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  1. I’m just starting my first FM save in probably about 2 and a half years. Anything new I should know? I’m trying to recreate this 433 formation with 3 shadow strikers that I did on FM16 I think, and I just had the best time with it. The football was such fun to watch and so different to any other formation I've ever used on an FM. Absolute chaos, but I was just getting so many runners in behind and absolutely battering some of the best teams. Can you eventually convince Wijnaldum to sign a new deal over the course of the season, or am I best off selling now? Think I'm going to sell
  2. Initial observations, apologies if any have already been flagged: Home page widgets keep changing by themselves. I like to have 'League Table' 'Player Stats' and 'Team Stats' on show, but they have a mind of their own and change seemingly any time I progress. Getting to the U23/U18 training page where you can edit which coaches are in charge of what to ensure you're training with the highest stars possible seems overly-tedious now, unless I'm missing something. Just having the youth teams under their own category is a minor pain when wanting to quickly check something.
  3. Cheers for the help mate, this site seems to be the only one with this model with 16GB RAM, but looking around it still seems to be a fair price so I think I'm going to take the plunge. https://www.saveonlaptops.co.uk/FX504GD-E4127-ASUS-TUF-Gaming-FX504GD-E4127_2571126.html
  4. Last question from me: Is going from buying an 8GB RAM laptop to a 16GB one worth an extra £50-70? Considering I'd have no clue what I would be doing if I tried to upgrade it myself, so wouldn't be against overpaying slightly just for convenience's sake. I don't think I massively stretch my laptop to its limits, but just in terms of future-proofing would it be worth considering? Thanks.
  5. Has anyone actually bought/had experience with this laptop https://www.saveonlaptops.co.uk/FX504GD-E41275T-ASUS-TUF-FX504GD-E41275T_2458989.html ? Smurf has recommended it a lot and it seems to have good specs at a fair price, but the closest model I can find to it on Amazon is getting negative reviews saying it quickly gets caught in recovery mode loops or has other issues. I can't say I know how different a FX504GD-E41275T (the one Smurf has recommended) would be to a FX504GD-E4603T (the one I'm looking at on Amazon), so don't know if it might just be a fault in that particular model.
  6. https://www.scan.co.uk/products/156-asus-tuf-gaming-fx504gd-e41275t-fhd-ips-60hz-i5-8300h-8gb-ddr4-256gb-nvme-gtx-1050-2gb-win10 https://www.laptopsdirect.co.uk/asus-fx504gd-e41275t-core-i5-8300h-8gb-256gb-ssd-15.6-inch-nvidia-geforce-g-fx504gd-e41275t/version.asp Are either, or both, of these two exactly the same as the one on Save on Laptops? (https://www.saveonlaptops.co.uk/FX504GD-E41275T-ASUS-TUF-FX504GD-E41275T_2458989.html) Seems it to me, but I'd hate to overlook something. I just seemingly managed to find it a bit cheaper, is all.
  7. I don't tend to play more than five seasons, with maybe 10-15 leagues. Am quite tempted to just for for the £600 one just to give myself a fuller FM experience for once - would that handle a large database and a few more leagues quite easily? And, sorry if it's a daft question, but I presume the fact that it's a designated gaming laptop doesn't take anything away from its web browsing/streaming/word processing capacities? Thanks.
  8. Hi, I see that you've recommended this one a lot: https://www.saveonlaptops.co.uk/FX504GD-E41275T-ASUS-TUF-FX504GD-E41275T_2458989.html It's a bit more than I was hoping to spend but I could stretch to it if necessary. Is it substantially better than anything I could get for about £400-500? I'd mainly just be using it for web browsing, Netflix/Amazon Instant Video, word processing, and obviously FM. I don't really game on PCs other than FM, so would this machine be a bit overkill? As an aside (apologies if this is too off-topic, just thought I'd throw it out there in case anyone can
  9. Can't say I'm a huge fan of the new tactic screen. Don't know what having to expand/reduce the formation part achieves when pretty much all of the information shown fitted on to one screen in FM17. Also, hovering over the 'i' button of players/staff really seems to be an issue. Sometimes not showing any stats/attributes at all, and it no longer shows a player's star rating which was handy to get a quick idea of their quality.
  10. How do you edit your manager's appearance? I just skimmed through it at first wanting to get to the main game, but now I want to see what I'd look like with my photo on there. Somehow I'm not finding the option anywhere though. I don't even mean just within a saved game, but from the main menu I still can't find the option. I'm sure it's somewhere, but I've looked for ages and it's got to the point where it would just be quicker to ask!
  11. Sorry if mentioned - the old problem is back with the columns in the tactics screen. I've edited 'selection info' to include a few more things like assists, age, etc but they keep getting cut off.
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