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  1. Basically, Defensive winger and WM+cut inside, but yes. Hybrid role, that is impossible, since DW can't cut inside.
  2. It can look like one, but not totally the same. We have discussed this many times, roles like Etoo's from Mourinho's Inter are still impossible to replicate, while IF on MRL positions would be quite good start. It's not like Inverted WB is more oftenly used than IF who actually plays some defense.
  3. Thanks. So, between 24th, and 1st Novmber probably
  4. When will beta be launched? 2 weeks before the game?
  5. Still no Inside forward on MRL. Too bad.
  6. F9 anc CWB are overpowered roles in this FM. There are no key attributes, I've seen Diego Costa as F9 scoring loads of goals. Diego Costa could never, ever play a F9.
  7. Signs Domestic Based Players - 17 Spends A Lot On Youth Signings - 2 Signs A Lot Of Youth Players - 5 Signs Young Players For The First Team - 7 Uses Budget On One Player - 6 Has A Large Senior Squad - 5 Will Use Young Players In Low Priority Cup Matches - 15 Will Not Have A Substitute Goalkeeper - 1 Will Make Early Tactical Changes - 5 Will Use Zonal Marking For Set Pieces - 8 Will Fit Players Into Preferred Tactic - 7 Will Use Target Man - 1 Will Use Counter Attacking - 20 Signs Lower League Players - 10
  8. It's quite good to know that this is finally considered as an issue in the ME, and not only a tactical one.
  9. Since he won CL (twice), CA appears to be quite irrelevant, doesn't it? He IS a great manager. And i don't use fm scout, so I can't see his pa.
  10. In my save, Ibrahimovic has won almost everything, including two consecutive CL titles with Leverkusen. Great manager. World class. There are much bigger issues in FM14 than this.
  11. Maradona is quite poor coach, although he was a fantastic player. Playing quality doesn't always equal coaching quality. On the other hand, there are coaches like Mourinho or SAF who never made succesful playing careers.
  12. Although he did play with Shevchenko for some time, he also played as a lone striker. Kaka wasn't a striker. He had Seedorf (Rui Costa) and Kaka behind, but not always another striker beside him. In 2004, he was a substitute for Shevchenko (who played something like CF(a), but Inzaghi was never capable of playing that role, he is "just" a poacher), and when Shevchenko left for Chelsea, in 2007 he played as a lone striker. 2 attacking midfielders - yes, but not another striker.
  13. Inzaghi played as lone poacher for years. And he was great. It worked.
  14. It isn't. You can't propose a deal where you ask for a player and money for your player when. You can only give a player and money.
  15. I would like new transfer offer options like possibility to offer a player in exchange and request some compensation for another team's player. For example, Arsenal offers Man Utd Ramsey for Smalling, but ask 10m to be included in the transfer, on top of Smalling.
  16. Agreed. Instead of "fixing" CA/PA, other areas that are based on CA/PA should be improved.
  17. Real CA/PA system is quite good, percieved CA/PA - not really. I haven't seen Hummels-like transfers at all. Big teams don't "fail" when selling talented youngsters for small amount of cash, there are to few mistakes, because transfer system in general depends on CA/PA. It should, however, depend more on current form, goals, assists, av. rating. More transfers like Downing to Liverpool, after one good season, bigger club splashes out a large sum, and a player fails. It doesn't happen too often in FM, except in PSG, Man City, Monaco and similar clubs, although they also generally buy players with relatively high CA/PA, but have quite poor squad management. That's another issue, though.
  18. Relase day version of FM14 was way better than final one.
  19. Maybe I don't want balance. I don't care about the result, it is the lack of options that bothers me.
  20. Nope. Try setting this WB(S) RGA WB(S) - CM(A) BBM(S), and then change one of the WBs to CWB or WB(A) and see what happens with the CM.
  21. It will also modify other players' CF. Removing manual Creative Freedom settings is a mistake. One option less, who cares.
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