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  1. Upload a video or a .pkm of something that looks even remotely like the link above.
  2. at 1:30 Never seen anything like it in FM. Generally, transition play is way "underpowered", since players don't roam from positions as they should. Even with more fluidity, creativity and roaming selected. That's one of the things (with pressing, of course) that FM actually lacks for years.
  3. It would be great if it worked. But it doesn't. Doesn't even look like it. Playing as Bayern, I can't quite believe my players are not capable of doing that, but apparently, they aren't.
  4. Not just strikers, I have seen defenders slowing down when chasing a loose ball. Sometimes they get it, sometimes striker gets to the ball first. No particular reason to slow down, though.
  5. How about giving us an option to take the ball out of defense through passing play, not just pump it out every single time? It's like Stoke city all over the game. Guardiola would rather hang himself than look his team pump the ball every time a sign of opposition pressing shows (if you can call this pressing). And crosses are still to powerful. Also, I have scored 4 goals as rebounds from crosses that hit the crossbar. Total number of goals scored is 5. And it is NOT my tactics. Also, AI does the same thing, but somehow, they have managed to miss their chances in these few games.
  6. Well, this looks quite unrealistic. As if Mourinho knew in advance which roles would Guardiola pick. On the other hand, if the accuracy of the roles depends on the scouts, than this is fantastic.
  7. I haven't seen so many goals after hitting a crossbar. Actually, I can't recall even one. Of course that mistakes do happen, and should happen, but they are exceptions, not rules.
  8. It's not just about the keepers, defenders also stand still after the deflection, so the "attacker" is free to pick up the rebound.
  9. Crossbar deflections lead to goals too often. Goalkeepers tend to fall to the ground, although there is no need for "acrobatic" save, and attacking team's player is unmarked at the 6 yard box. Too many goals this way, a problem that exists since FM14.
  10. Seeing Barcelona and Bayern look like Stoke on the pitch doesn't look realistic to me, and it does ruin the game experience for me. Good to know that it is on the "to-fix list".
  11. Crossing is overpowered. I realize that "run down the flanks and cross" is the only way English play football, but it's quite frustrating to see every team play that way in the game. Other than that, ME looks quite better than two weeks ago.
  12. It doesn't relate to passes, but general build-up. That's how it has been in previous versions. Slow tempo increases lateral passes, while quick encourages sending the ball forward. Slow+Short passing = Barcelona, Quick+Short passing = Dortmund.
  13. No, tempo should be the quickness of sending the ball forward. Barcelona can not possibly play high tempo. They are the definition of low tempo.
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