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  1. 8 hours ago, basqueliverpool said:

    how come on fm20 and 21 scouts dont have correct pre set knowledge of showing in the game? for example kiko espinar of liverpool is set in database as showing as has knowledge of spain and portugal (correctly as liverpools head of region), however it doesnt show in game but did in fm19. Kind of unnecessary to take it out as adds more realism


    If it is in the database but not showing in-game it's an issue for the Transfers, Scouting etc bug forum.

  2. I've soak tested 5 first seasons and played through one season.

    MU finished 3rd once, 4th 4 times and 5th once. The only cup they won in any of them was a League Cup win, although they did make a couple of final appearances in other seasons. They never got further than the Champions League quarter finals. SI's soak tests have them finishing 3rd on average, as per the post in the EPL data errors thread.

    IRL they finished 3rd last season, and this season are only 5 points off 3rd as it stands. I think the talk of MU being over rated here and in a dozen other threads is somewhat overstated. Some saves they will over perform, some they will under perform, such is the game.

  3. 2 hours ago, Christina_D said:

    That particular source (Lancashire Telegraph) has a long history with Blackburn Rovers, whereas they stay silent unless they know 100% that what they say is correct, at least from a Blackburn perspective, so whereas I would have to default to your knowledge/source regards the transfer request, I would back the Lancashire Telegraph to have confirmed 100% that there is both a promotion clause and a sell on clause before making the claim in print.  They actually broke news of Brentford's interest in Raya over a month before it actually happened.


    Sorry, my fault, I should have been clearer, by source I meant the Spanish newspaper they were quoting. Looking through a few older articles the LT mention these clauses a few times so I will put them in. Unfortunately the release database is locked so I don't think they will appear until the winter update though.


    Thanks for the info.

  4. 2 hours ago, Christina_D said:

    Confirmation of Raya's promotion clause and sell on clause


    "pocketed Rovers an initial £3m, but was heavily incentivised..... a promotion bonus.... they would be entitled to a sell-on clause for Raya’s next move"


    Well he never put in a transfer request so there is a question mark on the validity of that source! Will leave for @Dean Gripton to decide.

  5. 1 hour ago, Christina_D said:

    Blackburn also should have sell on clauses in their favour for Shane Duffy (Brighton) and David Raya (Brentford) at 20-25% of the profit on their next transfer, as well as a promotion clause bonus (somewhere between £1 and £2 million from memory) for David Raya if Brentford get promoted



    I wouldn't be against the 20% clause but will need to see some evidence of a promotion clause as it's the first I've heard of it.

  6. Joseph Debayo (28066319) joined my local club Dunstable Town this summer.

    Roy Byron (89015071) also joined DTFC in the summer.

    Leo Pedro (Leonardo Pedro) (31035540) as above.

    Connor Coulson (31051289) as above.

    Evans Lamboh (31042052) as above.


    All have made appearances this season, as per;



    David Pitt (29059660) is with Broadfields Utd

  7. 6 minutes ago, MrPompey said:

    Thats right, it did, I have one myself. However we are in season 2020/2021.

    Your link is to the 2019/20 shirt. This is the 2020/21 shirt looks like this:


    The issue you reported is that the nets and Red and White, the SI Tester said the primary club colours and blue and red, this is correct. Its not a data issue. I will respnd on your original post

    just a light hearted poke at the 'never have red' statement :)

  8. 57 minutes ago, Taurusmale67 said:

    I made this forum but got told it should be in here

    Portsmouth would never have anything red in goal nets or anywhere else except the home kit socks due to the rivalry between us and Southampton who's main colours are Red and White.  Normally the club would stick to Blue and White only as these the the main colours on the home kit.  Blue Shirts White Shorts Red Socks 


    Last season's home shirt had red on it!



  9. 4 minutes ago, josipk said:

    If there was one player for who I was certain is gonna get his PA increased, it was Saka. This is really dissappointing. I don't know how much longer we need to wait to get him recognized as a top Premier League talent by the DB... It doesn't even need to be near Foden's, for example, but his 20.4.0. PA is definitely outdated. ''Lower' than Mustafi's'' tells me it stayed the same or decreased :(

    His PA has increased since FM20 and it allows him to become a good Premier League player.



    He is only one PA point behind Mustafi, which is a tiny amount in-game.


  10. 13 minutes ago, swordy9320 said:

    This shows a problem in how you address these issues.

    It relies on the idea that we know:

    1.  Enough about how the stats interact with the match engine to recommend changes

    2.  Enough about not just the players but players at other clubs too in order to provide comparative value

    3.  Enough about how a team is generating the results that it is and what specific causation we can do to change that



    Quote shortened for space.


    In my save Man Utd are 6th and 19 points off top. So it's not a case of MU winning the first season on every save. I believe SI also run thousands of simulated first seasons during QA testing to determine if there are any irregular patterns with teams over or under performing. Yes in some saves they will over achieve, as will other teams in other saves, others will struggle (Ipswich are facing relegation from L1 in my game as a standout example) compared to real life. If there are irregularities it will likely be rectified prior to the full release next week.

  11. 25 minutes ago, lbowman6 said:

    Is Zavon Hines not even in the game as a free agent this year?

    Konchesky coaches in the WH academy part-time judging from his Instagram but I’d say his focus is very much at Billericay.


    Hines retired from playing due to injury. He is in the database as an unemployed U18 coach, but may not be loaded into every game.

  12. 4 hours ago, tobybilton1 said:

    Thank you for the reply on this, as you're aware i've been advocating this for a few days now and appreciate that he will be reviewed. Just to confirm, the winter update is not the transfer update we get in Feb/March is it?  

    The update/patch released around Feb/March IS the one that includes the winter transfer window moves and researchers mid-season reviews of players.

  13. 9 minutes ago, JasonLFC10 said:

    Transfers appear to be unrealistic.

    Ansu Fati signed for Man United in January for around 50m. If anyone thinks that's likely I'd be surprised.

    Chelsea also spent 70m on Thomas Lemar, after this summers spending I highly doubt they'd be shelling out another 70m on an attacking player.

    Liverpool picked up Haaland for 70m, again seems slightly unlikely but maybe the more realistic of the 3. 

    Generally just seems to be A LOT more spending than I would realistically expect?


    Thats for the Transfers, Contracts etc forum rather than a database issue.


    As is your second post :)

  14. 3 hours ago, Cal585 said:

    Out of interest, at what point do attribute differences become significant? I was under the impression that behind the scenes things run on a 1-200 scale that is simplified down to 1-20 for us and that therefore a difference in an attribute of "2" may be meaningful when deciding how a player does in game?

    PA and CA are on the 1-200 scale, the other attributes you see on a player's profile are 1-20 as displayed in game. Nick perhaps oversimplified things a little, each attribute is weighted differently for different positions, so changing one attribute by 1 wont have any effect on CA, If you move 5 attributes that you change by 2 then you might start to see an impact on CA depending on how important those attributes are to the position, for example changing a FB's finishing by 2 would be unlikely to make a CA change whereas it might for a striker or AM.

  15. 6 hours ago, ForrestGrump said:


    Just wanna start by saying the player stats for Derby are very accurate and I'm not trying to undermine anyone who had an input on them - it's evident that they know a lot about the players at the club. Whether it's too late to make changes or not I just thought I'd share some thoughts on a few of the players.

    Lee Buchanan: 11 Jumping Reach is far too low. He's only had an extended period in the first team this year, but he's already proven that he's an absolute freak in the air - the height he gets when jumping is incredible. Looking at just the defenders in the championship on whoscored.com, he's ranked 11th when it comes to aerial duels won per game (5.3). This is made even more impressive when you take into account his height - whoscored list him at 175cm, while the 10 defenders above him range between 198cm and 181cm. Solid numbers for someone under 6 feet tall.   https://www.whoscored.com/Regions/252/Tournaments/7/Seasons/8304/Stages/18825/PlayerStatistics/England-Championship-2020-2021


    Just to jump in with an explanation of how the JR attribute works, which is unique amongst the attributes we rate. Each height has 5 possible entries that can be made, so someone who is 6 foot (182-184cm) has 9 - poor, 10 - below av, 11 average, 12- above av, 13 - good, for example. Whereas the other attributes are on a 1 - worst to 20 - best scale. In Lee's case, taking the 175cm height figure as correct, he should actually have a maximum rating of 10 for good jumping (6 is poor, to 10 is good for his height range)!


    I've probably worded that badly but hopefully you see my point, it's early still :)

  16. 40 minutes ago, kieransmith869 said:



    Emiliano Marcondes seems to be transfer listed when you start the game which is not the case. Had it on every new game so far. Also only has 1 year remaining so makes it hard to get him to renew. 

    Also Josh Da Silva and Ethan Pinnock have both signed new long term deals, but may have come after the restart. 


    Marcondes will be because his natural position AMC which isnt a role used by BFC or Thomas Frank often (he has a good enough CM rating to be used there). I would suggest he's 'available' irl should a bid be made for him by someone in January as he's in the last year of his contract, so personally dont see it as an issue, we dont set transfer availability in the database.


    Those 2 new contracts are in the release database.

  17. 40 minutes ago, anakin79 said:

    I think someone has left Ollie Watkins from Championship start last season.  One he is down as a championship level player when clearly he is definitley not, he is not a left winger although he can play there, a proper number 9 played for Brentford and villa this season but the stats say got potential to be premier league left winger.  Pace and accerleration is definitley off as he is rapid too. Also if you seen his displays he plays very agressively with back to defenders so agression 9 appears to be incredibly harsh.  Just think researcher has not considered any sort of form or abilities from last year or so from these stats.  Thanks 




    What you have screenshotted is an in-game coach/scout report which can have errors. I can assure you OW's natural position is set as striker and he has a very high setting for LW and he left my care as what he was - a top Championship player who was yet to prove himself at a higher level. 


    I repeat he has the PA for you to develop him further into decent EPL level player as is happening irl. 

  18. Just now, Rags89 said:

     Fair enough, you're right he has gone up 1 point in first touch. 

    And a couple of other atts, his CA has also increased. Again, you NEED to point out which attributes are incorrect and why otherwise I doubt anything will be changed.

    When OW left Brentford he was a very good Championship striker and is rated as such, there were no guarantees he'd be a success at his new level. He has the PA to become a decent Premier League striker, as he is doing in real life.

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