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  1. I understand there is a relationship with team shape and creative freedom i.e More fluidity = More Creative freedom. What I'm still not sure on, is if there relationship between team shape and creative freedom with positional roaming, therefore does more fluidity = more creativity = more roaming?
  2. I've made a start on my tactic (based on the Everton match in my OP) to some success but it still need some refinement. I will post my progress soon. So........ week 2 of the this 'New look Arsenal' ...... awkward.... In Wenger's marvelous wisdom, he's decided to throw a spanner in the works and change the formation..... after one week! This is going to be difficult replication thread if he keeps this up! Formation/Build-up Last week Arsenal were set in 4-4-1-1 with one CM in the holding role. This week (above) it looks like Arsenal adopted a more pronounced 4-2-3-1, with Xhaka(29)/ Elneny(35) as a two man holding midfield with Wilshere(10)/Ozil(11) in more advanced roles...very advanced! Build up play was largely consistent with last week so no major changes there, except for final third where 67% of shots came from outside of the box! I'm going to give credit to Tottenham's defense for this so will keep the build up play for my tactic unchanged for now. Regarding the formation, I've had a read of @Cleon's recent 4231 thread, and I'm keen not to use the AM Strata for wide players because as he correctly points out; this is too "Top Heavy" and not reflective of how teams actually defend in real life*. Therefore I will be keeping my 4-4-1-1 formation also unchanged, besides this can be easily adapted to become a 4-2-3-1 in the attacking phase. On a side note, I'm still having some trouble with getting my wing backs so far up the pitch, given they're already on attack roles. I think this maybe because my Very Fluid team shape is holding back their attacking mentalities relative to other players. I'm thinking I need to either change to a fluid team shape or use the Look for the Overlap shout. I'm thinking the later mainly because I don't want to loose compactness. Any thoughts? *Ironically this is exactly how Arsenal played at the weekend, and got punished accordingly.
  3. Hey thanks for the link, it was an interesting watch. I can definitely see Mkhitaryian sitting in a wider role and looking for space in the middle as a playmaker. I'm not sure about the comparison as a Raumdeuter? It's not a role I'm particularly familiar with, but I understand it as a wide poacher in vein of an uber aggressive winger sitting the shoulder of the last defender a la Walcott? Have I got this wrong?
  4. Yeah I saw that, but when you look at his average position on the first image, bar Aubameyang, he's the most advanced player, as expected.
  5. Yep only one game! Reasoning for Auba as a Poacher: He only touched the ball 25 times on Saturday, and was hardly involved in any of the build up play. He's renowned for his off the ball and forward runs. I hope the very fluid / standard mentality will rein in his positioning so that he doesn't become isolated. I considered using him as an Advanced Forward, but his dribbling is only 11 so I don't want him to run with the ball often. What you thinking is best for his role? Ozil is THE archetype Enganche in the game. Regarding the perceived "Static" nature of the role, read my post here in this Ozil thread:
  6. Arsenal have only played one match with Aubameyang and Mkhitaryian, so I know calling it a 'New Look' maybe premature, nevertheless, after analyzing the stats from the Everton 5-1 result, I want to see whether I can replicate this in FM18. (I haven't actually tried this in-game yet, so this is only theoretical at the moment.) Formation / Shape From what I could make out watching the game and from the team line-up, Arsenal appeared to have set somewhere in the middle of a 4-4-1-1 / 4-5-1 / 4-4-2. Looking at the average heat maps (below), I've interpreted how these would be represented using in-game player roles and team instructions Average Player Positions / Action Zones / Attack Sides: The first thing I notice is how vertically compact Arsenal appear, which looks more like a 2-8-0 with the ball. I've interpreted this as a 'Very fluid' philosophy in game, with most players adopting a very similar mentality. So what is the mentality? Well looking at the action zones, to me, this appears to be leaning towards a defensive mentality overall. However I don't think this is a true representation, mainly because Arsenal were 4-0 at half time and then really slowed the pace down in the second half (which finished 1-1). With this in mind I think a standard mentality is probably a fair representation as a primary tactic and use defensive to see out a lead. Defensive line, I'm not sure about this because looking at the average heat map, the CB's look quite deep and isolated, Not sure whether this would be achieved by the use of the defensive line or individual instructions. Although I'm worried that running a deeper line will impact the on the overall compactness for the block of 8. Tempted to go with a slightly deeper defensive line. Feedback on this would be appreciated. Narrow width with stay wider instructions for the WBs and sit narrower instructions for the ML/MR positions. Player Roles 33 - Cech: GK(Defend) 6 - Koscielny: CD(Cover) 20 - Mustafi: BPD(Cover) 24 - Bellerin: WB(Attack) 18 - Monreal: WB(Attack) 7 - Mkhitaryian: WP(Support) 8 - Ramsey: CM(Support) 29 - Xhaka: DLP(Defend) 17 - Iwobi: IW(Support) 11 - Ozil: Enganche 14 - Aubameyang: Poacher Build-Up It's clear that Arsenal prefer a short passing approach to build up play, therefore I will play out of defense and use shorter passing. With 80% of shots coming from with the box, I will also work ball into box. Other Team Instructions: Low Crosses Dribble Less I hope to post some in-game results (with Aubemeyang and Mkhitaryian signed-up) soon, to compare and tweak the tactic. In the meantime I'd love for feedback on my interpretation above, particularly on the positioning of the defensive line.
  7. At the moment I see the green links between players but the in-game explanation are quite vague about their benefits. Can anyone explain more on the mechanics of partnerships? Do links provide temporary improvement of certain attributes? Do they improve defensive shape? Do players pass to each other more often? Does it help maintain morale? etc.
  8. I think people become too fixated on the roles rather than the players attributes when building tactics. You need to remember players don't religiously follow the role instructions, they interpret them. Two different players given the same role can still play very differently especially with more fluid philosophies. So when you give Ozil a 'static role' he WILL still actively seek space because of his high Off the Ball and Decisions attributes coupled with his move into channels and come deep PPMs. With that I play Ozil as an off-centre Enganche so he finds space not only between the lines but also between the full-back/centre corridor. With the Enganche other players sought to feed him more than other roles, because he become the teams "Primary Creator". I started him as Treq which he played much the same as an Enganche and again very successfully however with this, he saw less of the ball and even less of the ball when I used him as an Advanced Playmaker. In fact I would say Ozil is the only true Enganche in the game. You should ignore the in-game role suitability score and if you do a search using the roles core attributes he comes out on top.
  9. I've just opened talks with Alexis Sanchez for a new Contract! Think it might be because of the new update. FYI I'm still running my save from the Beta.
  10. Neymar as IF/S Suarez as CF/A Messi as F9 to the right of Suarez in an symmetrical attacking line up. Width coming from an attacking duty FB or WB.
  11. I would also like to piggy off the OP. I have scout with 20/20 JA/JP who has 100% knowledge of a player yet has "7 areas yet to assess," why is this? Surely this is therefore not 100% knowledge..
  12. Despite the limited Despite all this, I still think it's a good idea.
  13. I understand that this only applicable if they become a manager...
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