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  1. How about giving us an option to take the ball out of defense through passing play, not just pump it out every single time? It's like Stoke city all over the game. Guardiola would rather hang himself than look his team pump the ball every time a sign of opposition pressing shows (if you can call this pressing).

    And crosses are still to powerful. Also, I have scored 4 goals as rebounds from crosses that hit the crossbar. Total number of goals scored is 5. And it is NOT my tactics. Also, AI does the same thing, but somehow, they have managed to miss their chances in these few games.

  2. No. If Pique & Puyol passed the ball really quickly amongst themselves at the back - it is short passing, but high tempo. Tempo is the urgency and speed at which you play and move the ball. Short or direct passing relates to the length of the pass.

    No, tempo should be the quickness of sending the ball forward. Barcelona can not possibly play high tempo. They are the definition of low tempo.

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