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  1. Ronaldo scoring 15-20 goals per season is as unrealistic as an average FM12 talent scoring 100. Even more unrealistic, since it is empiricaly proved that he scores twice as many. Managed by AI, so it's not my tactics, or anything. Game is just not as good as you claim it to be. Also, new tactic system gives us far less control than previous. It is a bit more realistic, but supstituting 20 modes of width, def. line, or passing with 3-5? No, it is not progress, it is downgrade.
  2. Which frequency is your RAM? Another question - how important is GPU for FM? Or, maybe better question would be - which card would you recommend me if I only play FM, not other (more challenging) games?
  3. Some of us don't quite enjoy watching woodwork and moronic defenders and strikers all the time. And, of course, high scoring games in leagues with no such tendencies. This is happening since CM, it's not something new. Scotland, Nigeria and similar nations winning WC. And then someone says "this is the game, it is not supposed to be realistic". Yeah, right. It could have been developed for a few more years before being introduced at all. Every FM had its flaws, but not this amount after last patch. As for tactics - they do need huge improvement. Pressing is the key element of modern football and it cannot be replicated in what you claim to be "realistic football simulation".
  4. I managed to replicate Dortmund-like pressing in FM13 using OI, this year it looks a bit soft.
  5. Have you actually seen good pressing from your offensive players in this FM? In FM13 it could be archieved with OI, this year, they simply close down when they want it. Barcelona - impossible, Dortmund or Liverpool - highly unprobable.
  6. Last year's tactic creator was way better. Sliders gave us more control. Although this one is "more realistic", it is too inaccurate.
  7. While the number of the goals and game scores are completely normal, logical and realistic, the way that has been archieved is not good at all. Defenders behaving like idiots, producing tons of chances would result in unrealistic scores, like before the patch, so, instead of fixing the defensive issues, the game creators made attackers even more idiotic than defenders, so that they don't make use of (too) many chances. It makes the game even worse, even though results and tables don't show it. I find it quite difficult to believe that Suarez would miss the goal 3 times from 5m distance in the same match.
  8. There are no bugs, the game is perfect. It's my tactics, so this is just feedback.
  9. Red line shows the way of the ball. Goalkeeper reaction is phenomenal. It's not like he is a lower league goalkeeper, or some random ******, he is 3rd choice in the national team. Rediculous. http://speedy.sh/bWkWM/Juventus-v-Lazio-Marchetti.pkm Here is the pkm.
  10. Same pattern, central defender smashes the cross into his own net. Some would say it's my tactics, but San Jose scored exactly the same own goal. I guess, it's still my tactics. Good game, keep up the good work.
  11. ME, yes, but other add-ons, no. As a football parallel - it would be sacrificing one season for next few more succesfull ones.
  12. Or maybe a way to fix mistakes and create really succesfull product as soon as october. Commercially, much better option, more satisfied customers would probably be more willing to buy next season's version.
  13. Why wait until FM15? Why don't you use this year's version as something like "long beta" for FM15? Continue fixing the bugs in the forthcoming months until you've got a decent ME, and then use it on FM15. It's not nuclear physics.
  14. Basically, 4-2-3-1 with quick transition, Jurgen Klopp style tactic. Anyone interested in testing? I would like to see other people's results and comments on this tactic. Thanks in advance.
  15. Passing, creativity and flair <10 is not an intelligent player. Not in any parallel universe. But, ok. I'm done with this, I Just hope some real competition appears, because FM is worse every year.
  16. If the opposing team had Xavi or Iniesta, through balls could be acceptable. Quality gap or something. But I experience those situations against average Ukrainian 2nd division teams in the cup. They couln't possibly have that intelligent playmakers. They play flat 442, they are poor, and they do not score goals from CCCs that they create in that way. Playing as Shakhtar, those things shouldn't happen, even if I let the players go without any instruction. It is just not natural. So, instead of just fixing the amount of goals in the game, perhaps the game developers could just try to fix the real problem - not just the effect on the scoreline. I understand that you have to defend the game, but what I am seeing during matches (and I have seen some AI vs. AI matches) is not football. It's a waste of money and nerves.
  17. I don't use stoppers, I use stand off, counter, deep, and they do not have any pref. moves. So, basically, they shouldn't press, unles they are set to Close down more, which they are not.
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