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  1. Individual creativity, target man supply, some individual instructions unlocked (movement, for example).
  2. I would definitely like to see tactical option that would allow us to define the distance between the lines, without affecting creativity. So, basically, the distance between defenders and midfielders, or defenders and forwards. Arrigo Sacchi always wanted his team to behave as a compact unit, where the distance between defenders and strikers wouldn't exceed 25m. Basically, fluidity changes both creativity and space between the lines, so, I think it should be separated. And many more tactical instructions, so we could have more control over tactics, like in previous versions (other than FM14, which I consider to be quite unsatisfying).
  3. It doesn't relate to passes, but general build-up. That's how it has been in previous versions. Slow tempo increases lateral passes, while quick encourages sending the ball forward. Slow+Short passing = Barcelona, Quick+Short passing = Dortmund.
  4. No, tempo should be the quickness of sending the ball forward. Barcelona can not possibly play high tempo. They are the definition of low tempo.
  5. This. I've complained a lot about this, but apart from "it's your tactics" posts, I've come to a conclusion that moronic striker behaviour is the compensation for poor defensive movement (by both player and AI), otherwise, we would have 4:5, 2:6 and similar results all the time. On the other hand, my strikers were top scorers in Italy and England, but their performances (or conversion rates, to be precise) were very, very poor compared to the number of really great chances that the team had created for them. So, basically, you have two solutions - accept this and continue playing the game even if it frustrates you, or (like me), go back to any previous version, since ME was far better. Had flaws, but not this many. Cheers.
  6. I guess I need opinions, possible suggestions, mistakes etc. No PI were touched, although I plan on letting El Shaarawy cut inside, and allow Taarabt more risky passes.
  7. This. I haven't seen a high PA player who failed in FM, unless they suffer consecutive severe injuries. Performance is underrated when it comes to transfers, transfer system needs improvements. But, also, ME has to be better. Way better. It is a bigger problem than all others.
  8. AI managers tend to use only their prefered formation during the whole save, while in RL some tend to adapt to what they have (eg. Ancelotti, 4-3-2-1 Milan, 4-3-3 PSG, 4-2-3-1 Real M.), which doesn't happen in the game. AI managers lack flexibility. And ME has to be better, idiotic defence and strikers with IQ 40 have to be fixed.
  9. God damn it, I am asking for an instruction that you don't have to use if you don't want, it would definitely improve game impression for many players if not yourself. It wouldn't hurt having extra instruction, since you are not obligated to use it.
  10. Eto'o tracked back, and nobody can persuade me he is MRL/AMRL rather than ST/AMRL. That's what I'm talking about, it may not be as common, but it does happen. And can't be replicated.
  11. I don't quite agree, since many AMRL players don't even have accomplished MRL. It is not a choice I have to make, it is lack of options in tactic creator.
  12. Can't cut inside. I am aware of that, but roles are too different. WM is not the same in attack as IF, it may be tweaked to look alike, but not the same.
  13. Please, SI, fix moronic player behaviour for FM15. I can't stand flukes from touchline getting in and 100% chances constantly being missed. The number of CCCs missed is frustrating, both mine and AI's. My defence does play bad, but goalkeeper saves most of the chances, but still manages to concede from 25m from opponent's full-back's "never meant" shot. It wasn't like this in beta engine, which was almost perfect and needed just a little tweaking, all patches in FM14 made certain areas of ME much worse than they were before. That wasn't the case in the previous years. Also, I would like to see an option (instruction) to suggest (or order) AMR and AML not to behave like forwards, but to track back opposition players. AMC line doesn't mean they are classic forwards, they should still play defence if instructed. Guardiola and Mourinho are examples.
  14. There are no teams like Greece '00. They were the only one. But definitely, having extra options doesn't hurt. It doesn't force anyone to use them, and gives another possibility to ones who want to.
  15. Man marking was thought to be extinct, but then Greece won EC using that system. It exists, even though it is not as common. Removing options is not the way to evolve tactic system. Coaches nowdays still know about man marking and are able to instruct their teams to play in such manner, it is their choice not to. I actually used man marking last year.
  16. Thanks. And is there a difference between 1600 and 1333Mhz RAM?
  17. Thanks. What could be serious bottleneck?
  18. So, what is more important for accelerating FM processing (game speed?)? CPU or RAM?
  19. Maybe, but it would give totally new dimension to the game. One thing is not understanding tactics, but being limited to play in a certain way by the ME is totally another. This ME has too many limitations, especially in copying managers like Guardiola. Even Mourinho's "broken" pressing, where only front 3(4) press, while back players don't is not replicable in a good way. Definitely, apart from random occurring bugs (first touch, moronic defenders and strikers), pressing is the crucial flaw of the ME. It is one of the crucial elements of modern football, so it has to be implemented way better. And definitely, Hassle and Stand off are not enough for all kinds of pressing. It is way too complicated for 2 team instructions editable only for certain roles in only one way (+ or -). Also, why was Zonal/Man removed?
  20. This. They had problems in other areas. Fixing one problem constantly generates new problems. That's basically what bothers me most about FM. Along with pressing I agree that goal statistics aren't only standard of realism, but Ronaldo and Messi constantly missing 1 on 1, so they don't score 50+, you have to agree that it's not quite realistic situation either. And yes, I have seen them behaving like morons in front of goal in FM. Maybe But, then again Mourinho practically "invented" Eto'os role. That is not possible in FM14, and it was possible in FM13. Roles were a good start in previous versions, since they gave general settings, but could still be significantly modified, what they lack this year. Define this. Hassle doesn't equal Guardiola-like pressing. Real pressing is what ME really lacks.
  21. CD Defend closes down too much. Strikers don't close down more than default. Not even with OI. Mandzukic-like pressing is impossible in the game. Generally, pressing is one of the worst areas of the ME. Eto'o was a defensive winger very often in Inter's CL campaign. But still, he did cut inside. It doesn't hurt having an option to modify a role, does it? It didn't hurt last couple of years.
  22. It's not just Ancelotti, in my save he was sacked, with Mourinho, Ronaldo scored 23 in all competitions. When Mourinho was Real Madrid manager, Ronaldo scored 50+ every season. I have to disagree about slightly underperforming Ronaldo. The same goes for Messi. It's 14.3 that made them so average. Before it, they were quite "normal". This patch fixed few bugs, but created new ones. First touch - fixed, moronic defenders and strikers occured. FM13 was considerably better on 13.3.3. At least in terms of realism in first seasons. As for sliders... Even though pressing is generally unplayable (I mean real pressing, not players walking towards opponents), certain roles don't allow more or less closing down. CD is an option that needs more than two modalities, since pressing intensity is not something that can be described with more and less. Not to mention that strikers generally can't close down more and defenders can't close down less. Same goes for passing - shorter, default and direct are not quite enough for individual players. For example: Barca plays shorter passes than Dortmund in general, even though both teams tend to play "shorter passing". Even though other elements influence their playing style, one simply can't say that passing length of these teams is same in general. Also, hold up ball for certain roles can't be turned off, making so-called "hybrid roles" is blocked, eg. wingers can't cut inside or move into channels. If all the options were enabled for every position (and role), system would give us far more control than now, and it may even be more realistic than the one with sliders. Now - it just simplifies things too much. It is more about picking an ideal player for the role, than adjusting role to maximize players' strength. Something that comes to my mind would be Eto'o in Mourinho's Inter. Impossible to copy. One more thing - primary playmaker, target man and target man supply - previous system also gave us more control. We could target poachers with through balls, tall DLFs to head etc., now we are forced to use "real" target men and hope that other players will target them the way we want. It's not like that option bothered anyone.
  23. Perhaps it was not visible, but it was an option. You do have more than 3-5 all together, but last year you had 20 modes available for every mentality. It is considerably more than this. And, saying that there is no difference between 19 and 20 means that there is no difference between 18 and 19, 17 and 18, so, basically, 17 and 20 are the same. Or at least that's how that slider was translated into new system. I'm not saying idea is completely bad, just that realization could have been way better.
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