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  1. How about giving us an option to take the ball out of defense through passing play, not just pump it out every single time? It's like Stoke city all over the game. Guardiola would rather hang himself than look his team pump the ball every time a sign of opposition pressing shows (if you can call this pressing).

    And crosses are still to powerful. Also, I have scored 4 goals as rebounds from crosses that hit the crossbar. Total number of goals scored is 5. And it is NOT my tactics. Also, AI does the same thing, but somehow, they have managed to miss their chances in these few games.

  2. Fabregas could be roaming playmaker.


    Some examples which might help (remembering I didn't develop the game):

    Inverted Wing Back - Lahm & Baines (noted for undercutting the winger)

    Roaming Playmaker - Fabregas, Toure, Wilshere (box to box style, but playmaking behaviour)

    Wide Playmaker - Silva, Ozil, Nasri

    Raumdeuter - Müller, Podolski, Walcott

    Not all 100% perfect and I know some smart arse will argue the toss but they are the general gist of the role & style.

    That's basically what I thought, but I would like "official" information. Also, I can't think of wide target man besides Samaras.

  3. Yes, but that dude couldn't know what is the crucial difference between DLF and F9, since there is only one-sentence description of the roles. At least, sliders gave us insight into differences between the roles. Roles are not bad, but they are too limited in terms of modifications available. In FM13, you could tailor roles anyway you want, which you can't do now. And no one forced people to touch sliders, once roles were introduced.

    Busquets role could probably be added by modifying slider system like a Y/N box for returning to defense.

  4. The roles are just names for a collection of instructions and behaviours inherent to the type of role described.

    Jesus, people will moan about anything these days.

    Collection of UNKNOWN instructions and behaviours... If someone's first FM is FM14 or 15, he wouldn't know what is the difference between instructions of a DLF and a F9. It's not like there is in-game description of all instructions that are affected by role change. And roles are more rigid than slider system. If all options were unlocked in all roles, system would be considerably better, though.

    It's not moaning, just a bit of disappointment with the direction of the development of the game.

  5. You couldn't create a Roaming Playmaker from a BBM, nor a Wide Playmaker from a Wide Midfielder for one simple reason - they wouldn't attract the ball in the way a true playmaker does in the FM ME. Those two Roles promise to offer something we couldn't do before. Not so sure about how to best incorporate the Inverted Wing Back, but I can see a case for that being added.

    I assume the Raumdeuter to be a roaming wide man without a playmaker focus, so this again will differ from what we were able to do on FM14 with the out-of -the-box Roles, and with the modifications we can make to those generic Roles. Sounds vaguely like an AML/R Treq with an eye for goal.

    It was possible until SI excluded Playmaker box from the game.

    Also, the guy who mentioned "Wayne, stop playing as a DF and start playing as a F9" got the point. It's not about the roles, but instructions, and that's why previous system was better. And even more realistic, I'd say.

  6. But the Wide Midfielder can, so problem solved. If the Wide Playmaker has been added, SI would have surely looked at a possible Inside Forward role too. Since you can easily create this with a Wide Midfielder role, it isn't a problem.

    Not perfect. Tried, didn't look like Etoo. Best so far, though. But still not good enough.

    Anyway, new role (or the same role in another position) would certainly make the game better. Or not worse, consider it as you like. It shouldn't be too hard to implement.

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