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  1. Tried to select the option for Match preview or Match review under training calendar but all it does is grey out that slot and selects REST.
  2. Can someone explain how the 'star rating' works... let me explain: i managed a team in L1 france- my 2 wingers were bought with 4.5 stars for potential i bought them and yes they remained at 4.5 stars potential then i moved to managed barcelona.. I scouted my 2 wingers and now their potential is 2 stars!!! surely the ratings should be based on the game not the team you manage...and before you ask the 2 wingers were amazing! any advice...thanks
  3. sorry buddy but after 6months... the AI works it out and it is game over...42 pts at half season 15 pts in second half!?!?! WTF
  4. Early days but just spent 2 seasons with my own tactic...not bad finished 7th with 65pts...then took a tactic off a thread and finished 10th with 50pts...now using your tactic after i lost match1 of season 3... as i said early days BUT 4 matches played with this tactic and W3 D1 L0 - no goals against!!!! my team is OGC NICE - i have bought 1 player on a free since the start of the game....so team getting weaker and weaker....and now a turn around....lets see but a nice start **one comment** the att corner routine seems weird - a player goes short but he is never used!
  5. Using EAGLE tactic - finding defending a problem with goals - so in the posts there are mentions of what to do if 2 goals up (will try) and moving MC to DM. Started with OGC Nice in France: Season 1: 7th in league - QF in LC and R10 in french cup. 41 goals against in league!! Season2 so far after 10 games: 3rd - still in both cups (early in LC and FC not started) first XI: GK Riou DR Gassama DL Berthod DC Demidov DC Apam MC Hellebuyck DM Zuculini MC Sable/Borges AMR Remy AML Buonanotte ST Gameiro
  6. Eagle tactic so far: started using nov 2012: W-11 D-2 L-3 goals for 24 goals against 5 not bad for a rubbish team....great tactic no tweaking..but i always do a 'defend lead' for the last 5 minutes (not yet)
  7. EAGLE seems stronger in def. i always felt that V6 could be a problem away and it was a couple of times...1-4 and 0-5 losses...
  8. I like your V6 tactic - i have twicked it so forwards dont have backarrows + they swap position. BUT Why is it that after a few weeks the morale of each player is superb but the team morale is going rock bottom - and i have followed your team talks???
  9. Nice tactic.after downloaded the 9.3 patch started again. used my old tactic --- rubbish-- then saw this. amazing. I have not won a league but only season 2, 5th and 4th. won 1 cup. but you need decent players: starting XI: gk - akinfeev dr - santon dl- juan dc- kaboul dc- hubschmann mr- remy ml- giovinco mc-diaby mc-hernanes st- keirrison st - marquinhos a very young team. but they are fairly consitent. away is worse then at home but on the whole - it is perfect - plug and play Thanks
  10. Not Bad. I should say better than any tactics i have tried to compile!!! I have a rubbish team, no money but managed to finish 9th, 11th, 7th and now wont finish below 8th this year. Slowly my team is getting better but any decent player leaves to a bigger club so....i am forever rebuilding.
  11. Quick Update: Finished season in 8th! 4th season - record is WDL 6-5-1 in league so happy with this. Still no stars managed to bag a couple of frees and some young regens but the tactic is solid and i hope it will help me to move into europe and increase my cashflow to buy better players. New stadium at the end of season 5 so come on..... cheers mate
  12. I will try with OGC NIce in France. No money. No Real Stars. So I need a steady tactic. Pre this tactic Season 1 - 9th, Season 2 - 10th, Season 3 - 7 games to go 14th but safe from relegation. Will start now and keep you posted!! Cheeers
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