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  1. I have tried both wide and narrow as an only instruction in the tactic, players behave totally same, so I couldn't agree it's because of my tactics or any "conflicting" instructions. I had a 5 game streak without conceding, it is not about the number of the goals, but about moronic behaviour of my players.
  2. Anyone experiencing defence problems since 14.3? I can't see the difference between wide and narrow play, through balls always come between the defenders. Also, CD-s tend to close down more, although I didn't touch individual closing down, and general pressing is set to Stand off more. Deep, stand off - I expect to concede goals from distance or deep crosses on tall players, not some rubbish Ukrainian 2nd division side to play through my defence like Bayern. So, no chance of 14.3.1?
  3. So, ME is not the same for the player and AI after all. Fantastic.
  4. Half a season, my free kick taker has scored 6 goals from DFKs. I have also conceded 5. All of the players who scored, including my FK taker are not that good. As for the through balls, it is not about goals, but simple logic. CCCs are made like that, and then easily missed. I'm not losing, I'm actually performing better than I ever expected on this game, but it is disgusting to see my team playing.
  5. Deep narrow defence always (succesfully) attacked with passes through the middle - perfect. Bravo, SI. Way to go!
  6. I couldn't agree more. Previous versions (without that "lag") were way better.
  7. If i recall well, they said it is not a lag, but a "more realistic conversation". I'm also frustrated with that. Among other things.
  8. Since all of those bugs have already been brought up, we expect solution, don't we? These are known bugs for quite a long time. Again, it is our right to complain, since we paid for the game that doesn't give us satisfaction in return.
  9. It must be your tactics. It's rubbish. Please report to Tactics forum.
  10. How about Arbeloa FB-S? He didn't look like a wing back to me, his forward runs ended somewhere around the centre of the pitch, his movement was definitely different from Alba's. Speaking of Busquets, isn't there a "bug" with HB making central defenders behave badly? Team instructions tend to be bigger issue, I'm not sure about mentality, maybe even fluidity. Counter mentality would pull the whole team back, making them build their play slowly from defence, while Control has to be considered, given the description it has in the game. Also, hassle opponents, yes or no? And why I have a feeling that hassle would create mess with the defenders, because their pressing leaves too much space that the Spanish never left. Maybe their pressing could be replicated only through opposition instructions? Inside forwards like this? Or "normal" ones?
  11. As for the shape, I have to disagree. Xabi was closer to Busqets' than Xavi's position, his role was to connect the defensive and offensive part of the team. http://www.zonalmarking.net/2012/07/02/spain-4-0-italy-euro-2012-tactics/ They didn't quite play strikerless, Fabregas was actually playing as a false nine, his primary position was upfront, but he was going back, creating space for others to jump in. Alba could be a CWB. As for more disciplined, could do. Generally, creativity was already high because of two (four) playmakers. Any advice on mentality?
  12. Not sure I completely understand :/ Busquets as a HB is an option, also. Ins fw with instructions from above, or default ins fw?
  13. Trying to make the tactic Spain used on the European championship, I have a few dilemmas. First one is Mentality. Counter, Control, Standard? Then, pressing. They pressed a lot, but last year's hassle could ruin their shape totally, which didn't happen during games. Last one would be the "wingers". They could be playmakers, since it suits their characteristics best, but since this FM doesn't allow selection of pref. playmaker, that role may be too much. I was thinking something like this: Any opinions?
  14. For the money I paid, I certanly didn't expect to play the game for only 76 hours including beta. It gives me no pleasure at all, and I would like to see at least a little effort to satisfy the customers, since there are so many known bugs. It's not like there HAS to be only one more ME update until FM15. I'm definitely not buying FM15, not after this year's fiasco.
  15. Is the patch to be expected after Russian transfer window or "normal" one? Mid february or march?
  16. Bigger problem are the constantly underperforming opponents (AI guided teams), especially in Italian Serie A (eg. Fiorentina, Roma). Not everyone is winning every possible trophy with Wigan, Augsburg, or Sassuolo, it's just a few cases.
  17. Possibly a PPM issue, but, like Shoots from distance, this PPM also needs to be toned down. It has been this way for several years now, since PPMs were introduced. You cannot train him if you don't have him on your team. It's opponent's chances from throw-ins that I'm talking about. My team's throw-ins are always set to short and I have no problems with them.
  18. Unfortunately, I don't have any, since i deleted all of my save games. From what I've seen, there are too many attempts of long throws, even if we neglect their accuracy, eg. Juventus (Chiellini) almost always does a short throw-in, because they want to keep the ball, while in FM Chiellini throws it in the box from 30 metre distance. It's not the number of goals that bothers me (except on 14.1.4, when it was terrible, but looks better now), but the unrealistic number of long throw-ins by players who have that particular PPM.
  19. Could you please fix long throw-ins? It's like most of the teams have Rory Delap, long flat bullet throw is definitely something that bothers me for several years now. Chiellini, Azpilicueta and simillar players tend to create great goalscoring chances from every throw-in, while in reality, most of the throw-ins are short/quick, not long.
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