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  1. Has anyone ever got to 2020ish with Liverpool and just had no money to spend at all despite consistent champions league football & trophies (europa league 1x, fa cup 2x, league cup 3x, PL 1x)? Granted I've only won the league once from 2015 to 2023 but I've been in the CL near enough every year. I've posted profits of 30-40mil every year since 2018 (the year the title was won) but the biggest transfer budget I've had since then was 10mil. I've not had a positive transfer net spend since 2017 and I'm in 2023 now. While it has made the game somewhat more enjoyable as it's actually extremely challenging to challenge for trophies with such a tight board, i'm wondering if this is a bug at all? My squad is at the stage where the improvements I need to make to take it to the next level (champions league titles & domestic dominance) would cost way beyond my allowed means and a lot of my best players are getting itchy feet. #FSGOUT ahahaha
  2. I've tried the steps took above but still have the problem, any ideas?
  3. My background is forced to the same thing no matter what skin I try, for example here is the Alavanja 15 madness dark skin as it appears on my game. How do I fix this? It makes things incredibly ugly. http://i.imgur.com/dITzUDi.png
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