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  1. Found that the report is at Scouting-->Assignments-->Players and click at the "sct" button in-front of the player name. Or go at player--> Report. Also it is available after 1 day of scout!!! So a report card would be much easier than this.
  2. Bring back the "Report card only" option on scouting player. It gives us a clue about availability of a player and contract demands. And fast (1-2 days)
  3. In real world a team scout/manager calls another team if the player is available (and in what cost) and then they call the player manager asking about a potential contract price etc. I think a report card would fit in this scenario and in short time (1-2 days)
  4. I dont think it was unreallistic. Its like calling a team and asking if a player is available and in what price.Couple days work.
  5. "Report card only" option on scouting player was fast and useful. One or two days and you had a view of how much money will cost a player transfer or if he wants to come to your team. And please send the reports to personal message not at scouting tab. Thanks
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