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  1. Right, my bad I didnt saw the date of your answear. But that dont give you the right to answear me like that, you are a employee of a game that I payed for, so have a little of respect. But since you started giving me advices why didnt you talk about Tiago Tomás (2 posts talking about that, you ignored), Gonçalo Inácio passing vs Neto, and about Pedro Gonçalves?
  2. Worse than the PA of TT, is Neto having 13 passing, and Gonçalo Inácio 10.... is kind of a joke . Other think that I notice is the position of Pedro Gonçalves, the man passed the entire season playing at the right and he still not natural in this update. Sporting have 100% of Matheus Nunes, the user said that they closed the update 4 days ago, and at that time Matheus was 100% lion, so another mistake. It is oficial 6 days ago. My english is not perfect but I think that you guys will understand, take a look at the things that I said please, we pay for that.
  3. Yes i can´t play until it gets really fixed, for example at super cup match 15 minutes and... a penalty, this is not normal at all, and i just did the pre-season and this oficial match.
  4. 4 of the games that i did and all of them had 1 or 2 penaltys.
  5. Leicester - Sporting CP.pkm Sporting CP - Man City.pkm Sporting CP - Sporting CP Sub-23s.pkm Sporting CP - Vit. Setúbal.pkm
  6. I buyed the game 2 hours ago, i did 5 friendly matchs and every single game the match have 1 or 2 penaltys, this is anyoing as hell, that can´t be real. For example i´m at my 6 game and guess what? a penalty comes, fix this guys, i know that you guys did a hotfix but it doesnt fix anything.
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