rich and famous that their focus has deserted them and they don't really care about the national side, only the side they collect their pay cheque from. Maybe there is some merit in this, but aren't the other major nations players faced with the same wealth and fame? I think this aspect may form part of the problem but in my opinion not a big part. Lack of a plan and/ or identity - Alan Shearer has relentlessly been pushing this idea recently and for all Shearers faults it is this reason I think has the most traction. I could tell you how Italy, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, Argentina, Brazil (to a certain extent) play and what their football identity is. Wales have shown a clear method of playing and shape which all the players bu into and are well drilled in and it is working very well, Iceland are similar they have produced a system and identity which the players are fully on board with and understand and again they have found success. So what is the English way? Let's run a scenario as (I presume) we are all FM players and have some understanding of tactics and systems, albeit perhaps a basic grasp, if you were given the reigns to create England's football identity what do you think that identity would be?
  5. The Danny Baker Twitter account was a great recommendation, it's absolute gold.
  6. I've grown a bit disinterested in this FM, so decided to rekindle my efforts by attempting a totally different league and team. I ended up going for the New Engand Revolution and I have to say I really enjoyed it, managed to win in my first season using an asymetric formation (which is my first dabble at such a formation) and in general I was very happy with my sides performance. Only problem I have is I have no clue how the league really works haha. I've qualified for the NA Champions League but I'm yet to try it out. MLS is general is a fairly good league, especially for experimenting with tactics and the like.
  7. Well I had 10 shots managing 6 CCC and 4x hitting the woodwork, the team I faced had 20 shots, 5 CCC and 4x hitting the woodwork. I won the game and thi save is proving succesful, it's just I thought this may be a rare occurance that may not come up in testing so thought it may be worth bringing up as it seemed a peculiar game from a ME perspective.
  8. Would there be an amount of times the woodwork is struck in a game that would indicate an issue worth looking at in the ME? I've just had a game with where both sides struck the woodwork 4 times each, 8 in a game seems a little excessive, the game also brought about 11 CCC for both sides combined. Don't get me wrong the game was fun to watch but seemed a little off in terms of CCC and shots hitting the woodwork.
  9. So after a few seasons with the game spent over various saves I think this is the first version which I haven't enjoyed as much as its predecessor. I find FM16 a lot more difficult to get my head around, I primarily which extended highlights but for the last season of my current save have taken to watching comprehensive highlights in an attempt to see what's what. Lots of other poster have remarked about the nature of crossing or 'perfect cross' to the back post always resulting in a goal, for me it isn't the crossing that's the issue, it's the lack of defensive engagement. Time and time again my defenders will jockey the opposing player down the wing, never holding him up or nipping at his heels (now he may very well be doing this, but if the animations can't show me it's happening, how am I meant to know?) too often I see my defenders simply jog alongside without actively trying to knick the ball, resulting in players getting into a great position for crossing, or at the very least winning a corner. Fullbacks/ wingbacks are my main concern, and not because they get high ratings or are usually in and around the top of the assist chart come the end of the season (depending on how you play of course) but mainly because they see far too much of the ball. My fullbacks are my primary source of width in a narrow 4-4-2 diamond, they are both an attacking threat and a possession retention tool by being an available out ball to team mates. The issue I'm seeing is that my other players always look to move out wide with the ball, irrespective of whether or not a central ball is available. WB's will often play cross field balls back and forth to one another when a central option is on, albeit a more risky pass (however the players on the ball are asked to play more risky passes). It is proving a real test to try and find a way of getting quick, incisive central passes to midfield runners happening with any form of regularity. As an aside I'd like to ask a question, if I reproduce my FM15 tactics as close as possible in FM16, with what degree of similarity should I expect them to play out? Should they play similar on the whole with subtle differences or vastly different? Last thing, I get a lot of offside's, which is fine that's football, some are very peculiar though i.e: The player in yellow to the far right is given offside in this instance, obviously I know people will say linesmen make mistakes, happens in real life, did you see the John Terry's goal etc, simply saying this is an odd one.
  10. Does anyone find that if they are doing better than they really should be, or better than is realistically possible, with the club they are managing that some of the fun of FM decreases just a little? I'm managing Wolves and I'm in my second season (my first in the EPL) and find the team performing far better than I could expect. It's not down to any tactical nouse or anything, if I'm honest I think I've just stumbled across something that seems to work for my side totally by accident, but I kind of feel/ want them to be struggling a bit more so it resembles the real world a little better. Is that an odd complaint to make? Complaint isn't really the right word. I'm very much enjoying the game as a whole, and apart from some little quirks, haven't really had any issue with the game thus far.
  11. Man that's a shame. I tend to find that a shorter passing, possession based game works best.
  12. 4-4-2 diamonds can be made and be successful, I've used the same tactic for three iterations of FM now and it has done the job very well. The trick is widening the diamond in possession and keeping it compact when you don't have the ball. Fullback postition will always be the weakness defensivley, but going the other way they will probably be your best outlet. BBM imo don't work in a narrow midfield especially if you have marauding WB's you'll just end up with a massive gap. Your CM's need to be more generalised, I use CMs/CMa combo with personal instructins and it works a treat. The HB is vital as he widens a the defence and helps combat being picked off in behind a WB on the break. Other tips i've sort of happened upon with a narrow diamond is having an Enganche at the tip as he offers a focal point that attacks can go through, a DLFs and a AFa combo with both men moving into channels also helps create width, and potential overloads in wide areas.
  13. Name: Andres Cubas Position: DMC/CM Age: 18 Club: Boca Value: 1.3mil Sale Value: DOn't know. I've truned down 6mil from PSG and Real Work Permit Needed: Yes Name: Rodrigo Betancur Position: MCR/ AMC Age: 17 Club: Boca Value: 900k Sale Value: Don't know. Work Permit Needed: Yes
  14. It was the hardest formation for me to make work, but having used it for the last to installments I think it might be my favourite. It's tricky to set up mind..
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