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  1. So I guess we are never gonna know what tends to help votes, maybe there is something else in the background like managers respect for you, the popularity of the player and their overall performance in their position and general conduct (cards, etc). I dunno seems like a section which SI are not going to give much info so it stays as a nice random event?
  2. Yeah that's what I was thinking too, but I was above Man Utd in terms of international rep, and my player certainly had higher rep than Bonnet (winner) I checked that with the editor.
  3. Yeah interesting points there mate, it seems like a very inconsistent and odd one... Could something do with popularity be a hidden factor, maybe a jersey sale number is calculated in the background?
  4. Hi all, I just wanted to find out more about the world player of the year selection and this isn't a gripe about the game or anything, would just like to win it one year... I understand that national team managers all vote. I don't understand why my player did not win this year. The only thing I can think of the reason as to why he didn't win is international performance which were good but not the best. Also put it in perspective, my team won every competition they were in the last season and I am smashing it this season having already won Super Cup, Club World Championship. Community Cup, and top of the league, and currently on a 12 game un-beaten run. We had a 28 game winning streak last season. My regen player was instrumental in our success last year and the current year so his judged performances were very good. As you can see from the below screenshot he was certainly better than 2nd place and then 1st place I had way more goals, one less assist (considering that he is a striker I think that is quite impressive!). So feel free to let me know what you guys think, and what if there are things I should be doing to encourage more votes. Thanks, Daniel. http://i1005.photobucket.com/albums/af171/Dan_Bostock/fm2015-lfc-career-ballondor_zpskujd7oox.jpg
  5. I always take the team talks based on their performances, ie: if the goals were all lucky ones and we are marginally ahead but loosing out on posession etc I tell them I ain't happy because possession is our game and we are loosing the key battles despite the score. This in my experience 95% of the time keeps a win or at least gets me a draw at the very minimum.
  6. Also do you find yourself getting outnumbered in the midfield, and what are your possession stats like in the different 3rds that will help see where some potential weaknesses are.
  7. In regards, to dealing with the poor defending, it seems ball control is an issue, try running ball control training for a month or two. Secondly not knowing your tactics but you may find using a higher line, closing down less (only on your central defenders as Player Instructions!) and trying a Sweeper Keeper might help deal with any potential threats coming from direct styles of play. You may need to consider a ball playing defender to help control that ball instead of hoofing it away for them to do it all over again...
  8. I found that when I made major changes to my set pieces I noticed a dramatic improvement. Look at this tactics set pieces and read other articles/guides/posts on set pieces and you will find them very useful with FM15. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/414961-433-Hulk-Smash-for-15.2.1-Lethal-going-forward-Tested-and-works-fantastic I am mostly using this blokes set pieces with some slight modifications. I went on a 28 game winning streak due to this and a few other minor tactical tweaks, but I saw significant increasing in set piece goals and defense of set pieces.
  9. Before you change formation, did you understand how those goals were conceded? At the very least if you provide that to people here they can help you. Otherwise it is very hard for people here to understand how to give you the right advice other than throwing ideas around...
  10. Changing mentality to defensive may create other problems, you need to understand how to play defensive with a slight change of mentality and even changing player positions, instructions etc...
  11. I understand your pain mate, I had it for some time and still get it in some games but it is a rarity not the norm like what you are mentioning. I realised my problem was in that I never did anything to deal with how the game was going, I just sat there and hoped my players would figure it all out. Despite having the best players, I did have to make sure I managed them each game. I would just like to enquire as to whether you are constantly making tactical tweaks to take advantage of specific weaknesses and dealing with your current teams weaknesses? By the way I don't mean pre-match tactical changes, I am talking during the match. I personally don't make too many pre-match tactical changes because I believe in my strategy and I don't feel I should change for the AI, I want the AI (or others) adapt to me. So I balance addressing weaknesses in my team and their team in the measure that is suitable for the game.
  12. I look at it as a game, it has challenges, and I want to overcome those challenges and even set myself challenges. It is like playing chess or any other strategy game, on the computer, it is nothing like real life or a real life opponent, you are going into to it beat a mathematical machine which knows no feelings, and does not act off instincts or does not perceive other peoples feelings, it therefore is nothing like reality and never will be. I for one am glad of that, I love the challenge of beating this AI. Yes the difficulty at times seems to easy, but when you play with a few set challenges to make it harder then you will (well I have found) that it becomes more and more enjoyable!
  13. I had a lot of leagues loaded and it went up to about 356,000 players. It took a long time to complete some seasons and it was also very hard to sell players at times. I have removed leagues now but it will be some years till the effects of 20 years of simming through to this save for it to wear off, but I am enjoying the scouting challenge and getting a few different players from countries I normally wouldn't. However as BiggusD said, it is not recommended and in hindsight I probably would have removed as I have done now half the leagues in my DB. It takes me currently about 2 weeks to complete a season and that is several hours of gaming every night.
  14. Just copy your save, tactics, shorlists, and any misc graphics (faces,skins, etc) you may have and that should be right. On a side note I keep a copy of these (minus the face packs) synced on my onedrive so I can access from the multiple different computers I use.
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